Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tropical Practice Conditions

The weather finally broke and the sun came out to play today. I thus opted to go for a nice walk in the woods without a jacket!

First, I had to stop at the local golf club for a great lunch featuring all you can eat Swedish pancakes or as they call them here, pancakes. After lunch, I signed up for a golf lesson next Monday so that I can earn my Greens Card to be able to play golf anywhere in Sweden.

Everything has turned green

This looked like a good place to take a break and do some reading

Suddenly I realized that I was sweating like crazy! IT WAS HUMID!!!

May is still the Month of Flowers

Someone has worked hard on their garden

Once I got home, I switched into shorts to help combat the heat and humidity at practice.

Storm Clouds Gathering

During Junior practice, a storm front started to move in complete with thunder and lightning.

Sweden was enjoying tropical weather. What next, a hurricane?

Thor's Hammer

By the time the Senior's arrived he had been forced off the field because the lightning was right on top of us.

I'm not sure that getting under a metal roof was our best choice.

We opted to go inside to have a team meeting to get on the whiteboard and review what the Ekeby Greys will be running on Saturday and to wait out the storm.

We were able to finally get on the field about 40 minutes late and proceeded to have our best practice in weeks. Of course, it helped that tonight was an offensive practice and the entire starting offense dressed out and practiced hard.

A Windmill?

I decided to walk home for once and walked through a park that I've been in several times. Where did this windmill come from? I never noticed it before.

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Johan said...

Come on Canes! Give it to the Greys!