Monday, May 29, 2017

Another Day, Another Sight Checked Off the List

Monday, 29 May, 2017:

I spent the morning breaking down the video of last weekend's Warriors game and typing up my game notes to send to our players. On Tuesday we will hold our first practice since that game against the Djurgården U15 squad as a four day weekend and a fundraising work night eliminated all of our practices last week.

Finished with my American football duties for the day, I suddenly realized that in only . . .

more days . . .

. . . Laurie touches down
in Stockholm!

 I opted to walk to our local
train station today

 Random church in my goal area
of the day, the Södermalm district

 First stop,
Tantolunden Park

It is a huge park on the eastern side of the island of Södermalm hard by the Årstaviken Bay.

My reason to visit this park was to take a close look at one of my 111 Must Things to See in Stockholm guidebooks sights.

Sight #95 The Tanto Colony
Blooming gardens out of an emergency

A rocky mound rising up in the middle of Tantolunden Park has several small colorful wooden sheds/homes surrounded by lush flourishing gardens.

Lots of flowers

Similar allotment colonies are found all over the Stockholm area.

Quaint Shed

The Tanto Colony dates back to World War I when people farming these small plots had to grow vegetables to distribute during those good shortage days.

When WWII came, food was needed
once again and the Tanto
Colony responded positively

Idyllic home

Lots of good views at the
top of the rocky mound

Quite enjoyable Tanto Colony view

Sitting by the dock of the
Årstaviken Bay

Beach Day in Södermalm

A Spring dip to remember

Nice boats

I wonder if you can play
boule here?

Not only can you play boule
here, they also teach groups of
newbies about the game itself

Old boule hands at play

I like this place! Maybe Laurie will join me in a game or two.

An orange-banana smoothie
hit the spot!

 One last shot of the
Årstaviken Bay

On the walk back to the nearest Metro station I had to pass by the Zinkensdamms IP, home of the . . .

. . . Stockholm Mean Machines

Their youth teams were practicing so I observed for a bit.

I needed a late afternoon American football fix.

48 hours . . .

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Laundry and the Sollentuna Stars - Uppsala 86ers U17 Game

Sunday, 28 May, 2017:

I have always liked fresh bread in the morning and so does . . .

. . . my bride Laurie who will be
in Stockholm in only . . .

more days, YAHOO!

I had nothing scheduled this morning which meant a perfect excuse to do laundry and continue reading my latest Nordic Noir novel.

Aiki and I originally planned on an American football double header in the afternoon.

The Arlanda Jets women's
team kicked off at 1:00 p.m.

Their game was being played in Märsta about nine miles to the North of us.

We had a few problems standing in our way.

First, Aiki's community action committee this morning, held just around the corner from our home, lasted much longer than anticipated. We only had about 45 minutes to get to Märsta.

Second, as usual we did not have a car and the busses/trains do not run as frequently on Sundays as they do the rest of the week. This made getting there problematic.

Finally, after the Jets game was over, we wanted to get back in time to see the Sollentuna Stars U17 game about two miles South of our home on the Stars home field starting at 4:00 p.m. We would again have transportation issues on this nice Sunday afternoon.

Final decision?

No Jets game for us today, the Stars game alone would have to provide our much needed American football fix.

By the way, the Jets women's team defeated the Jönköping Spartans today 14-6.

Let's set the stage for our Norra League U17 game. There are a total of four teams in this league, the other two are the Arlanda Jets (3-0) and the Solna Chiefs (0-4).

A reminder that our interest in the Stars U17 program stems from the fact that our Wäsby Warriors club only fields teams at the U11, U13 and U15 levels. A good number of last year's U15 Warriors that I helped coach now play for the Stars U17 team.

Even though their colors have changed, they are still our boys.

The Uppsala team is nicknamed the 86ers because they were founded in 1986.

 3 Wins - 1 Loss
Second Place - U17 Norra League
96 points scored
65 points allowed

1 Win - 2 Losses
Third Place - U17 Norra League
40 points scored
43 points allowed

 Hard running to open the game
by #1 Joel Gyldenstrand 

Nice Cut Back

Calle Boman with the ball

The Stars led 6-0 at the end of one period.

 Great catch by #13 Niklas Sjöwall

#43 Calle Moberg in Hot Pursuit!

86er loose in the open field

Stars on offense playing on the
Skinnaråsens IP's
"Field in a Forest"

Niklas Sjöwall drawing a crowd

Free Safety #54 Elias Öhgren
hustling to the ball

Yes, the Stars' Free Safety is #54.

The 86ers RB was a beast

But he fumbled the ball away twice to the Stars inside the Stars ten yard line!

At halftime, Sollentuna still led 6-0.

Double Team at the point of attack

Good block by Calle Moberg

 Calle Boman trying to get
to the edge

Great hands by Viktor Björkén

 This punt was a good one

Later in this third quarter, a bad long snap on a Stars punt would lead to the 86ers first points of the game on a safety.

The third quarter ended with the Stars hanging on for dear life leading 6-2

Solid tackle by
#21 Kasper Göjeryd

Stars Free Safety aligned about
20 yards off the ball

Fourth and 13 Hail Mary pass
by the 86ers mid-way through
the fourth quarter

Their prayer was answered by
this fine catch

The 86ers would score a TD on this drive but miss their PAT.

For the first time, Uppsala led 8-6.

#18 Dan Talpalar 
One-on-One vs. Uppsala's
best receiver

Swarming to the ball!

Time was running out and the Stars needed a big play NOW! 

 So, Niklas Sjöwall caught a short
slant pass, broke two tackles and
took it about 60 yards all the
way down to the ten yard line


But the Stars still needed to score.

So they hit Niklas Sjöwall
on fourth down with another
slant pass for the go ahead TD!

The Stars defense rose to the occasion on the 86ers last possession forcing them to turn the ball over on downs.

One kneel down and it was over.

Final Score:
Sollentua Stars 12 - Uppsala 86ers 8 

HC Thomas Andersson addressing
a happy group of Stars!

Congratulations to all of the Sollentuna Stars community on hard fought, gritty victory!

Reading Is FUNdamental


Her best book yet in the series and I've still got a bunch more to read.

Seventy-two hours . . .