Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Quiet Return Travel Saturday

Saturday, 27 May, 2017:

After a good nights sleep and awakening to a glorious morning in Örebro, I realized that there were only . . .

more days until . . .

. . . my partner in crime lands at
Arlanda Airport which serves the
greater Stockholm megalopolis!

Each day should start with a solid breakfast and that particular meal was included with my stay at the delightful Behrn Hotell.

Swedish pancakes made my morning but I was concerned about a sign on table.

This sign

People waste food?

How is that possible?

 Organic Roofing

I opted to walk the mile to the Örebro Central train station and was treated to a few more pleasant sights in this interesting, lively city.

The tranquil Svartån Stream

The Örebro Slott
built in the 14th-century

 Swedes apparently invented
the current tire flipping workout
mania centuries ago

Of course, tires had not been invented yet, so the locals improvised.

Lots of brick work in Örebro

As expected, the train arrived and left for Stockholm Central right on time. Two hours later I arrived in the Swedish capital none the worse for wear.

The train and bus back to our home in Upplands-Väsby were uneventful and after resting and reading for a bit, Aiki and I were off again!

We wanted to watch the 4:00 p.m. Sollentuna Stars U17 game that featured several players from last year's Wäsby Warriors U15 club.

As a reminder, the Warriors program only fields teams at the U11, U13 and U15 levels.

The game's forested setting was

But nobody was there.

Apparently the game was re-scheduled to Sunday, same time, same place.

We shall return!

We decided to up our daily steps totals by walking the two+ miles home as it was still perfect weather to enjoy a country stroll.

After being completely sated by another hearty dinner created by Chef Aiki, I was done for the day.

She is almost here . . .

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