Wednesday, May 12, 2010

T4 School Football Camp

Inspired by the addition of four new players to the Hurricane ranks on Tuesday after our exciting game on Saturday, we hosted a one day, two hour camp today for a class of junior high boys from the T4 school here in Hässleholm.

Hurricanes Linus Linden and Andreas Nilsson came out to help me coach these youngsters and they both did a great job indeed! Tack så mycket Linus and Andreas!!!

It was a cold and rainy morning when we assembled on the outdoor field at 9:00 a.m. for the start of the camp. Their teacher, Charlotte Dacke, gave no hint that the boys would ever think of moving things indoors and she was right, they wanted to battle the elements.

I mentioned that they were going to get awfully wet to which she answered, "No problem." The boys will just shower and change into their dry clothes after the two hour dousing.

I tried to explain to Charlotte, Linus and Andreas how kids in California do not shower after gym classes. They were all three shocked at this revelation to say the least.

We progressed with an hour of individual drills and then played a game of one hand touch football for the last hour.


A natural leader, I picked him to be the Hurricanes' QB of the future!

The fact that he is an Arsenal fan had little to do with my evaluation.


Rasmus takes charge of his huddle

Trying to keep the ball dry
as I stand with the defense

Victor, the first boy in blue to my right, is a natural born LB!

I'm guessing that Uffe Palmbrink looked just like him at this age.


There would be multiple
flags thrown on this play

We didn't really cover all of the rules before kicking off. We just did it on the fly.

We also had one or twelve illegal forward passes but we let a few of them slide.

Wet Future Hurricanes

Their teacher, Charlotte Dacke, is in the back row. They seemed to have a lot of fun, were positive and were very excited about coming to our next home game.

We invited them to join our Junior team and hope to see some of them in the weeks to come.

I must admit that I was soaked to the bone and had little feeling in my fingers by the end of the camp. After a very warm shower and hot lunch at Chicco's, I decided to take the train down to Malmö to do a little shopping.

On the way home I had two options. The first was to wait 45 minutes for the next train to Hässleholm. The second choice was to get out of the very crowded Malmö Central train station on a train in five minutes that could get me as far as Höör.

I opted for choice #2 but got off in Lund, my favorite city in Skåne, to do some more shopping until a train to Hässleholm arrived.

Lund Cathedral Atomic Clock

It has been under repairs since I arrived in Sweden and this was my first chance to see this wonderful timepiece in complete working order.

Zodiac Signs in a Church of Sweden?

That yellow thing between the III and the IIII is called the Sun

I have got to get to Dubai

Lund Cathedral Towers

Just flat out OLD!

Cathedral Window

Is Thor missing his hammer?

Lund University Fountain

Spring flowers but we still have showers

Track 4 of a rainy Lund Train Station

I have come to really love traveling by train in Sweden. The trains are usually on time. It is relaxing to be able to look at the landscape passing by or read a book or even just close your eyes for a few minutes while traveling.

It is much cheaper than paying for gasoline, parking passes and the eventual traffic/parking ticket.

The best thing for me is the physical part of train travel, i.e., all the walking I do to and from the train stations as well as walking around the towns I visit. It definitely has improved my meager levels of fitness.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Finals at the University of Oslo start next Monday, I wonder how my student friends in the red pants are doing in their tireless "preparations" for these rugged tests?


David said...

OK, what's the deal with these letter-and-number labels, like the T4 school and (sorry to remind you) the C4 Lions?

George said...

The area and buildings where the school is located used to be a Swedish army regimental base until about 10 or 15 years ago. The army labeled this camp T4 and the name just stuck. So we have a T4 school, T4 field, T4 dog park, etc.

I have no idea what the T4 stands for in military terms.

The C4 stands for Danish King Christian IV. Skåne in particular and the south of Sweden in general was for many years a part of Denmark. C4 was a very powerful king who built up Skåne quite a bit and is still honored in many ways such as the neighboring city of Kristianstad which C4 named after himself and the city has gladly kept to honor its heritage even though it is now a part of Sweden.

It would be as if San Diego still honored its past by not changing the name of Jack Murphy Stadium.

Johan said...

The "T" stands for terrain. A terrainregiment is basically a supply- or logisticsregiment, what ever you wanna call it. T4 was closed at that location in 1986 and was shut down entirely in 1994. The last 8 years T4 was located at the P2 regiment. “P” stands for pansar which is equal to an armored regiment. P2 was closed in 2000.

George said...


Tack så mycket!