Monday, May 22, 2017

The Ferry Boat Ride to Tallinn, Estonia and More of This and That

Monday, 22 May, 2017:

Excitement today for a couple of reasons.

First, there are now only . . .

. . . more days until . . .

. . . our American football loving,
beer drinking at practice cutie,
Laurie Contreras, arrives in Sweden!


And no body does Swedish better
than Janne Kristoffersson!

Why is Janne popping open
a bottle of champagne and . . .

. . . singing the Swedish National
Anthem at 12:05 a.m. today?

As usual, you'll need Google Chrome or the like to open this heartfelt video.

If you recall, the last thing I mentioned in yesterday's post was going to bed at the end of the televised scoreless first period in the International Ice Hockey Federation's World Championships Gold Medal Game between Canada and Sweden.

I was mildly awakened when Sweden scored the game's first goal in the second period by Janne's whoops of joy.

About 35 minutes later I was awakened again by Janne's signature "JESUS CHRIST! MAMMA MIA!" It was a sure sign that Canada had tied it up in the third period. It was 1-1 at the end of regulation.

The end of the scoreless, sudden death overtime occurred just as I needed to use the restroom. Janne obviously needed company to either share his joy or talk him off the ledge depending on the outcome of the five attempts per team shoot out.

Janne died eight deaths, but the Three Crowns made netted two of their first four kicks, Canada whiffed on its first four attempts so the last two kicks were unnecessary.

 Official Final Score
Sweden 2 - Canada 1

It was Sweden's tenth World Championship.

Canada has won the Gold Medal in this tournament 26 times including the last two annual tournaments.

Also, it was the first time that Sweden had beaten Canada for the Gold Medal in the World Championship Game.

No wonder Janne was so excited!

Meanwhile, Bengt Granlund posted more U15 game photos today from last Saturday's Wäsby vs. Djurgården game.

 Molly plays CB and
made a picture perfect
"gator" tackle in the game

MLB Lucas blitzing

Joel with good form
passing the rock

Not sure who this is
turning the corner

Good hands, Linus

GREAT finish, Linus

I got a frantic e-mail from Aiki at about 10:00 a.m.

Was I home?

Yes indeed, I was reading, why?

A shipment of American football gear was being delivered to our home a day ahead of schedule. Could I guide the delivery truck to the right house?

But of course!

What was a it?

This reminded me of the days in the Summer of 1978 when literally ALL of new school Westlake High School's football gear was being delivered to our house.

Everything from jerseys to helmets to a seven man sled and much, much more.

What did we get?

looking Pop-Up Dummies

Pass rush drills, HERE WE COME!

The second thing that got me excited today was my overnight ferry boat ride to Tallinn, Estonia.

I was able to take this three day excursion from Stockholm to the Estonian capital because our U15 Wäsby Warriors cancelled our usual Tuesday night practice to participate in a fund raiser helping with a 5K Run in Stockholm.

My ship, the Victoria I,
was that-a-way

Inside cabin!

AWESOME! That meant that it would be pitch black when I turned the lights off.

Since the sun in these parts only disappears from about 10:30 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. daily, this was a HUGE plus for me.

Also the fact that the entire cost of this round trip including the cabin was about $45 USD made for a good feeling on a nice boat.

First up, the usual three hour sail through the 30,000 islands that make up the Stockholm Archipelago.

 It was a nice day to be at sea

Cloudy skies though

So many of these wonderful
little island homes

 Wonderful vistas

Lots and . . .

. . . and lots and . . .

. . . lots of wonderful vistas!

Small vacation home

And a smaller one

Someone owns that entire island

Probably a teacher from Runbyskolan.

Keeping the Victoria I
in safe waters

I needed some sustenance . . .


That reminds me, Dick Bellman is being inducted into the Ventura County Educators Hall of Fame in June.

A well deserved honor for a man who was dedicated to everything good about teaching and the children at Rio Mesa H.S. for nearly 40 years.

Reading Is FUNdamental


I had always loved the great movie made from this novel but the book was even better.

Definitely an American classic.

Tallinn in the morning,
should be interesting

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