Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Raw, Rainy Day in Stockholm and a Great Practice in Upplands-Väsby

Tuesday, 30 May, 2017:

So excited today as I only have to wait . . .

 More day . . .

. . . to be re-united with my bride!

Thus it was my last day to visit a few more of my guidebook's hidden sights of Stockholm at my own pace on a rainy day.

 A walk in this park on the
island of Södermalm was a must

 It looked like we had more
allotment gardening houses
in this park ala the Tanto Colony
from yesterday

What does that sign say?

 I'll remember to avoid this
if I'm being chased

Sight #37 The Garden on Rails
Not your usual allotment association

To review, the first allotment garden society in Sweden was established in 1895 and in Stockholm the first was established in 1904.

Today these gardeners are organized in 300 local societies all over Sweden. We even have one across the street from the bus stop nearest to our home here in Upplands-Väsby.

While the societies rent the land from the local authorities, each member owns their own house if there is one.

There are approximately 26,000 members of the Swedish Federation of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners. 

 No quaint houses here

This is a garden on an
abandoned railroad track

Boxes filled with
herbs and vegetables
Leftover from the old
rail road days

I liked yesterday's Tanto Colony visit much more.

I marched on to the next nearby sight . . .

This was not it

This statue sits in front of the Eriksdalsbadet Athletic Complex. It mainly consists of a whole bunch of both outdoor and indoor pools.

 The outdoor pools

An indoor pool with an early
morning swim meet in progress

Another tranquil scene
on Årstaviken Bay

 Cool graffiti

 More boating bliss

That's where I'm headed,
the one on the bottom

Sight #102 Trädgården under Bron
Let's party

Closed, of course, this is touted to be a bit of an Alice in Wonderland experience located in the area below and between the tall concrete pillars of the Skanstull Bridge.

It hosts hip, open air parties
in the evenings I am told

Although it looked interesting, I think that I would prefer a night at the Boule Bar that I saw yesterday near the Tanto Colony.

I returned to the Eriksdalsbadet to have a look around inside.

 Athletic themed statue
seemed appropriate to me

 The swim meet just ended

This is a really fine venue for swimming.

Onward to the next sight.

A boy and his pet lion

Feed the children

Sight #3 The Anna Lindh Memorial
The end of the people's politician

This unpretentious three meter green glass column is found on the steps of Södermalm's Medborgarhus.

 It commemorates slain
Foreign Minister Anna Lindh

She was a popular politician who was stabbed to death in 2003 while shopping in the women's section of the NK department store.

NK didn't really think that a reminder to shoppers in the store about this tragic event was a good marketing ploy, thus this memorial in an open air spot far from the NK store.

This Saluhall or food market
is next to the
Anna Lindh Memorial

It was new to me, so, needless to say, I went in to see what they had to sell. 

Interesting fish display

It was about the only interesting sight in this underwhelming market.

 The Kvarnen restaurant/bar
is a good one that I discovered
last Spring

They are also a big supporter of the local Hammarby IF football team.

 They like their beer here

And I loved their free restroom!

It was time to head home as I had to prepare some things for tonight's practice, our first team function in ten days.

My iPhone warned me
about the weather at practice
 It wasn't that bad

 Our practice field at Södervikskolan
is located in the Hammarby
neighborhood of Upplands-Väsby

Working on get-off and punch
with our Offensive Linemen

Good finish Max!

We only had nine players at practice on this damp evening but they worked hard on improving their individual techniques.

 Meanwhile, back at home,
Badass Janne and Aiki
made a fabulous fish dinner!


The weather did not
compromise my commitment
to physical fitness

She is almost here . . .

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