Sunday, May 23, 2010

Scouting Ystad Rockets at Kristianstad C4 Lions

It took 82 days, but for the first time in Sweden I am having internet issues. It Catania my first year it took 82 days before we had our first good internet day, not so bad year two in Sicily though.


Kurt Wallander Mystery #4

Henning Mankell is proving that you get better with practice. It was a good, fast, entertaining read.

Late Saturday Developments

Post Victory BBQ at Castle Palmbrink

Swedish meatballs exposed to Human Growth Hormones, I think.



The Palmbrink kids were great as always, but Mira was a little quiet for some reason. I think we are close to striking a deal as to how much Laurie will have to pat Uffe and Elin to babysit the kids. I'm offering top Krona!!!

Late Photos from 'Canes Fans

Sheer Joy!

Uh-Oh . . .

That felt SO good on so many levels!!!


Youth Track Meet in Kristianstad

The track stadium and football stadium lie side-by-side in Kristianstad. I got their early and watched part of a youth track meet.

Here I am scouting for Brian FitzGerald's next great sprinter.

How many days have I spent judging the Shot Put?

Is that Joe Knopf at the 50?

Deep Reconnaissance

Uffe Palmbrink, a.k.a Agent 0056, is in black on the right. Here he cleverly uses the disguise of a hot dog eating fan to listen in on the C4 sideline adjustments.

Ystad Rockets in green

Another great battle today that had lots of momentum shifts. The C4 Lions pulled it out in the last minute to win 20-18.

The C4 Lions are tied with the Limhamn Griffins for first place in the SAFF Division I Södra at 2-0. Ystad dropped to 2-1 with the tough loss.

The Rockets play hard, another tough game for the 'Canes in Ystad next Sunday.

Hey, isn't Ystad the hometown of Inspector Kurt Wallander?

BLACK Tulips?


That's for Danish King Christian IV, his mark is still all over Skåne.


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