Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day


I did my monthly check of the Google Analytics website to see the blog's viewership dynamics.

According to it, readership was up 15.6% during the month of March.

A total of 3,467 individual visitors made 6,706 visits.

In April we had visitors from 87 different countries including exoitic Bahrain, Djibouti, Macedonia, Mongolia, Sri Lanka and Tajikistan.

"What is the capital of Djibouti?
Djibouti is the capital of Djibouti!"

Name the movie.

Walpurgis Day
Valborg Day
May Day
Labor Day

Besides being Walpurgis Day/Valborg Day celebrating the start of Spring, it was also May Day/Labor Day. This is a major holiday here in Sweden to say the least.

I was told that their was to be a large parade in Hässleholm's town square by the Socialist Party celebrating the worker in true leftist fashion.

I went there at about 11:00 but saw no hint of a parade. Jojo Card to the rescue yet again!

Certainly Malmö, Sweden's third largest city and only 45 minutes away by train, would have something going on today.

They did indeed! When I arrived at the Stortorget, I heard music, a Blues Band at that, and saw hundreds of Socialists in red milling around getting ready to march.

I even bought a Socialist hamburger and a drink from their BBQ stand, 25 more Krona for the worker's cause.

Why DO men go crazy when a woman wears her evening gown?

Malmö FF

The group of MFF fans jumped the gun and started their own parade about 15 minutes earlier than the Socialists. I must admit that they got a lot more positive feedback from the crowd than the assembled official paraders would.

A Classic Marching Band

They would lead the way for the parade but where is their red?

Protesting the Protesters?

"You want change, I say we just get into the long boats and storm Stockholm the old way!"


Suddenly there was a police presence, was trouble brewing?

Nope, everything was in order and the first of three separate waves of marches took off precisely at 14:00.

Wave Two

Another blue band led the way, again no red in their outfits.

Happy Socialists on the March

Wave Three was more of the same and the parade went on peacefully.

It was now time to stroll through the city and enjoy the light drizzle of the day.

It IS the start of Spring afterall!

Men's Choir

They were quite good in a harmonic sort of way.

Here, take a listen for yourself.


At the Gustav Adolfs Torg, long after the Socialist parade was over, I found these people sporting the "Hammer and Sickle" and listening to a speaker under a huge red banner that proudly declared "RÖD FRONT".

The Red Front, now we're talking!

The Danger of Steroids

The message is simple, if you take steroids you may wind up peeing out your ear.

Do you really want that to happen?

More Propaganda

The more I walked, the deeper I got into the heart of Malmö's hotbed of leftist beliefs.

Malmö's Jewish Temple on the left

The KFUK building on the right is the Malmö YMCA.

Pauli Jensen has a school
named in his honor?

Klass Mot Klass
Class Against Class

This mini "Red Square" was ready but where were the Communists?

Here comes the RÖD FRONT

Apparently they held their own parade ending at "Red Square."

Note the red, white and blue Cuban flag!

"Patria o Muerte!"

Folkets Park

A couple of blocks from "Red Square," it is Malmö's amusement park.

The Ferris Wheel was huge!

Suddenly I heard more music on this day of music but this time it was unmistakenly Cuban music. Were the Communists up to another of their old tricks?

The Cuba Café

Is it possible that I have found yet another reason to go to Malmö?

Güamá was playing

They had a LIVE Cuban Band called Güamá and cold Åbro beer. A solid combination so it was time to sit and enjoy the Cuban rhythms for a while.

A long while.

Note the authentic Cuban decor

Pastel colors, chipping paint and open spaces, all reminders of good times gone by!

If I only had a Monte Cristo to light up . . .

Güamá Live

A Pony Ride in Folkets Park

The First Day of Spring
was a Good One Indeed!

They have a Cuban restaurant with live Cuban music in Malmö????



Michael Contreras said...

No writing on the wall allowed?

DPLassen said...

Shouldn't there be a '51 Plymouth parked in front of the Cuban restaurant for that authentic Havana feel?

And wasn't Rod Front a cornerback for the Raiders?

George said...


If you click on the Güamá Live clip again, look to the ledft of the stage and you will see a 1957 Pontiac rusting away.

Yoiu are absolutely correct on Rod Front's four year NFL career, all with the Raiders. If you recall he was suddenly released in 1994 when it was discovered that he had falsified his pre-draft profile and it was discovered that, in truth, he had never been convicted, tried in court or even arrested for any crime!

Al Davis can't get rid of a good apple fast enough!!!