Saturday, May 8, 2010

Limhamn Griffins Game

Finally it was time for our season opener. The Limhamn Griffins were coming to town on a cold and drizzly May day.

The Team Sign Was Up

The Field Was Marked

Our friend Vidar Onsberg
was ready for Limhamn

Flip the coin and let's get started!

Limhamn took the opening kickoff and drove the ball down the field, finishing with an 18 yds. TD pass. The PAT was good, Griffins lead 7-0.

The 'Canes responded with a drive of our own culminating in Pär Jönsson's 13 yds. TD blast up the middle. The PAT was blocked, Griffins still lead 7-6.

Linhamn is forced to punt.

Hässleholm is forced to punt.

At the end of the First Quarter, the Griffins still lead 7-6.

Limhamn scores again on an 8 yds. TD pass. The PAT is blocked, Griffins expand their lead to 13-6.

The Hurricanes punt.

Limhamn scores on a 3 yds. TD run. The PAT is wide right, Griffins now lead 19-6.

Limhamn recovers an onside kick.

Uffe Palmbrink intercepts a pass on the Griffins first play and returns it 15 yds.

The Hurricanes drive deep into Limhamn territory but turn the ball over on downs.

Limhamn runs out the clock to end the half leading

Hurricanes on Defense in white

The Hurricanes have a great time consuming drive that ends with Pär Danielsson scoring on a sweep from 8 yds. out. Tim Eriksson catches a pass from Kalle Nordström for a 2 point PAT. The Griffins lead is cut to 19-14.

Marcus Linderoth intercepts a Griffins' pass in the end zone.

The 'Canes 80 yard TD drive ends with Pär Jönsson scoring his second TD of the game on a 3 yds. run. Jönsson also runs in the 2-point PAT, 'Canes take the leads for the first time 22-19.

Uffe Palmbrink recovers a Limhamn fumble.

In the deciding play of the game, a Hurricane running back is ruled to not be down, thus making it a fumble. A Griffins player scoops and scores from about 25 yards out. The PAT is no good, Limhamn back in the lead at 25-22.

The 'Canes put on another great drive thanks to a great catch by Philip Jensen. Unfortunately we turned the ball over on downs at the 6 yard line.

Photo by Shawn Cordeiro
Our last offensive play of the game was
oh so close.

Limhamn takes a knee twice as time runs out.

Limhamn (1-0) 25 - Hässleholm (0-1) 22

It is hard to accept a defeat when you win the turnover battle by a 3 to 1 margin and stop the other team's offense from scoring in the second half.

Life goes on, we will grow from this experience!

We did so many things well in this game!

First, a great job passing by our QB Kalle Nordström!

Next, what a splendid effort catching passes by Tim Eriksson.

Our offensive line played great, especially in the 2nd half.

Once they settled down, our defense did a splendid job down the stretch.

Andrei Dragelescu's punting was just flat out AWESOME!

Finally and most importantly, we fought to the very end, there was no quit in the 'Canes on this day!!!

The bottom line was that Linhamn came out fired up early and took it to us in the first 18 minutes of the game and, obviously, they came up with the biggest play of the game late in the 4th quarter.

NorreSkåne had this to say about the game

After the game, I had to smile at
Erik Danielsson's sox

Win or lose, you have to have a post game get-together and we did.

The Three Amigos

Erik "Sox" Danielsson, Johan Persson and Clair Brennemen

Clair is from Philadelphia but you wouldn't know it after living in Sweden for 20+ years.

The God Father

Always health conscious, it was only oranges for him tonight.

Martin Andrä

Martin plays strong safety for us and is a rookie who is learning quickly.

He was born in East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall and had a lot of very interesting stories to tell about his time there before coming to Sweden.


They make beer and men's pants.

Men's pants???

It was the right thing to do at the time.

Or so I'm told.

Tim Eriksson

By all accounts, his six catches today make him the all-time career pass receiving leader in 'Canes history with a total of six carrer catches!

I love it when a Tight End and a Center bond!

TE Marcus Lundqvist on the left with C Johan Persson

Next Sunday we travel to Lund to play the Lugi Vikings at 14:00, another tough game!


David said...

You need more guys wearing those socks.

Here's the obligatory Google translation of the newspaper story, which tells us (not surprisingly) that "confusion could be one of the guests":

Dramatically when the Hurricanes lost premiere
By Tomas Gustavsson May 8 17:45

AMERICAN FOOTBALL. It was dramatic when the Hurricanes lost Hässleholm premiere Limhamn against Griffin in a drizzle Goinge Vallen.

Match of the new number one was decided only in the last quarter when the home team's offensive line layout at 22-19 dropped the ball. After much confusion could be one of the guests, players walk into a touchdown and take the six points that decided the match. The point was also approved by the judges despite protests from Hässleholm team and its coach, George Contreras.

The first half was otherwise Limhamns who then played the best team and led the break with a 19-6 all.
Contreras Hurricanes, however brilliant sprint in the second, mainly with the help of running back and Pär Danielsson Pär Jönsson, and had turned the match when the match-winning sequence came.

The end result was the 22-25

Johan said...

Tough loss and from my position in the stands it sure looked like a bogus call by the ref on the gamewinning TD for Limhamn.

itzbfitz said...

Damn! I was was hoping or a victory the first time out. Tough to lose on a controversial scoop and score. Pistonhead beer might be a reason for me to visit.