Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Roskilde, Denmark

Three Noteworthy News Flashes:

1. Mike and Vanessa arrive in Hässleholm a week from this Thursday.

2. Laurie arrives in town two weeks from this Thursday.

3. The Laundry/Drying Room keys are still missing.

Today I got up early and boarded the train bound for 90 minute trip to Copenhagen.

Why is this man smiling?

Nice door handle, I found this blissful image in the København H train station in Copenhagen.

From here it was another 30 minute train ride to the city of Roskilde. Today Roskilde may be most famous for hosting northern Europe's biggest annual rock/jazz/folk festival every July.

Eight hundred years ago, Roskilde was the seat of Denmark's royalty, its center of power. It was the capital of Denmark long before Copenhagen and is the burial place of 38 Danish kings and queens going back hundreds of years.

Only one "N" please

This was the first store I encountered when I got off the train in Roskilde, I was sorely tempted to buy a a Cuban cigar but I fought off the urge.

Building Mural

I liked the idea, too bad about the graffiti.

The Cathedral of Roskilde

It is the three spires in the distance. It is hard to get a good picture of it because of its massive size combined with the narrow streets and buildings around it not giving me room to get a good shot.

Two bronze naked guys
working on their tans

I have no clue what their significance is but I'm afraid I may be joining them soon if the Laundry Room key doesn't turn up soon!

Pastel Colors

The Tomb of King Christian IX

The Cathedral, built in the 1100s, is the site of the 38 royals await Judgement Day. Some of the tombs, like this one, are quite impressive.

The Trolle Family Crypt

Of course they opted for a troll on their grating.

"New" Pulpit stairway, only 401 years old

The Tomb of Duke Christopher, died 1363

Beautiful Wood Carvings

Three Banners

The three banners behind me were used at Admiral Ove Giedde's funeral procession in 1660.

The black one is the mourning banner, the red one is the blood banner and the one closest to me bears the Admiral's coat-of-arms.

King Christian IV

I'm not sure if old C4 was the greatest of the Danish kings, but he definetly was the best self promoter of the Danish monarchs in my opinion. Instead of just a tomb, he opted for an entire chapel dedicted to himself and his immediate family.

C4 as a judge in the large
painting on the right

C4 had a way with ceilings . . .

. . . and gratings

C4 as the "Pirate King"

C4's relatively simple tomb

Simple message:
"Time flies and then you die"

Speaking of time flying . . .

It was time to go to Roskilde's other tourist sight, the Viking Ship Museum better known as the Vikingeskibshallen. It is located a pleasant ten minute walk from the Cathedral through a nice hillside park.

Ah Spring!

A small Manor House

It overlooks the Roskilde Fjord, I wonder if it is for sale?

Viking Long Boat

This must be the place! The Vikingeskibshallen is an active museum with ship builders like this one using the ancient tools and techiniques to build modern day replicas of the various types of Viking ships.

Two of the five different
Viking ships on display

These ships were deliberately sunk a thousand years ago to block a nearby harbor entrance and have only recently been found and restored.

While the ships in Oslo's Viking Ship Museum are much better than these, the Vikingeskibshallen does a much better job of explaining the Viking Era with detailed descriptions in English, a good 13 minute movie about the museum ship restoration program and lots of hands on activities.

Across the harbor, Fields of Yellow

Wool Sails

This lady is weaving wool into sails, the sailcloth of choice for the Vikings.

A replica Viking ship built
by museum artisans

The Roskilde Fjord

The Vikingeskibshallen's peaceful harbor

Traditional Ship Building Tools

Here workers are building a replica of a "modern" 1908 Eel Drifter boat

It is a Danish fishing boat and, as the name suggests, it drifts sideways pulling a seine net that captures eels.


The path back to the Roskilde Train Station

Dead Tree Art

I have noted several of these dead trees that rather than cut down, artists use as a canvas.

Star of David

A rare sight in Scandanavia so far.

I just liked the color of this house

Gringo's, Roskilde's Mexican Restaurant

I was hungry and they were advertising an all-you-can-eat taco bar buffet for only 59 Danish Krona. I channeled strength from David Lassen and entered.

It was great, authentic spicy Mexican food just like at home! I was as shocked by this as my waiter was when he saw me go back for seconds to shatter the old Danish record for the "Biggest Taco Salad."

After this satisfying lunch it was time to head back to Copenhagen for a few hours.

Stained Glass in the Rådhus

Rådhus means City Hall, in this case Copenhagen's.

The Rådhus celebrating one man among many naked women


Still in the Rådhus, this statue commemorates the dark years of the Nazi's occupation of Denmark.

The Australian Band "Wishing Well"

I love good street musicians and these were very entertaining. Lets take a closer look at that fountain behind them.

A Nursing Buffet

Wishing Well Live

Nutella and Banana Pancake

One please! Every time I'm in Copenhagen I have to stop here for one of these rare taste treats.

Mickey with a attitude!

For Vanessa's sake, she is a huge Disney fan, I hope this T-shirt is no longer on display when they arrive in Copenhagen next Wednesday.

Swedish Laser Pen

Finally back in Hässleholm, I was picked up by star offensive tackle Linus Nilsson and we went to Pizzeria Turino for the best pizza I've had in Sweden by far! It was a pork kebab meat, shrimp, mushroom and onion affair. I'll be back!

After dinner, the offensive line met at Lucas Grip's home to review the Ekeby game film on his extremely large projection TV screen. He asked me if I wanted to use a laser pen which of course I did. That is when he produced this "Cutting Edge,High-Tech, Swedish Military Laser Pen."

It worked.

We had a good session and I think it really helped that they accepted constructive criticism.

On a side note, I saw some info on Cuba laying on a table in Lucas' home and asked him if had been there. He said no but that Sarah was going in a few weeks. Sarah then informed me that she would be splitting her time between Havana (see, one "N" only) and Varadero Beach.

I am jealous! I mentioned that the restaurant in the second story of the old Bacardi Building in Havana is a great place for a quiet lunch and a cold adult beverage. She should definitely stop in to Havana's Hotel Nacional for a mojito as well.

At least that's what I've heard.

I pray that the Laundry Room key shows up tomorrow!!!


David said...

FYI: I just checked. The Swedish word for laundromat is "laundromat."

The 45th-parallel rule seems to have bitten the dust.

George said...

Unfortunately, there are no laundromats in Hässleholm, hence the urgency!!!

David said...

Might be time to use your transit card to visit a laundromat elsewhere, then.

George said...

Good idea but I may run the risk of being mistaken for a homeless guy with all my wordly possessions in a bundle and perhaps smelling like one to boot!

Humiliation is just around the corner!