Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A GREAT Start to the NFL Season

Sunday, August 9 - Tuesday, August 11, 2018

While the Washington Huskies (1-1) defeated the North Dakota Fighting Hawks (1-2) 45-3 on Saturday in a typical early season "balance the athletic budget with football losses" payday game for the Fighting Hawks, the big news this weekend was the start of the NFL season.

 Our Los Angeles Rams would
open their season on Monday night


A dominating performance in the Second Half of a Rams' road contest led to a 33-13 win over the Oakland Raiders.

Elroy "Crazylegs" Hirsch, seen here, did not score in this game.

After just one week of action, the NFL's NFC West Division standings look like this:

1. Los Angeles Rams 1-0
2T. Arizona Cardinals 0-1
San Francisco 49ers 0-1
Seattle Seahawks 0-1

 Tuesday was a baby
sitting day with Princess Mary

Always a fun day for Laurie and I.

Reading Is FUNdamental!

A solid read but not quite
as good as the previous books
from this fine author that I have read

Sunday, September 9, 2018

A FULL Two Weeks of American Football

Thursday, August 30 - Saturday, September 8, 2018

Yes Virginia, the start of the complete 2018 American football season is finally upon us!

I'll try but it won't be easy

While local high schools had already played two games before this week, the college season would start in earnest, the first weekend covered in this post, while the NFL campaign would be launched the following Thursday!

But life is not all about American football as it turns out  . . .  

. . . sometimes it is all about
watching Frozen with Mary at home

Riveting . . .

On Friday I had my first Ventura County Star Game-of-the-Week podcast Color Commentator assignment of the season.

Before arriving at the stadium, I needed sustenance.

Three delicious street tacos
did the trick!

Now I was ready to broadcast the game!

It shaped up to be a good one.
The 2-0 Yellowjackets were
ranked #1 in the C.I.F.'s Division VI


The also 2-0 Warriors who were
ranked #6 in the C.I.F.'s Division II

With our Play-by-Play announcer
Kent Brown

The pre-lim JV game got
our American football juices flowing

Then it was time for the Main Event!

It was a BEAUTIFUL night for American football!

Who would have guessed?

The Oxnard QB was pressured
all night long

Westlake made a ton of mistakes
like this fumble and numerous penalties
but the Warriors prevailed by a final
tally of 24-20

Saturday was a HUGE game for
our beloved Huskies (0-0) against
Auburn (0-0) in Atlanta, Georgia

It was a hard fought game between two Top Ten clubs but the Tigers, Plainsmen and/or War Eagles of Auburn went home with a 21-16 victory.

Up next for 0-1 Washington is the 2018 home opener new week against 1-0 North Dakota.

While the Huskies offense was struggling,
I was called upon to be a beast of burden
by Jacob and Mary in our backyard

Labor Day Monday morning practice
at Buena H.S.

Long time coaching friend Ryan Bolland is the Bulldog's Head Coach and asked me to review some of my wacky Kicking Game theories with members of his staff.

I was happy to be of help if I could.

Tuesday we had Mary

Wednesday I had Federico

This was done with an eye to improving my meager Italian language skills.

It helped.  

On Wednesday, a local high school
donated 14 used shoulder pads
to the EuroBall cause

We quickly boxed them up and
they were on there way to a team
in Barcelona, Spain by Friday

After picking up the shoulder pads, I
 attended Jacob's European football practice

A former OL of mine, Jorge Zaragoza,
 coaches the Rio Mesa H.S. JV team's OL

Thus on Thursday I drove over to RMHS to watch his Spartans take on the Grace Brethren Lancers.

Jorge's squad took home the Silver Medal this day.

Friday was a So Cal Husky Legends
Lunch Day

Nine of us showed up at Dinah's Restaurant near LAX for a two hour meal filled with great old stories from our shared experiences at the University of Washington back in the late 1960s.

If it's Friday, then it must be time for a high school football game!

And it was . . . 

My Alma Mater (Class of 1965)
1-1 on the season 


Where I was the Head Coach
from 1978-1988
3-0 on the season

It was a defensive battle for most
of the First Half

Again, it was a . . .
BEAUTIFUL night for American football!

Why was I not surprised?

It was an even better night at the
Warriors' stadium as we were joined
by Terry and Elin Terrazone 

Terry is a long time friend from our days at SFHS.

We ate dinner together at Bad Ass Street Tacos and then shared a fun evening at the stadium.

FINAL SCORE: Westlake 35 - St. Francis 21

Westlake's THREE Special Team TDs was the difference. 

Saturday started with Jacob's
European football game

 Lots of action

 Jacob about to receive
an inbounds pass

Mike was the Ref on this day

Jacob during his Quarter
on the sideline . . .

. . . a time to rekindle friendships

Our mighty Red Robot defender

Run Jacob!

Boot it!

Marking his man!

A Silver Medal for the Red Robots today.

They played hard and had lots of fun it appeared to me.

Saturday night meant NCAA, FCS, Big Sky Conference American football to Mike and me.

So we drove up the Pacific Coast for about two hours to the wonderful Central California Coastal city of San Luis Obispo.

The game tonight featured . . .

The 0-1 Weber State Wildcats


The 0-1 Cal Poly SLO Mustangs

It is the 100th season of Cal Poly SLO
football and, NO, this is not the team
Mustangs were fielding tonight

Mo's BBQ in San Luis Obispo,
PERFECT for a pre-game Tri-Tip sandwich

6:05 P.M. kickoff

Keep your eyes on the tunnel!

Here comes a Mustang!

Here come the MUSTANGS!

Time to kickoff the game

 With Mike in the end zone shade
for the First Quarter before heading
to our seats in the now sunny seats
behind us to the left

 Weber State's opening drive

Zone-Read Option working to . . .

. . . open field QB Keep PERFECTION!

Nope, the Free safety did not break his ankle trying to recover here.

Cal Poly SLO Goal Line Defense . . .

. . . could not keep the Wildcats from
the game's first TD

Second Quarter Cal Poly SLO
Third Down, Goal Line Fade route


That led to this Mustang Field Goal

Third and 14 for Weber State

Punt Team ready!

The start of the Second Half

In San Luis Obispo, California, it was yet another BEAUTIFUL night for American football!

Why does this always happen to me?

Mike with former Newbury Park HS
player and student Ben Pettingill

Ben was at the game for the same reason we were, to support former NPHS Panther lineman and teammate Robert Geoffrion who plays for Weber State.

Another former NPHS player, Richard "Reno" Watkins, plays DL for Cal Poly SLO. Neither Mike nor I coached him but Mike said he enjoyed having him as a student in his Economics class.

 The seesaw battle continued all night

Cal Poly SLO on a late game
TD scoring drive

Red Shirt Freshman RB Josh Davis
was the impact player tonight for the
winning Wildcats with 177 yards
on the ground and two TDs

FINAL SCORE: Weber State 24 - Cal Poly SLO 17

Post-Game with NPHS/Weber State
OL Robert Geoffrion and Mike

Post Game with NPHS/Cal Poly SLO
DL Richard "Reno" Watkins and Mike

This was a really good ten days to be alive enjoying our Southern California lifestyle!

The next week looks to be even better!