Saturday, May 29, 2010

After a good night's sleep thanks to the suspended S¡esta! I prepared to make the trip to Malmö to scout next week's opponent, the 0-3 Oskarshamn Dockers play the 2-0 Limhamn Griffins.

Hässleholm's Stortoget was buzzing

Between the three-day S¡esta! and today's American Car Power Meeting the streets were packed.

Alternative Music, Hässleholm style

Well, it is at least an alternative to the music at S¡esta!

The ride to Malmö proved problematic. First, my 30 day Jojo card expired yesterday. Then I inquired about the rumored Jojo Summer Card. It will only cost 460 Krona, good for unlimited rides in Skåne for TWO MONTHS! That is less than half the price of the usual Jojo card. The only problem was that it does not go on sale until June 1st.

So today I had to stand in lines to buy tickets both here in Hässkleholm and again in Malmö. It cost 192 Krona for the round trip so you can see how valuable the Jojo Sumer Card will be.

The next issue is that the normal 50 minute train ride took more than two hours today because they were doing work on the tracks between Hässleholm and Höör. This meant that I would have to board a bus to Höör and then catch the first available Malmö bound train.

The bus driver to Höör was noteworthy as he talked on his cell phone a few times and drove with his elbows for a short while as he surveyed a chart of some sort.

I faced the same issues on the way home after the game as well except we had a better driver.

Höör has a Combat Zone?

I would never have known about it if it wasn't for the bus trip. Now I'll have to go back and check this out.

Limhamn's "Knot Hole Gang"

I finally got to the stadium as the first quarter was coming to a close the the home team Griffins leading 6-0.

Pass Happy Griffins

Limhamn was clicking on all cylinders

The Griffins extended their lead to 22-0 at the half and were in complete command of all facets of their game.

The story of the game in one picture

On the far left, a Dockers player is limping off the field on his way to the locker room while another Oskarshamn player, on the far right, is being helped off the field.

The Griffins simply had too much firepower today and cruised to a 44-0 victory.

An Arizona State fan in Malmö?

Outside the Malmö Opera House

We've seen this before but now that it has warmed up, the fountain is flowing AND there are flames bursting from the top of it!

Malmö's City Hall

I just don't get tired of this building.

An artist DEEP in thought

Once finally back in Hässleholm, I stopped by Christian Boesgaard's flat to see all of his new furnishings and watch his daughter Jasmine create some new masterpieces.

Christian's youngest daughter Matilda was being held by the autorities for further questioning, so the flat was unusually serene this evening.

Hässleholm Power Meeting

1960's American Muscle Cars

If Castro had taken over Cuba in 1969 instead of 1959, Havana would probably look like this today.

Cars were getting ready to cruise
and drink beer all night!

For some reason, these American car buffs are called "Hill Billies"

Some are self-professed "CRAZY BASTARDS"

"Little GTO . . ."

Almost Hurricane Green


No Seat Belts?

Nothing says American Muscle Cars more than FLAMES!

Lots of FLAMES

Even green and purple FLAMES!

Among my favorite cars today were . . .

The Old 41

A nice '56 Chevy

We had one just like this in brown and white when I was growing up. Didn't see any '57 Chevy's today, my all-time favorite classic car.

Ford Fairlane 500

Nice fender skirt!

My runner-up for "Best in Show" Award

But the winner is . . .

"Little Deuce Coupe,
You don't now what I got!"

I think this was exactly the car that the Beach Boys were singing about!

Wild times in H-town indeed!!!

Sunday we load up the bus for the trip to Ystad to play the 2-1 Rockets. It will be our fourth straight tough test to open the season, stay tuned.


David said...

I'm very disappointed the Dockers' uniforms aren't khahi-colored.

George said...

You would think. . .