Saturday, May 15, 2010

Scouting Carlshamn at Ekeby

Today I hitched a ride with the always reliable Frank Hilgers for the one hour drive to Ekeby to watch the Greys, our next opponent, play the Carlshamn Oakleaves.

We met Hurricanes' DE Ingemar Olofsson and his three children at the game.

It was again a wet, overcast day and it had rained so much in Skåne that the Kristianstad at Limhamn game had to be postponed. At Ekeby the field was indeed very wet as well but it was not raining at 2:00 so the game kicked off as scheduled.

Ekeby in black on defense

Both teams were a small in numbers but mighty in spirit. Ekeby suited out 24 players for the game while the Oakleaves only had 17 players at their disposal.

The wet field was a big factor

The first quarter ended with no scoring.

The Ekeby Field is very picturesque

Ekeby is a younger team that plays with great enthusiasm. They can pound the ball on the ground and their QB has a good arm.

At the half, Ekeby led 12-0

I wonder how Blitz and Dooley are doing in Las Vegas

Half time doings

A time to visit with friends, hit the snack bar and talk about the first half action for the fans and the players as well.

The Greys kept grinding away

It started to rain in the 4th quarter but it was more of the same as Ekeby wore down the Oakleaves and won by a final score 0f 26-0.

The loss drops Carlshamn to 0-2 on the campaign.

Ekeby is now 2-0 and has won both of their games by shutouts.

Yet another tough game awaits us next Saturday when we host the Greys at 1:00 p.m.

Our game on Sunday is in Lund against the 0-1 Lugi Vikings, it is a must game for both teams.


Today at home, Mjällby AIF defeated Malmö FF 4-2.


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