Thursday, May 25, 2017

Ascension Thursday Holiday

Tuesday, 25 May, 2017: 

We needed to do a little house cleaning project this morning but only after proceeding with the countdown!

Why, did you realize, that in only . . .

 . . . more days . . .

 . . . Laurie will be in Sweden!

Of course, she is fully versed in all of the Black Arts.

Now for the house cleaning.

From Tuesday's Tallinn blogpost

Funny thing this thing called perspective.

I saw only a cool protest shirt from Estonia's days as a Soviet satellite nation.

Aiki Parts, who grew up in her native Estonia during the tail end of the Soviet Occupation, saw something completely different due to her first hand knowledge of Estonian culture/history.

The first thing that caught her trained eye was the white booklet in the lower left corner of the photograph. The book is a compilation of all of the subversive books on the market that were banned. The Communist held government opted to ban the sale or possession of several works by Estonian citizens.

Penalties were severe, so light the bonfires! 

Post-Europa League
Championship game with Man U
star Pogda and our housemate
Janne Kristoffersson

Our man Janne, with the shaved head, was busy working security at the game.

Pogda was busy scoring the first goal of the game for Manchester United.

St. Jacob Church

A special thanks to the Svenska Kyrkan or Swedish National Church for having the political clout to have today, Ascension Thursday, enacted into a National Holiday!

The Royal Drama Theater

 Great old tram brought out of
mothballs for the Holiday

On the hunt for a special statue
said to reside near here in
Stockholm's Djurgården Park

There he is,
Carl Michael Bellman!

 Our own Dick Bellman
claims Carl Michael as a
distant relative

Since Carl Michael Bellman is famed for the drinking songs he penned, I can see the family resemblance clearly.

Djurgården's Circus

Kalle and Emma

I don't know who they were.

Meanwhile, back at the 111 must see Stockholm sights tour . . .

Sight #1
The Adat Jeshurun Synagogue
The Story of a miraculous rescue

During the infamous Nazi Night of the Broken Glass in Germany, the Nazis accidentally bypassed a Synagogue in Hamburg housed in an inconspicuous building much like this one.

Rabbi Joseph Carlebach in Hamburg figured that the Nazis would eventually figure out their mistake and reign down their wrath on everything in the temple.

Rabbi Carlebach had everything of importance in the Synagogue, including the furnishings, sent to his longtime friend now living in Stockholm, one Hans Lehmann, for safe keeping during the war.

While Lehmann did indeed protect and restore as needed what was sent to him in this building, Rabbi Carlebach and his family were deported in 1941 to a concentration camp near Rīga in Latvia.

The Rabbi was executed a few months later. 

Sight #38
The G.H. Herrsalong
For gentlemen with style

Over 150 years old, this nondescript barber shop has long tradition of providing for the needs of gentlemen with style.

 Even the King of Sweden
is a customer

With Laurie arriving next week, I just may have to drop in for a stylish cutting of my locks and a beard trim.

The tally is now 28 Sights down and only 83 to go. 

Here's another myth for him
"Zlatan will lead Team Sweden
to a medal in the 2016 Euro Cup"

Myth wood for men?

I close tonight with our BBQ dessert, Aiki's rhubarb pie with Janne's cream sauce.

It was,


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