Thursday, May 4, 2017

Will Work for Swedish Pancakes

Thursday, 4 May, 2017:

What a glorious day for American football!

The Sun was high in a deep blue sky and we had the opportunity to start the day teaching American football to and recruiting players from three 90-minute P.E. classes at Väsbyskolan where housemate Janne works.

As usual, Karl Parts was my co-coach on these school visits and he did another great job today with the kids!


 Tackling . . .

. . . pass catching . . .

. . . and throwing passes were
all part of our fundamentals

Pursuit during a
flag football game

Touch pass over the blitzing LB

 Pass up for grabs

These two little rascals
were the stars of Period 1

My new BFF

Period 1 class
group photo

Not a member of our
Period 1 class


Warm-up agility drill

This was a small class because many of the normal class members were still taking some sort of an important national written test back inside their classrooms.

More Tackling Drills

 The Circus is in town
this weekend


 Running for the end zone

Period 2 class
group photo

Two classes down and only one to go, but first we needed to get to the Väsbyskolan cafeteria because it was Thursday and as everyone knows, that is the traditional day for Swedes to enjoy an all-you-can-eat lunch of potato soup and Swedish pancakes with lingonberry jam.

I think that they are just called pancakes here though.

On a side note, lunch is served free to all of the students, teachers and staff in Swedish public schools regardless of financial status.

I like Sweish pancake Thursdays almost as much as fika every afternoon.

 On the way to lunch. as we
passed through the school's quad,
we saw these students practicing
their orienteering skills

I could be wrong.



Indoors for this class
started with agility drills

They loved tackling
dummies to the crash pad!

Good arm wrap

Great follow through

Lucas making a tackle

Again, you'll probably need Google Chrome to open these videos.

She may have hit harder
than Lucas

 Period 3 class
group photo

 Another of my new BFFs

Ah Spring in Sweden . . .

Although done with today's school visits, my American football day was most definitely not over, I still had our 90-minute U15 practice starting at 6:30 p.m. 

Interesting old barn near tonight's
practice site at Södervikskolan

 Another barn

One of two . . .

. . . small houses

Interesting housing concept

 Two new U13 players that
signed up today after enjoying
their Period 3 class today

 Intimidating looking U11 stud

Only ten to start the night
with our U15s


But this small band of Warriors practiced hard, we could not have asked more from their effort.

Drive Block Drill

We're getting better.

Mark your calendars

The Warriors just LOVE a good party!

Now that's more like it!
Physical Fitness is my
middle name

Well no, it is actually Washington but that's a whole story in  and of itself best left for another day.

Friday should be fun as Laurie's sister Gayle and her husband David arrive in Stockholm for a day as part of a European river/sea cruise that they are enjoying.

Great people!

It should be fun showing them the fascinating sights in and around Stockholm's Gamla Stan, aka, the Old Town.

I love being a tour guide on my off days!

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