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The Irony of the IFL

The Catania Elephants were scheduled to travel north over the weekend to play the Reggio Emilia Hogs in a key IFL week #8 showdown.

Didn't happen! The reason you ask? Simple, the Elephants flight out of Catania was cancelled due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland.

Irony? Catania is a team is based just a quick pyroclastic flow from Europe's largest active volcano, Mt. Etna. We saw smoke coming out of her almost every day for two seasons and actually got to see lava flowing out of her on more than a few occasions.

It was always GAME ON!

It took a volcanic eruption 2,400 miles away to finally put a hold on one of the Elephants' games!


Mt. Etna Eruption, May 11, 2008

The Italian Football League standings after
8 weeks:
Parma Panthers 6-0
Catania Elephants 3-1
Reggio Emilia Hogs 3-2
Milan Rhinos 3-2
Bergamo Lions 4-3
Lazio Marines 3-3
Bolzano Giants 3-3
Ancona Dolphins 0-5
Bologna Warriors 0-6

I got a most of my scouting report on this week's opponent, the Lugi Vikings, finished very early this morning so I decided to take the rest of the day off.

The goal today was the city of Växjö in the county of Småland about an hour north by train.

Why Växjö? You've heard dotting your i's and crossing your t's? In Växjö, you get to dot your a's, j's and o's!

FIVE DOTS, I had to go see this town.

Cherry Skirt

The first thing I saw after I got off the train was this skirt in a store window. Laurie loves anything with cherries on it.

She'll be here soon, YAHOO!

Växjö has the required sculptures
to qualify as a Swedish city.

The first thing I needed to do was find the Växjö Turistbyrå located in Stadsbiblioteket, i.e., the library, to get some information about and a map of the city.

Doris Day?

Right next to the Turistbyrå desk in the library was this book about Doris Day for you to check out.

What Swede, or anyone for that matter, in their right mind would check out a book about Doris Day?

Well, you know what I always say, "Que sera sera!"

Jenny Craig, Before and After?

First Stop is always the Cathedral

The Växjö Cathedral

The first church built on this spot was a wooden one built by St. Sigfrid in the 11th century. In the 12th century it was rebuilt in stone.

If it isn't St. Sigfrid himself!

Nice Cathedral Clock

The Garden of Eden

While the exterior of the Cathedral looks old, the inside is very modern which made for a strange feel to this Church of Sweden edifice.

The Växjö area is reknowned for its glass making so this was a nutral for the Cathedral.

Close up of The Garden of Eden

You can see Adam on the left pointing at Eve who is reaching for the fateful apple.

God looks like He is exasperated and saying "Are you stupid or what, I gave you everything you needed!"

Lake Växjö

It is only 6 kilometers around the lake, let's go for a walk. Besides the Teleborgs Castle and Linnéuniversitetet are on the far side of the lake.

Pied Piper?

As I started the walk, I looked back and was being followed by field tripping students. They couldn't keep up with my intense pace!

I love these downed lake trees

Teleborgs Castle

The Castle was built in 1900 as a wedding present from Count Gustav Frederik Bonde to his wife Anna Koskull.

Impressive Castle Entry Steps

The Castle is protected by lions

The very small University Church

The University is named after Växjö's favorite son, famous botanist Carl Linnaeus who went to school in Växjö for 11 years in the early 1700s.

Carl Linnaeus could classify
these for us I'm sure

Lake Trummen

This lake is adjacent to Lake Växjo, that is Teleborgs Castle in the distance.

Lots of trees by these two lakes

"Follow the yellow brick road!"

Almost back to the Cathedral!


I realized today that I really like how so many buildings in Sweden have the year they were built emblazoned on their façades. This building is a baby, only 102 years old.

I wonder what Ian Murphy is up to today?

Another great day in Sweden!

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