Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Stroll Around Edssjön

Thursday, 18 May, 2017:

The only way to start this post is with our now daily countdown.

In just . . .

. . . more days,
less than two weeks now . . .

 . . . hipster Laurie Contreras
comes to town on one of her
World Tour stops

A question from the lunch menu today . . .

Is that second entry in some way
connected to one of
Herman Göring's favorite meals?

After a solid Swedish pancake lunch at the Thomas Kök and Catering restaurant, I decided to commune with nature.

That's Swedish for Ed's Lake

It is only about 1.5 km from our home as the crow flies.

What is that small, white building on the other side of the lake?

 A tranquil place to explore,
sit and read

I made walking to that small, white building that looked like a church my goal for the afternoon.

 Found a rune stone when
I finally got to . . .

Eds Kyrka

Swedish for Eds Church, it was idyllic to say the least.

Built in 1768, it was peaceful on the outside and amazing within.

 In 1768, what was
the area's population?

 Probably quite small as Eds Kyrka
can only hold about 150 people

One of Eds Kyrka's
many interesting murals

Pulpit above the small altar

 Nice face

 Ceiling above the altar

More murals

Somebody's tomb inside
Eds Kyrka?

The view Eds Kyrka from the
bench where I made my
first reading stop of the day

Thanks to the Upplands-Väsby Public Library, I am currently reading Harper Lee's iconic To Kill a Mockingbird, for the first time.

So far, it's been a pretty good.

After reading a few chapters in the pastoral surroundings of Eds Kyrka's grounds, it was time to amble. 

 Gnarly tree

It was in the front yard of
the Edsby Slott

A slott is a castle but this looks more like a modest manor house to me. Visitors were welcomed but I didn't have the time today for a visit.

Maybe Laurie would like to see it when she is here.

This bench in the Runby district
of Upplands-Väsby was my
second reading stop of the afternoon

 The sky was blue and it was

The time/temperature sign on the outside of the public library said that it was 30°C or about 86°F. Amazing considering that it was raining and cold enough to wear my heaviest coat the day before.

Ah the joys of Swedish Spring!

At the evenings practice, I was pleased to be greeted by a grand total of . . .

. . . 16 dressed out
U15 Wäsby Warriors

That was a new high for my three weeks here!

In part I'm sure it has to do with a sense of urgency over Saturday's big event, the . . .

. . . all day American football
carnival inspired by our own
Aiki Parts

The U11s and U13s will both compete against their counterparts from the nearby Sollentuna Stars club while our U15s take on Stockholm's Djurgården U15 eleven.

The finale will be a Division I Senior men's game between Djurgården and the Arlanda Jets.

A modest effort today

Because of this sloth-like effort, I limited myself to just one Fika Time break today.

On a final note, some upcoming breaks in our Wäsby Warriors schedule have led to the formulating of two road trips.

I embark next Monday for another ferry boat ride, this time from Stockholm to Tallinn, Estonia.

I found Estonia's capital city to be magical when visiting Tallinn for the first time back in 2010.

The total cost for a single cabin on this ferry for two nights and a day in the city is an amazing 390 Swedish Krona or approximately $44 USD. 


Next Friday I'll take a train ride to Örebro, about 120 miles away, to finally meet face-to-face with longtime Facebook friend Roger Kelly.

Roger has been a true friend of the American football project in Europe through his involvement in two important EuroBall websites. He was a founding father of the seminal website and now is the driving force behind the American Football International website.

It will be fun to see him and we will be attending the Örebro Black Knights-Carlsbad Crusaders game that night that will be broadcast live on Swedish national TV's Friday Night Lights program.

What a great vehicle to help the awareness and growth of our game in Sweden!

The game shapes up to be a great one between the two best teams in Sweden's best league, the Superserien.

The Black Knight's are currently 5-0 and have only allowed six points in their five contests.

The Crusaders are Sweden's American football Big Boys having one the last six Suprserien Championships. The Crusaders are also 5-0 this year, averaging a whopping 45.0 points per game.

It should be a fantastic contest!

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