Friday, June 18, 2021

Road Tripping, Day II - Crossing the State Line

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Before we start recapping today's adventure, I have a couple of things to share from Wednesday.

First up is a photo that our good friend Julien Urgenti from Lyon, France sent me from a shop he recently saw in Paris.

No argument from me

Even with all of this driving,
Physical Fitness is still a top priority
as this total from Wednesday shows

As soon as I wake up, I go for a two mile walk to get my juices flowing.

Then, during each of my breaks after two-plus hours of driving, I try to walk a bit more.

Finally, once I get to my final destination for the day, I take another longer stroll to acquaint myself to my new surroundings as I try to reach my minimum goal of 10,000+ steps per day.

So far, so good!

Let's take a look at some of the sights of Davis from this morning's walk.

It's a nice city from all that
I could see today 
If you have a Vito's Pizzeria
then all is right with the world

Davis is an artsy town
as it turns out

"No time to talk now,
we're both late for work!"

Not quite sure why this old
school bike is Davis' symbol

Zia is "Aunt" in Italian

I walked for about 45 minutes starting at 7:00 a.m. but nothing was opening until at least 8:00 a.m.

No breakfast for me in Davis this morning.

More of the general
Davis bicycle motif

Interesting pedestrian tunnel but
it looked a tad dodgy to me

I liked the bright colors of this mural

Is it a fish?
Or is it a surfboard perhaps?

Fixer-upper for sale for only
Is that an iron maiden?

Another vision on the
mean streets of Davis

One BIG cat! 
Or is it a dog?

A large butterfly at the end
of this morning's trek

I had to get going as I had a long drive to my goal city today of Eugene, Oregon.

Besides that, the temperatures in Northern California this afternoon were predicted to be scorching!

I needed to BEAT THE HEAT!

My first stop of the day was in
this NorCal outpost

My early morning start was working on a relative basis.

While it was a hot 95°F/35°C, that is still much better than the expected high of 108°F/42°C at 4:00 p.m.

This fun little spot in Shasta Lake
served an excellent . . .

. . . strawberry salad for lunch

After this exceedingly healthy meal, I pushed on but I do need to relate a new observation.

When driving in SoCal, I long ago programmed my car's radio to my favorite AM and FM stations.

On the road, none of these pre-selected stations work so I'm constantly searching for stations to keep me company on the journey.

If my interests leaned towards country-western music, Mexican pop sounds, evangelical Christian doctrines or political pundits placed far to the right of Rush Limbaugh, then I would have had a myriad of options.

But they don't and I didn't.

A random I5 Rest Stop view
of Mount Shasta

Today's second stop was in
Grant's Pass, Oregon

Nice shoulders, big fella.

This city is infatuated with cavemen as this statue at the Visitor's Center might suggest.

More of this pre-historic theme
at Grants Pass High School,
Home of the Cavemen

Another Caveman at GPHS

On to Eugene where the the weather was . . .


A balmy 81°F/27°C when I arrived and getting cooler by the hour, AWESOME!

In the evening, I opted to attend a Eugene Emeralds High-A level minor league baseball game.

The Emeralds are an affiliate in the San Francisco Giants organization and entered the game in second place in the six team Northwest League with a record of 22-15.

Their opponents were the Hillsboro Hops (HOPS?) an Arizona Diamondbacks farm team who were in fourth place suffering through a 16-20 campaign.

The game was being played in
a new University of Oregon ball park
next to Autzen Stadium, their football palace

PK Park

PK as in Phil Knight, U. of O. alumni, owner of the Nike shoe/sports clothing empire and big time contributor to Ducks athletics.

It is a beautiful facility for both the Oregon Ducks baseball program and the minor league Emeralds.

My initial view upon entering
PK Park

To buy a ticket to the game, you had to show proof that you were fully Coronavirus vaccinated.

I was packing my vaccination card, so I was good with it. In a totally cavalier attitude asked for the best available ticket and the ticket vendor said, "No problem but it will cost $11."


Because of the mandatory vaccination, wearing a face mask was 100% optional, YAHOO!

