Monday, May 31, 2010

Great News from Catania

The Elephants did it! They beat the Parma Panthers Sunday in another tight defensive struggle in the IFL, 51-30!

This should have been the last week of the regular season but the Elephants still have to make up their away game with the Reggio Emilia Hogs. You may recall that this game had to be rescheduled when volcanic ash in the air from Iceland grounded the Elephants' plane in Catania.

With the win, the Elephants are guaranteed a home game in the semi-finals on Sunday, June 13th. A win this weekend gives Catania the #1 seed and a home game with the #4 seed Bergamo Lions who handed Catania their only loss of the season to date by a score of 41-20.

If the Elephants stumble in Reggio Emilia they enter the playoffs as the #2 seed and host Bolzano who Catania beat 81-52 in the season opener.

The tie-breaker for third place was the Bolzano Giants 43-40 win over the Bergamo Lions in Week #7.

Catania 51 - Parma 30
Milan 41 - Reggio Emilia 39
Bolzano 64 at Ancona 63 OT
Bologna 42 - Lazio 14
Bergamo - BYE

Parma Panthers 7-1
Catania Elephants 6-1
Bolzano Giants 5-3
Bergamo Lions 5-3
Milan Rhinos 4-4
Reggio Emilia Hogs 3-4
Lazio Marines 3-5
Bologna Warriors 2-6
Ancona Dolphins 0-8

Saturday, June 5
Catania (6-1) at Reggio Emilia (3-4)

The Regular Season has ended for Ancona, Bologna, Bolzano, Lazio, Milan and Parma

Sunday, June 13
#4 seed Bergamo (5-3) at #1 seed Catania (6-1) or Parma (7-1)
#3 seed Bolzano (5-3) at #2 seed Catania (6-1) or Parma (7-1)

Saturday, June 26
The two Semi-Final Winners will play in this year's Super Bowl in Milan

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David said...

I see the IFL standings as proof "Doves" may be the worst nickname ever for a football team.