Monday, May 17, 2010

Soul Searching

#5 Cornerback Marcus Linderoth

This is Marcus' second interception of the season, he has been a great surprise in these first two games.

Because of our performance in yesterday's Lugi game, the last 24 hours has been a period of soul searching trying to come up with a plan to get us on the right track this week against a very talented 2-0 Ekeby Greys team.

Game Day Poster

It was also a day to move on and spread the word about this week's home game. I posted about ten of these around the central part of Hässleholm today.

SAFF Division I Södra

Lugi 24 - Hässleholm 7
Ekeby 26 - Carlshamn 0
Ystad 61 - Oskarshamn 8
Kristianstad at Limhamm postponed due to field conditions

Ekeby Greys 2-0
Ystad Rockets 2-0
Kristianstad C4 Lions 1-0
Limhamm Griffins 1-0
Lugi Vikings 1-1
Carlshamn Oakleaves 0-2
Hässleholm Hurricanes 0-2
Oskarshamn Dockers 0-2

Saturday, May 22
Ekeby (2-0) at Hässleholm (0-2)
Limhamm (1-0) at Carlshamn (0-2)

Sunday, May 23
Ystad (2-0) at Kristianstad (1-0)
Lugi (1-1) at Oskarshamn (0-2)

NorreSkåne's article on our Lugi game can be found at:*/*/hurricanes-rackte-inte-till-i-lund

Meanwhile, down in Catania, the Elephants continue to roll with a key home win over the weekend. Their 35-28 victory over the Milan Rhinos improved their IFL season record to 4-1 which gives them sole possession of second place. They now trail only the 6-0 Parma Panthers and travel to Rome this weekend to play the 3-3 Lazio Marines.

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David said...

This week's Google translation:

Hurricanes were not sufficient in Lund
By Michael Lindholm May 16 20:02

AMERICAN FOOTBALL. Taken place and the length chanslöst. Hässleholm Hurricanes American football team fell heavily in the second match in Division One South, gone 7-24 against the Vikings Lugi.

Jonas Grip, the Sports Director of the Hurricanes was obviously disappointed after the game on Klostergårdens IP in Lund.
- They clicked, unfortunately it did not last. We had a completely different game against Limhamn Griffin and had we repeated it had become a completely different game, "said Jonas Grip.
- But at the same time, we have many newcomers in the team. There were some who made only his second match and won, as we know Lugi ifjor series.
It was particularly offensive that the Hurricanes had difficulty and disadvantage in the half-time was only 0-11.
- Many new and it led to many mistakes. It was nervous, with many dropped balls and that was a bit difficult to return it to a disciplined Lugi, said Jonas.
Since the offensive game was not working defensive player draw an extra heavy load.
- We did not produce much progress and finally got tired of course the defensive.
In the middle of misery, he could at least find something positive to take away.
- We had the same take-off, with two straight losses, ifjor. Then we won seven straight and lost the last game, "said Jonas Grip.
Pär Jönsson ran into six points of the Hurricanes, while Pär Danielsson said the extra point.