Monday, May 31, 2010

A Quiet Monday

A quiet day after a game Monday. I spent the day reading, working on a Power Point presentation about American football in Sweden for a talk I'm making this Friday at the Hässleholm Rotary Club luncheon and met with our offensive linemen to review yesterday's game film.

Mike, Vanessa and I should be all over this on Friday night!

I love eggplant!

Offensive Linemen and Pizza

What could be more natural than this combo?

We had a good session tonight watching the Ystad game DVD together. Our line actually blocked fairly well as it turned out. Our backs blocking, reading of blocks and knowledge of assignments needs to improve in a big hurry.

The Ystad game article in the local NorreSkåne newspaper can be found at:*/forlust-for-hurricanes-i-ystad


David said...

This week's translation:

Loss for the Hurricanes in Ystad

By Carl-Johan Liljedahl May 31 09:48 (UPDATED 10:16)

AMERICAN FOOTBALL. Hässleholm started the difficult away match against Ystad Rockets in an excellent manner.

Management in the opening match after a touchdown from six yards.
- Yes, we started very aggressively and it was Pär Danielsson, which accounted for our touchdown, "said Hurricane coach George Contreras.
But, where did the fun end of Hässleholm.
Ystad came back and made 7-6, and after a touchdown from 50 yards was all the home team to go 14-6 in the lead with half-time.
Setbacks continued for the Hurricanes, and Ystad, could eventually win comfortably.
- It was a crazy game. Our defensive did very well, but not offensive. We had several chances which should have given points, "says Contreras.
But Ystad was also a top team?
- Yes, we have faced great teams now in the series. Four difficult matches, it has been, but now we meet Oskarshamn next weekend and then we hope for victory, "said Contreras, who therefore could not see his team follow up on last weekend's win against Ekeby.

Johan said...

At this link you can read what Ystads Allehanda, local newspaper in Ystad, wrote about the game: