Sunday, May 21, 2017

And on Sunday, They Had a Day of Rest . . .

Sunday, 21 May, 2017:

After a good week of walking in Scandinavia, to the tune of 98,647 steps good for 41.4 miles in the last six days, I decided to rest today. Now, that was an average of 16,441 steps/6.9 miles of ambling daily.

I needed a day off to let my feet rest.

That being said, it is time for our daily countdown Roman style, only . . .

. . . more days until . . .

. . . Laurie returns to
The Continent

I can't remember where I took this picture of her but it sure looks familiar.

I hoped for some pictures of yesterday's U15 game to post today and Bengt Granlund came through for me.

Tack så mycket Bengt!

 Here come the U15 Warriors

 Captains meeting

Max and Mio on the tackle

Linus in the open field

Half time with Head Coach 
Jimmy Alonso
working the refs while I
talk to the team

 Joel in the Offensive huddle

Swarming to the Djurgården RB

 Good reach block

After some reading while doing a couple of loads of laundry, I started to do some research on Monday night's ferry boat ride to . . .

 Estonia's Capital City

 It is about 15 hours due East of
Stockholm on the overnight ferry

Laurie and I visited Tallinn in 2010 and really liked it so I'm looking forward to this mini-vacation that was made possible due to out cancelled Tuesday night practice. It was called because the Warriors and their parents are working a Stockholm road race to earn money for the club.

In the evening, Grill Master Janne did his thing by barbecuing a huge amount of dead animal flesh to perfection while Aiki made salads and her outstanding garlic bread for dinner.

 Our meal had two highlights

Meat and . . .

. . . Garlic Bread

After dining al fresco, I joined Janne to watch the finals of the International Ice Hockey Federation's World Championship Tournament between Canada and . . .

. . . Janne's Team Sweden!

It's Ice Hockey not Soccer

I got Janne's Team Sweden sentiment loud and clear!

It was late and I wen to bed at the end of the first period with the score tied 0-0.

Estonia here I come!

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