Friday, May 21, 2010

Lund University Karneval

Tropical Storm Uffe
still hovering on Hässleholm

The concern here is that this Tropical Storm may be graded up a full blown Hurricane by 13.00 tomorrow causing untold damage in the greater Hässleholm Megaplex.

I took the advice of Johan Hammarqvist and got out of harm's way for the relative safety of Lund and the . . .

Lund University Karneval

The Winter Olympics, the World Cup and the Lund University Karneval are held once every four years and 2010 is the year for all three of these gala events! At least I can say I made it to one of these three great happenings this year.

Poster from past Karnevals

A Canopy for the Karneval

Every Karneval should have games and this one would be no exception.

High-Tech Archery

I'm sure that the recent release of the Russell Crowe movie version of "Robin Hood" was the inspiration for this particular game.

Japanese Game Show Tent

Sumo . . . YES!

Hey, Andy and Jenn live in Vegas!

Let's take a look at the entrance to the Vegas tent . . .

. . . What the . . .

I never saw anything like this on the Vegas Strip.

My back hurt and I was sorely tempted but NEJ!

Nice Hair

Really Nice Hair


Crazy College Kids!

The best part of the Karneval was definitely the people watching.

Is this the guy on this year's
Karneval poster?

The not so Grim Reaper

Feather Suit

It is warm and humid as I sweat up a storm of my own and this guy is wearing a feather suit!!!

Some came in formal wear

Red Pants, Oslo students on vacation?

I have GOT to get some red pants before I leave Sweden!

Why is he so proud of his hat size?

Green hair is in this season

Funny Student Band

Take a close look at the piccolo player in the bakground.

Adolf plays the piccolo?


You know you're stylin' when your hair matches your shoes. You can't see her shoes but they were purple indeed.

Black Face Minstrel Show?

Harlem comes to Lund


I stuck around to hear a concert and wound up meeting this group of kids who go to school with our Hurricane LB Filip Sundgren, small world.

Among many things we discussed was their inability to grasp the American concept that you can drive at 16 but can't drink legally until you reach 21. I'm not sure what the legal drinking age is in Sweden but I suspect they reached it this very afternoon at the latest!

I got to hear a few Swedish bands play on the big stage throughout the afternoon which allowed my to, for the first time, hear "Get Your Kicks on Route 66" in English with a heavy Swedish accent to an operatic beat, interesting.

Also of note was the Swedish rendition of "Gummi Boll" or as we know it, Bobby Vee's 1961 hit song "Rubber Ball."

Rufus Wainwright

This Canadian-American singer-pianist was the day's headliner and was very good.

His concert was included in the $7 admission price to the Karneval, what a bargain.

Wainwright's cover of the song "Hallelujah" is my favorite song of his. It always make me think first of the movie "Shrek" where I first heard him sing it and secondly of the missed opportunities I've had to make life better for those around me.

I love that song, it moves me just a bit.

Uppsala Is Burning!

The high flying, 2-0 Ekeby Greys come to Göingevallen Stadium on Saturday at 13.00 to play the 0-2 Hässleholm Hurricanes.

Hope to see you there as the 'Canes try to get on track.

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David said...

Just about every version of "Hallelujah" is inspirational. (I'm currently really fond of the kd lang version from the Winter Olympics.)

Good luck Saturday.