Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Day for the Laundry and a Visit to Classes at Runbyskolan

Wednesday, 10 May, 2017:

Great way to start the new day, the previously broken outer door to our Smedby communal laundromat had been fixed late Tuesday afternoon!

Thus, after two weeks in Sweden I was finally able to wash my clothes for the first time. None to soon either as I was down to my last clean pair of underwear, critical mass to say the least.

 A total of 14 washing machines
were at my disposal

 Seven dryers too!

Within only 90 short minutes, I was in total bliss with cleaned, dried and folded everything!

Next up was teaching American football basics to two P.E. classes at Runbyskolan. Each class would last 45 minutes.

I needed to take the bus to the school as I was schlepping two blocking dummies, four footballs and two sets of flag football belts to help with my lessons.

 This looked easy

But rarely is life as easy as it looks.

I remembered boarding the bus to the small village of Runby on the back side of the Upplands-Väsby train station. When I got there, there were two bus stops heading in the right direction about 40 meters apart. Since I was't quite sure which one was mine, I opted to look at the information posted on the bus stop to my left first.

Perfect, the 535 bus was leaving at 1:52 p.m., plenty of time to get to the school for the 2:15 p.m. class start time. As you can clearly see, Runby Skola is the ninth stop on the line.

Except it is not. When we got back to the start of the line, I asked the bus driver about the missing school drop. He answered, "Not today, but you did get to take a beautiful scenic drive."

Such typical Swedish optimism.

I was back at my starting point and heading to the other bus stop.

Was this here last year?

The 562 bus claims that
Runby Skola is its fifth stop

The bus driver who hailed from the Congo, trained in San Antonio, Texas to fly military aircraft, had lived in Sweden since 1985 and spoke excellent English assured me that he would be proud to drop me off at my desired stop!

Now I was optimistic.

 My first class today

As all classes do, they loved tackling the dummies into a gymnastics crash pad. Sorry that I was late class.

The day's second class was
small but mighty

This group was a delight to teach, GREAT kids!

We were inside the school's gym today for both classes as it got down to 6°C or about 43°F with an occasional snow flurry again like we had yesterday.

Clean underwear . . .

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