Friday, October 19, 2018

Another Week, Lots of Highs But a Big Low

Thursday, October 11 - Thursday, October 18, 2018

A jammed packed week to be sure, let's start with a rare Thursday night Junior College football game . . . 

College of the Canyons Cougars (5-0)
Moorpark College Raiders (1-4)

Yep, it was indeed a BEAUTIFUL night for American football!

Well, it might have been a little
chilly for some in attendance

Our friend Paul "Nanook of the North" Sabolic seen here being laughed at by his wonderful bride Joanne.

While I enjoyed watching Canyons' three European players (a Pole and two Germans) in action, it was another long night for the hometown Raiders as they dropped a 36-3 decision.

On Friday, we had Jacob on a pupil free school day.

He wanted to go to the
Seabee Museum in Port Hueneme

So we did . . .

There was work to be done

We had to find several of the museum's key exhibits.

This diorama was one of them

FIERCE Seabee!

different time . . .

Friday Night Lights

I was joined by Mike and Jacob for the two hour drive north to Nipomo to see the San Luis Obispo Tigers (5-2) play the Nipomo Titans (5-2) in a Homecoming contest.

Why drive all the way to Nipomo you ask?

With Europe Warriors outstanding
LB Mike Garza

Mike's brothers Jesse and Joey are both fine defensive players for the Titans and their father, Mike Sr., is a Nipomo assistant coach.

We had promised to come to a game this season to see all of his family.

Good times indeed!   

Rustic Homecoming Floats

Opening Kickoff

Amazingly, it was yet another BEAUTIFUL night for American football.

We loved the small town, middle America feel of the game between two good teams composed of solid community based players not all-star teams from a large metropolitan area.    

Halftime Future Farmers of America float

Homecoming King and Queen

It was a fun night that harkened back to simpler, better times in high school sports.

Nipomo won the game by a final tally of 34-13.

Soccer Saturday

Uh-Oh, the Red Robots may
be in trouble

 Jacob warming up

Mixing it up

Run to the ball

Get possession NOW!


Not the "Hit" Position
but still lovable

A Sad Sunday

This coming Friday night at the Newbury Park-Westlake game players from the 1978 Westlake Warriors team that opened the school will be honored before the opening kickoff.  

I was their Head Coach.

Unfortunately, one of the key players from that squad, OG Dave Cessna, passed away last Monday. Dave was an absolute joy to coach.

His son Ethan will represent Dave at the game.

On Sunday we laid Dave to rest.

With WB Gregg LaCagnina and
TE Tom Scheuble after Dave's ceremony

Reaching an age where funeral services for long time friends are becoming more and more commonplace is depressing.  

Celebration Wednesday

Brian FitzGerald enters the
C.I.F.-Southern Section Hall of Fame

This well deserved award came Brian's way because of his amazing career as Rio Mesa High School's Athletic Director and Track Coach.

Thursday with Mary

We had fun at the local park

Slides are always a BIG hit!

Mary Warrior Princess

Reading Is FUNdamenal!

Another GREAT read from
Peter May

The crime scene in Venice
is always of interest

Friday, October 12, 2018

Another Sleepy Few Days in Camarillo

Sunday, October 7, - Wednesday, October 10, 2018 

First, we need to see a few more photos from last Saturday's Washington-UCLA game that friends have sent to us.

Larry Jakl was at the
Rose Bowl

Larry is about two years older than I am and played for both the Huskies as an Offensive Guard and and the Glendale College Vaqueros in the mid-1960s.

That is the exact same educational path that I took.

Larry was a hard working good man back then and I suspect that he still is today.

Good seeing him after all of these years.

 With Mark Johnson and Paul Sabolic
at the Rose Bowl's back row

With Loren Brucker, Tom Failla and
Mark Johnson

Good Times with a whole bunch
of Washington Huskies!

Sunday was a stay at home game to watch your Los Angeles Rams play a road game against the always dangerous Seattle Seahawks.  

Jacob and Mary were definitely
pumped up for the game

 The halftime show featured
Clydesdale horseback rides

 Kids today . . .


It was a tough game as expected but, how could we lose when we had . . .

. . . Vitamin T. Smith on our side
running the rock?

Good Times with Jacob during
Taco Tuesday at Camarillo's
El Rey Cantina

Reading Is FUNdamental!

 A crime in Venice
is always interesting . . .

. . . as is anything about
Sherlock Holmes and
Dr. John Watson

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Another Week in American Football Paradise

Monday, September 24 -
Saturday, October 6, 2018

After repeated, much deserved badgering by Paul Sabolic, I am back to writing about my routine life in sunny southern California.

I continue to enjoy visiting local high school's practices and interviewing coaches in preparation for our Friday night Game of the Week podcasts for the Ventura County Star newspaper.

A day at Pacifica H.S. with
Coach Mike Moon's Tritons

A Thursday night spread for
the Los Angeles Rams game with
the Minnesota Vikings

Hopefully he would finally
take over at QB soon

Nope, the Rams improved to 4-0
behind that upstart Jared Goff at QB

Game of the Week

Oxnard Yellowjackets
3-2 overall, 0-0 Pacific View League
Ranked #9 in the CIF Division VI poll


Pacifica Tritons
5-0 overall, 0-0 Pacific View League
Ranked #4 in the CIF Division VI poll

It was a BEAUTIFUL night for American
football in Oxnard at Pacifica H.S.!

