Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May Day in Stockholm

Monday, 1 May, 2017:

Today was May Day in Europe, the equivalent to our Labor Day in the USA but with a heavy Socialist/Communist twist on the continent.

As such, it was a three day weekend and the holiday was greeted by warm, sunny conditions that made every red blooded Swede want to be outdoors today.

I joined Aiki and Janne for a trip into Stockholm via the train. We got off at the Karlberg station to explore a part of Stockholm that I had not previously explored.

Some Swedes bought flowers

A Gang Tunnel?

No way was I going done there just to get mugged!

 Strong Architecture

 Janne said this was a statue
of his Mother

 Kids at play in a park

Many basking in the sun
at the same park

Love this look

Sartorial Splendor

I'm all about it!

Gustaf Vasa Church

Our main reason for traipsing through this district was that a work colleague of Aiki's had told her about a fabulous soup kitchen that we just had to try.

This was it,
The Siberian Soup Kitchen

The title seemed perfect for a May Day meal but it had nothing to do with Russian politics. It did correlate to Russian geography though.

The city of Stockholm was originally founded with a small settlement down near the current seaport. At that time, this now thriving district was so far away from the then center of Stockholm that people who resided here were said to be ". . . living in Siberia." 

They had a large menu

Soup it was but what kind?

Janne ordered two clam chowders
and one goulash

Aiki's goulash

Of course we ate at one of the sidewalk tables. The soup was incredible!

After another good meal with continuously lively conversation, we decided to split up the team. Janne and Aiki headed home to bask in the sun on their back patio and I boarded the blue #4 bus to tour a few more unknown parts of the city.

 Globe Arena with a funky
observation globe
going up the side rails

 Gamla Stan

One of the many charming side streets in the Old Town.

These trees are not aware
that we have Spring weather today 

The Royal Palace

New barriers at the entrances
to the Royal Palace Courtyard

These were not here last year and my guess is that they are in response to the recent terrorist attack in Stockholm.

 I like statues

 Even if I don't know
who they represent

 Church steeples are tall
in Stockholm

 Clearing a hurdle

Great day to be this statue

 Stockholm waterfront

Lots of boats today

Busy Kungsträdgården

 That way to the action

 A mortar named Pluto

I wonder if it belongs to the Wäsby Warriors U15 team Head Coach, Jimmy Pluto Alonso? 

Fountains are always
welcomed in a public park

Ride 'em cowboy!

 Socialist Propaganda

The Kungsträdgården park was a hot bed of pro-labor demonstrations, booths and discussions today but it was after 4:00 p.m. and many had already packed up their belongings for the day.

 Whether you were pro-labor
or not, it was just a
great day to be outdoors . . .

. . . with family and friends

 Cherry trees in bloom

"Socialism not Trumpism"

Love the cherry blossoms

A huge Department Store

NK stands for Nordiska Kompaniet. 

I needed to use the facilities

But I was a bit concerned about the last two words on the sign, "runt hörnet."

Was there a little, dangerous insect to deal with?

 Thank goodness I still had
a modicum of moral fiber in me

 Why not?

We saw this before but not
in the BRIGHT light of day

 Nice touch on a building near the
Stockholm Central train station

It was time to head home to Upplands-Väsby after an enjoyable day that included . . .

 . . . more physical fitness!

Reading Is FUNdamental

Nowhere near as dark or
sadistic as Nordic Noir but
an enjoyable read nonetheless

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