Monday, May 24, 2010

EuroBall News

Another tough game for the 'Canes this week at 2-1 Ystad.

Here is the link to the article on our Ekeby game which is in today's NorreSkåne newspaper:

SAFF Division I Södra

Hässleholm 12 - Ekeby 7
Limhamn 28 - Carlshamn 8
Kristianstad 20 - Ystad 18
Lugi 31 - Oskarshamn 0

Kristianstad C4 Lions 2-0
Limhamm Griffins 2-0
Ekeby Greys 2-1
Ystad Rockets 2-1
Lugi Vikings 2-1
Hässleholm Hurricanes 1-2
Carlshamn Oakleaves 0-3
Oskarshamn Dockers 0-3

Saturday, May 29
Kristianstad (2-0) at Ekeby (2-1)
Oskarshamn (0-3) at Limhamm (2-0)

Sunday, May 23
Hässleholm (1-2) at Ystad (2-1)
Carlshamn (0-3) at Lugi (2-1)

The news from Sicily was good again for the Elephants! They traveled to Rome to play the Lazio Marines and won a typical IFL defensive struggle 48-37 to up their mark to 5-1.

Big game this week in what should have been the last week of the IFL's regular season except that Catania still has to make up their game vs. Reggio Emilia that was cancelled a few weeks ago when their plane was not allowed to take off due to volcanic ash in the air from the volcano in Iceland.

The 5-1 Elephants take on the high flying Parma Panthers who are alone in first place at 7-0. Now these two teams only meet once a year and in another interesting piece of Italian scheduling logic, this is the third straight season that the Panthers have had to travel to Sicily to play the Elephants, go figure!

The last two seasons these two teams have battled to the bitter end in very close games with Parma winning 64-57 in 2008 and Catania taking the 2009 contest 28-27.

First place and the all important #1 seed in the playoffs are at stake for the Red and Black. The top four teams at the end of the regular season make the IFL Playoffs.

IFL Playoff Semi-Finals are on Sunday, June 13 at the homes of the #1 and #2 seeds.

The 2010 Italian Super Bowl will be played in Milan on June 26.


Parma Panthers 7-0
Catania Elephants 5-1
Bergamo Lions 5-3
Bolzano Giants 4-3
Reggio Emilia Hogs 3-3
Lazio Marines 3-4
Milan Rhinos 3-4
Bologna Warriors 1-6
Ancona Doves 0-7

Saturday, May 29
Bolzano (4-3) at Ancona (0-7)
Lazio (3-4) at Bologna (1-6)

Sunday, May 23
Parma (7-0) at Catania (5-1)
Milan (3-4) at Reggio Emilia (3-3)

Bergamo (5-3) - BYE


David said...

This week's translation, in which we learn you "felt strange to be below the half-time:"

Hurricanes first win in the series
By Peter Paulsson May 23 23:03 (UPDATED 23:09)

AMERICAN FOOTBALL. Ekeby Greys came to Goinge Vallen with two victories on the opening two rounds of the series. A formidable task for Hässleholm Hurricanes? Non.

The home team did a really good match and took the season's first victory.
- This victory we needed. We play physical and win against a good team. I'm very happy, "says Hurricanes coach George Contreras.

Ekeby before the match had not given up a single point, but the Hurricanes broke guests zero directly. Pär Danielsson ran for a 20 yard touchdown and the Hurricanes had the lead with 6-0 after the first Quarter.
- We had control of the match, but had a breakdown defensively in the second quarter in and then took the lead with 7-6. It felt strange to be below the half-time when it felt like we controlled the match, "says Contreras.

After a pointless third quarter was the continued leadership gone before the fourth Quarter. It offered home team's attack on a powerful drive along the ground with Pär Jonsson engine. J ended a 80-yard drive to run into for a three-yard TD and the Hurricanes regained the lead, 12-7. Hässleholm defense shut the shop and then home attack fixed a few key first downs, which forced the guests to burn their timeouts.

- The defense is very good again today and our attacks also makes a good job. Nice to make points on a team that came here with two victories in which they kept zero, "says Contreras.

Pär Jönsson deserves an extra bonus for their effort. He did a tremendous job through the match.
- He was our "workhorse" and he was really tired at the end, "says Contreras.
All of the home team should be commended for having a strong right through the operation.

Johan said...

Man, these translations are often times hillarious...

Laurie said...

Thank you, David. ALWAYS entertaining. Didn't know George's vocabulary extended that far.