Now, where's my seat?

I was in Row 1
for goodness sakes!

Row 1 had nine seats and I was in
Seat 5 in the middle placing me
DIRECTLY behind the catcher
and the umpire

If had this seat at Dodger Stadium, I would be wearing a white Panama hat and holding a radar gun to check the pitcher's velocity on every pitch.

The Hops got off to a quick 5-0 lead and I started to get restless so I checked out the park from different angles.
PK Park is cozy

I came upon two busts resting just behind where I took this photo.

Don Kirsch
Oregon's Head Baseball Coach

Mel Krause
Oregon's Head Baseball Coach

Major League Hall of Famer
Mike Schmidt was once an Emerald

At the end of the fifth inning, with the Hops still ahead 5-1, I opted to leave the game to explore more of the University of Oregon's campus.

As for the game, I missed all the action as the Emeralds came back to win 10-9.


I entered the old sports
facilities area of the university

New Hayward Field is the Mecca for
Track and Field enthusiasts in the USA

The USA Olympic Track and Field Trials will be held there this weekend to determine America's team for this Summer's Tokyo Olympics.

McArthur Court
The Duck's hallowed indoor arena

A tough place to play back in the day. It was replaced as the home of Oregon indoor athletics in 2011 with the new Matthew Knight Arena.


All of these adventures and I still got in a good workout in as well!

Wednesday, June 16, 2021


Wednesday, June 16, 2021 

As I get older, I start to realize that with the years will come unwanted consequences.

One of those is knowing that if I live long enough, I will one day be unable to drive a car safely which will be a shame because I really do love to drive.

When I was growing up, my Mother was the one with this same passion for driving. Whenever my parents were in the car together, it was always my Mother who did the driving.

My Father just never had that same desire but wouldn't you know it, he was the one who taught me how to drive.

A few years ago, my Mother came to the point in her life where it was no longer safe for anybody to have her behind the wheel of a car.

That got me to thinking . . .

This coming Saturday I need to be in Seattle for our friends Mark and Susie Johnson's daughter Mallory's celebratory party in honor of her graduation from the University of Washington.

Laurie can't go as she had promised our friends who flew to Hawaii yesterday to take care of their plants and garden for the next two weeks.

So my decision, given all of these points, was to engage in a one-man, three day road trip to Seattle. The last time I did this was in August of 1969 but I did it in only two days as my stamina levels were a tad higher 52 years ago.

Laurie and I went to breakfast in Camarillo at Eggs and Things and then I shoved off.

The plan was to drive in three segments each day, each of about two to three hours in length. At the conclusion of each segment I planned to stop for about 30 minutes to hydrate and walk a bit

My first segment got me to this
great Central California beach city

I walked to the end of the
Pismo Beach pier

The beach looked inviting . . .

. . . no matter which way I looked
while on the pier

My second segment ended at a mall
in Salinas, this Orange Julius was

Thank goodness it was closed this afternoon.

My third and final segment goal city today was Davis, California.

Just before Davis, I got off the
freeway in Vacaville

The Nut Tree is no longer here, it was the Cracker Barrel on PEDs back in the day when Laurie's Dad lived in Vacaville.

We all loved eating and going shopping at the Nut Tree back in the 1980s.

The site of the old Nut Tree is now this outlet mall.

On to Davis . . .

Home of the Agricultural branch of
the University of California system

Artsy campus

UC Davis Victory Bell
in front of the Aggies stadium

Good call Students!

The Tavernetti Bell became
a UCD tradition

Cows across from the Victory Bell

Once again, UCD is an agricultural university.

They play good football
at UCD too

This was a good spot for a half-rack
of BBQ short ribs for dinner

I opted to check out the night life
in downtown Davis before going
back to my motel

Our son Michael likes to
ride his bicycle

Picasso attended UCD?

This scared me and should
keep the people in the house
behind it safe from evil spirits

It was a good first day of my road trip, I'll try to reach Eugene, Oregon tomorrow.

Stay tuned . . .