Thursday, May 6, 2010

Last Practice before the Season Opener

This was it, our last chance to prepare physically for our long awaited season opener. We had a lot of details to work out and it never feels like we've had enough time together to truly be ready. Our spirits were good but we made a lot of mistkes which has me worried.

Limhamn should have a very strong team again this season. They were one of only two teams to beat the Hurricanes last year as they split their two games in 2009. Under the new eight team Division I Södra Conference set up, this will be our only meeting with the Griffins in the regular season. There are another 17 teams in Division I's other three Conferences.

Well, it is AMERICAN football after all!

That's our star linebacker Uffe Palmbrink who I saluted when he stepped onto the field.

After practice was over, I came back to Icelandia to witness an incredibly beautiful Swedish sunset in action, ENJOY!

It went from blue to . . .

pinkish-red to . . .

fiery yellow and . . .

back to blue again

Where did all these brilliant colors suddenly come from?

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