Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lugi Vikings Game

Week #2 of the SAFF Division I Södra season saw the 0-1 Hurricanes traveling to Lund to play the 0-1 Lugi Vikings. This was going to be a tough game as the Vikings beat the Hurricanes twice in 2009 on their way to a Södra Division II title.

The Lugi game field is known as "The Crib" because the grass hillsides give the field a feel of a baby's crib. When we arrived, a Junior game was in progress between Limhamm and Lugi.

Limhamm's Juniors, in purple,
won by over 50 points

Hurricanes warming up

Crowd control might not be an issue

Hurricanes are on offense first but fumble the ball away deep in our own territory.

Lugi's short drive ends with a 3 yard TD run, the PAT is no good. Vikings lead 6-0.

The Hurricanes are forced to punt, the snap is over the punter's head. Our punter recovers it in the end zone for a Lugi safety. Vikings now lead 8-0.

Lugi's drive stalls and they kick a 30 yard field goal. Vikings up their advantage to 11-0.

Hurricane's are still without a first down and have to punt.

Linebacker Filip Sundgren intercepts a Vikings' pass to end the First Quarter with Lugi leading 11-0.

#13 Pär Danielsson on a Sweep

Hässleholm punts again.

Defense comes up big again as Cornerback Marcus Linderoth intercepts a Lugi pass.

The Hurricanes punt.

Defensive End Ingemar Olofsson recovers a Lugi fumble.

Hässleholm punts.

Lugi turns the ball over on downs.

The Hurricanes throw an interception on the last play of the First Half with Lugi still ahead 11-0.

#13 Pär Danielsson on another Sweep

Lugi starts the Second Half with a scoring drive that ends with a 15 yard TD pass, the PAT is no good. Vikings 17 - Hurricanes 0

The Hurricanes finally put together a good drive that ends with Fullback Pär Jönsson's 8 yard TD run. Pär Danielsson kicks the PAT. Lugi still leads 17-7.

The Vikings score on a 10 yard TD pass, the PAT kick is good. Lugi now leads 24-7.

#21 Tim Eriksson on a Reverse

Hurricanes turn the ball over on downs.

Lugi also turns the ball over on downs.

Hässleholm loses a fumble.

Lugi is stopped on fourth down.

The Hurricanes run a few plays as the clock runs out to end the game, a 24-7 Lugi victory.

The Hurricanes are now 0-2 on the season while Lugi improves to 1-1.

The bottom line today was that Lugi was simply the better team. They controlled the line of scrimmage offensively and defensively throughout the contest which usually means victory.

I was proud of our defense that came up with some big turnovers while having to play a lot of football as our offense struggled. Defensive Tackle Daniel Engström had a great game for us.

Next Saturday we host the 2-0 Ekeby Greys in what will be our third very tough opponent to open the campaign.


Johan said...

If last week was a contest that was decided on a bogus call by the ref there was no question this week. Unfortunatly I must add. O never got going like they did in the second half against Limhamn. And having D on the field during so much of the game just doesn´t work in the long run. Just keep working.

But I´ll still remember this game for a long time since it was the first game for soon to by 19 months old Henning. Go Canes!

George said...


Thanks for your suport of Team Hässleholm.

Claud said...

Heads Up George!
Better times are coming!