Sunday, May 14, 2017

Fika Time in Vaxholm and a Rare U11 Sunday Afternoon Practice

Sunday, 14 May, 2017:

First and foremost, a shout out to America . . .


While on the countdown front, only . . .

. . . more days until . . .

. . . Laurie returns to Scandinavia!

Aiki Parts is not the only good friend who guards over me while Laurie is living the high life back in Camarillo.

Today Lotta Douhan invited me out for a drive to the island of Vaxholm in the Stockholm Archipelago.

I had been there last Spring but came via a boat. The drive took us through typically spectacular forests and farm lands.

When we arrived in Vaxholm, we immediately noted the island architecture.

 Traditional Fishermen's House

Swedish flag motif

 Strong, colorful
downtown buildings

A Big Yellow House

The architecture was great but that is not why we came to Vaxholm today.

Vaxholm's cozy harbor

View of a large boat sailing
in the Stockholm Archipelago

The water views were great but that is not why we came to Vaxholm today.

From the lilly family

The flora was great but that is not why we came to Vaxholm today.

This IS why we came to Vaxholm


The Café may have looked
simple from the outside but . . .

 . . . OH MY!

What an incredible array of Fika inside the Café!

 These looked WONDERFUL!


We decided to each pick a dessert and share them.

Of course, it's not Fika Time without some coffee too. 

Where to sit?

This spot was available . . .

. . . so we took it!

Since both choices were topped
with fruit, we knew they
were healthy options

Lotta was happy!


A bit later in the day we also had another solid meal eating kebab for lunch back in Upplands-Väsby.

Tak så mycket
for a great day Lotta!

In the late afternoon, our U11s held a rare Sunday practice in part because many of these young kids had never played in an actual game of American football. Our first U11 games against squads from the neighboring Sollentuna Stars will be held next Saturday morning at the Annual Wäsby Warriors Spring Party.

The Spring Party is the brainchild of our beloved Aiki Parts. The all day affair this year will see our U11s play against the Stars followed by the U13s also taking on the boys from Sollentuna.

Then our U15s will play a game against their counterparts from the Djurgåden club.

The grand finale will be a Swedish Division I Senior mens game between the Arlanda Jets and Djurgården's squad.

Some photos from today's practice sessions that was well attended by our U11 roster . . .

Steelers vs. Vikings

Our U11s play seven-man American football.

We have about 30 youngsters out at this level. Rather than having lots of kids sitting on the bench getting discouraged, the kids are divided into three teams called the Vikings, Steelers and Packers each with a ten man roster.

Next Saturday, the Sollentuna Stars will do the same thing.

Everyone seems engaged

 Ball Carrier breaking open

I give, who has the ball?

THERE it is!

 GREAT Socks!

 Packers QB not trusting
a blind snap from his Center

I wonder what the kids on
the right are discussing

 The Steelers #32 would intercept
this Packers pass in his own
end zone and streak the 70 yards
to the other end of the seven-man
field for a Pick-Six TD

Vikings RB #99 had a good day

#99 on the loose again

His big brother hurt his wrist
on the previous play

If your big brother needs a little TLC, then a young Swedish sibling just has to come to the rescue.

Sweden, what a country!

 QB Sack!

Post-practice Pow-Wow

I think that the coaches were pleased by the U11s efforts today.

After practice, Aiki prepared an amazing salmon dinner for us.

Death by explosion is a distinct possibility tonight.

It was another
GREAT day in Sweden!

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