It was a good old fashioned, back and forth, physical game with the Yellowjackets coming out on top 24-14. 

Saturday morning meant another
of Jacob's Red Robots soccer games

He's in the open field!

Artsy little fellow

After Jacob's soccer game, I
headed to Torrance for a
Junior College game

El Camino College has a rich tradition

The host Warriors (2-2) were playing the Moorpark Raiders (1-3). 

The Raiders' Offensive Coordinator is long time family friend Jason Sabolic but the real reason for my journey was to visit during the game with his parents Joanne and Paul.

Yep, another BEAUTIFUL day for
American football

I had fun even though
the Raiders lost 23-13

Saturday was Date Night at
Winchester's in Ventura

We joined several Rio Mesa people to enjoy a delightful night listening to former RMHS colleague Karen Pecht performing.

Wouldn't you know it, Monday was
a BEAUTIFUL day for American
Junior High School flag football!

The Mesa Union Tigers defeated the Las Colinas Mustangs by a final tally of 38-8.

Family friend, 6th grader Dylan Moore, plays for the Mustangs.

highly recommended spot
that begged to be tried

Marta and Alberto were our
outstanding hosts, even though . . .

. . . it looked nondescript from
the outside

It had a nice bar

But the food and dolci were

Our little Mary started preschool
this week and LOVED it!

A visit to Moorpark H.S. was needed
to prepare for another
Game of the Week podcast

Cafe and an Italian dolci after
my Moorpark H.S. trip was mandatory

It also gave me an excuse to catch up with Rio Mesa H.S. teacher Martha Jimenez-Ito who lives in Moorpark. 


Moorpark's opponents Friday night

I was greatly impressed by the
Grace Brethren Lancer's practice

I never saw this label in
all our time living in Italy

Jacob getting ready for
Saturday's Husky game

Jacob is still bitter about
the Huskies Rick Neuheisel days

Game of the Week

Moorpark Musketeers
5-1 overall, 1-0 Camino League
Ranked #4 in the CIF Division III poll  


Grace Brethren Lancers
5-2 overall, 1-0 Camino League
Ranked #4 in the CIF Division IV poll 

The game would be played at
Moorpark College on a BEAUTIFUL
night for American football!

The Lancers, in black, play a punishing
brand of football that is quite unusual
in these pass happy days

But there were still plenty
of pass plays on the night

The Moorpark QB was under
duress all evening

The Lancers' run game just
plain wore out the Musketeers

In an offensive display more reminiscent of a 1960's St. Francis Golden Knights game, Grace Brethren prevailed 39-7. 

Another Saturday morning,
Another Red Robots soccer game

An NCAA Division I
American Football
PAC-12 Game at the Rose Bowl

Washington Huskies
4-1 overall, 2-0 PAC-12
Ranked #10 in the NCAA's FCS


UCLA Bruins
0-4 overall, 0-1 PAC-12


The catalyst for today was the game but the main thrust of this BEAUTIFUL day for American football was really the chance to see a lot of our longtime Husky friends.

At our great tailgate hosted by Daniel Claridge and his family . . .

. . . Jacob quickly struck up a friendship
with several members of the UCLA
softball team


He seemed to really enjoy his
new Bruin friends

 Hopefully he was still
a Husky fan at heart

Susie Johnson and Laurie rekindling
memories of long ago days in Ensenada
Heading into the Rose Bowl
with Susie and Mark Johnson

A piece of Italia at the Rose Bowl?

With the Bruins mired in their worst
start in 70 years, their fans were
nowhere in sight

Love taking Jacob and Kevin
 to college games

 Laurie and Joanne Sabolic

I think I've spent more time watching college games with Joanne this season than with Laurie.  


 Father-Son bonding

Lots of our friends in the foreground

Jacob likes to dance

Mark and Susie Johnson,
good friends who made this
fun day possible

 Probably the best moment 
of the day as two good friends,
Paul Sabolic and Peter "Spear" Claridge,
met for the first time in several years

"Spear" with a purple wigged Jacob

 Mike talking with Loren Brucker

 More Father-Son bonding

The Huskies played down to the level of their Bruin opponents in escaping with a 31-24 victory. 

With Husky Legendary RB
Donnie Moore after the game

He was an amazing player back
in the mid-1960s

In a 1966, 38-22 victory at Ohio State, he rushed for a then Ohio stadium record 221 yards on 30 carries and scored two TDs.

The game might have been over but Jacob's curiosity was still in high gear!

He just had to talk to this
UW tuba player

He charmed her into a photo op

 Post game meal at Philippe's

We were taking Mark and Susie back to the airport for their late night flight back to Seattle and opted for just a bit more food at one of Los Angeles' best eateries. 

Finally, he ran out of gas!

OK Paul Sabolic, enjoy this post and I'll be back at it again next week.