Sunday, May 9, 2010

Scouting the Lugi Vikings


If you want to see some really great photos from our Limhamn game yesterday, click on the "Hässleholm Hurricanes Website" in the left column of the blog and once you enter that website, click on "Bilder Hurricanes-Griffins."

Another Tomas Gustasson article on the game in NorreSkåne:

There are some unique things about coaching in the Swedish American Football Federation. The first is our ability to easily scout our opponents in person.

Our schedule works out so that each weekend we play on one day and our next opponent plays on the other, so today 'Canes center Johan Persson and I were off to see our next opponent, the Lugi Vikings, play at the home of the Kristianstad C4 Lions. We would of course be joined by several other Hurricanes as we all intently watched the Vikings in action.

The set up at Kristianstad was interesting. The C4 Lions play on a full sized Field Turf football field. They have no stands in this stadium but the adjacent natural grass surface stadium does have stands that back up to the C4 Lions field. So we perched on the top row and peered over the top rail to watch the football game.

Special Olympics

The stadium with the stands was holding a small competition. We only caught the last event of the day, the 100 meter dash.

Referree Vidar Onsberg at the 50
TRULY Unique!

First we met Vidar in his role as a student at Lund University.

Yesterday we saw him as an outstanding offensive lineman for the Limhamn Griffins.

Today we saw him in the role of SAFF football referree in the Lugi at Kristianstad game.

Yes, that's right, current players, coaches and executives from one Division I Södra team will be the refs in most cases in another league game. I believe three of our 'Canes players were working as refs today at the Carlshamn - Ekeby game.

Now THAT'S different!

The C4 Lions in blue, Lugi in white

Halftime, if you're hungry get a hot dog

Kristiastad was in control 27-6 at this point and they would continue to dominate the second half as they won their opener by a final score of 48-13.


Limhamn 25 - Hässleholm 22
Ystad 34 - Carlshamn 6
Ekeby 12 - Oskarshamn 0
Kristianstad 48 - Lugi 13

Ekeby Greys 1-0
Kristianstad C4 Lions 1-0
Limhamn Griffins 1-0
Ystad Rockets 1-0
Carlshamn Oakleaves 0-1
Hässleholm Hurricanes 0-1
Lugi Vikings 0-1
Oskarshamn Dockers 0-1

Saturday, May 15
Carlshamn (0-1) at Ekeby (1-0)
Kristianstad (1-0) at Limhamn (1-0)

Sunday, May 16
Hässleholm (0-1) at Lugi (0-1)
Oskarshamn (0-1) at Ystad (1-0)


David said...

Current players as referees? I don't think we're likely to see this in the U.S. any time soon.

Here's the Google translation of the article:

Hurricanes sprint was in vain
May 9 21:35 (UPDATED 21:45)

AMERICAN FOOTBALL. Questionable judgments behind Prime loss against Limhamn Hässleholm Hurricanes-Limhamns Griffins 22-25.

An unprecedented spurt was close to Hässleholm Hurricanes first victory in number one but a questionable verdicts in the last quarter negated this and instead gave the visiting Griffins Limhamn score.
- I definitely think our running back is down but the referee sees it differently and it determines the match, said George Contreras, coach of the Hurricanes.

- The somewhat odd thing is that I am happy with almost everything but the end result of this premier match, said Contreras.

For a long time, it was nothing that indicated the Hurricanes would make game of the premiere at home in a cool team and drizzle Goinge Vallen. Visiting Limhamn was namely the best possible start with a touchdown already on his first attempt and also the ensuing kick gave the score and the position 0-7. The home team did, however, quickly into the game by a touchdown by Pär Jönsson who made six key points.

The second part of the first half was almost disastrous for the Hurricanes since the guests were two more touchdowns with no extra points and went to break the law rest with the status 6-19.
- Our strength today was that the team always came back in an impressive manner, rated Contreras.
Something that was shown in the second half when first Pär Danielsson, another of the leading players in the home team, ran in a touchdown and then Tim Eriksson picked a pass from Donald Nordstrom for additional points. 14-19 and then when Marcus Griffin Linderoth broke one of the adjustment end zone, he gave the home team renewed hope in the last quarter.

This was also brilliant when the home team took the 75 meters and Pär Jönsson made his second touchdown and being ran into two more extra points. Suddenly, the Hurricanes lead with 22-19 and also captured the man then the ball by Uffe Palm Brink.

Then came the controversial situation with home team players are not judged to be of the hill and Limhamn player quickly understood that, and fiddling six points via a completely undisturbed touchdown from 20 yards.
- Never fun to lose but I think we still did so much good in the match that we will have the benefit of the future, "said George Contreras has already managed to tap into a much more varied game in the team from last season. Suddenly the team had one fitting game where Tim Eriksson particularly impressed with the good reception and Donald Nordstrom with precise throws.

Plus also the Defense Association-setting second half when we did not place any points for Limhamns victory points came when the gang attacks were on the plane.

George said...

". . . gang attacks were on the plane."???

Terrorism under our very noses at Göingevallen Stadium and only Tomas Gustavsson recognized it!