Monday, May 3, 2010

Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød, Denmark

Today is my 62nd day in Europe since leaving Camarillo, California exactly two months ago on March 3rd. It has gone both quickly and slowly at the same time. Amazing to think how much I have seen in Scandinavia and how many great people I have met in such a short time.

My days of extensive traveling came to a close today for the next seven weeks as our season opening game is this Saturday at home against the Limhamn Griffins. Thus, I am planning to concentrate fully on football from now until our Summer Break which comes after our June 19th game.

My choice for today's adventure included a train trip to Helsingborg, a ferryboat ride across the Øresund to Helsingøre and another train to my final stop, Hillerød, Denmark and . . .

Frederiksborg Castle

This castle was built between 1602 and 1620 for King Christian IV.

It is billed as the grandest one in all of Scandinavia, the "Danish Versailles." After my two hour examination of the grounds, I have to say that it is easily the best castle I have seen in the past two months.

Have I mentioned that it is Spring?

The Frederiksborg Royal Gardens

An absolute MUST in any palace worthy of King C4!

A Fierce Lion and . . .

. . . A Moat

Pretty much all you need for the outer defenses of the castle.

Inside the First Castle Wall

The Neptune Fountain was a nice touch before entering the castle.

The Rose Room

This room is ringed by several of these scenes of deer and moose at play. I liked that they all featured real horns as is appropriate.

The Royal Chapel

King C4 wanted this to be the grandest royal chapel in all of Europe.

I think he may have succeeded.

A Royal Chapel MUST have stained glass!

Hundreds of Coats of Arms line all of the stairways and the walls of the Royal Chapel. As you may recall, I'm a sucker for heraldry!

Nice Outfits, Boys

A Foot?

Blue Horned Helmets

We need to start jousting!


Dwight D. Eisenhower and . . .

. . . Winston Churchill

Denmark was occupied by the Nazis during most of World War II.

These last two examples of heraldry are signs of a very thankful nation for the efforts of the American and English forces in the liberation of Denmark.

Jewish Nobility

Zodiac Ceiling

The Dining Room

You still can't be a castle without tapestries

Danes with firearms, Swedes with a sword

Not a very fair fight but Sweden still is in possesion of the coveted Skåne region!

The Grand Ballroom

Peter Carlsen's "Denmark 2009"

You may be familiar with Eugene Delacroix and his 1830 painting that hangs in the Louvre titled "Liberty Leading the People."

This is Carlsen's attempt to update that famous painting with a contemporary Danish twist.

Always be sure that your shoes
are tied BEFORE the battle!

THAT'S going to leave a mark!

"Kick the Can" - Viking Style

Have I mentioned that it is Spring?


DPLassen said...

My people!

(I'm stealing that photo for my Facebook page. Consider it royal perogative.)

Michael Contreras said...

Is it "Kick the Can" or is it "Here's a Stick to Beat the Lovely Lady With" Viking Style?

George said...


Be my guest, you royals have a tendency to take what you want when you want anyway!

Divine Rights of Kings, don't you know.


Excellent interpretation of this ancient scene!

The Duke would be proud.

Steen said...

Actually the church is the only part of the castle, that did not burn in 1859. The rest is rebuild by Jacobsen- Carlberg.

Peter Carslen - its himself in the middle of the picture. Other are live models too, I know 4 of them.. All the best from Copenhagen