Sunday, May 2, 2010

Superman Sunday

After all my recent traveling, I decided to take a day off to, first of all, clean Icelandia and then watch some serious TV.

The cleaning was the easy part, what to watch was more difficult. My final choice was to go with the classics.

The Superman Serials

First up was 1948's, 15 episode Columbia Pictures serial simply titled "Superman".

If you are not familiar with serials, they were mainly shown on Saturdays from the 1930's to mid-1950's. Each Saturday a new episode would debut thus, in theory, getting more people at the movie house each week to watch the next exciting cliffhanger of an episide.

The Cast of Characters

On the left is former "Our Gang Comedies" tough Tommy Bond playing cub reporter Jimmy Olsen. Nice hat

In the middle is Noel Neill playing Lois Lane, a role she would reprise in the 1950's Superman TV show. Nice hat

On the right is Clark Kent/Superman. No actor is listed as playing this part. After auditioning over 125 potential actors for the part, Columbia Pictures announced that they gave up and just got the real Superman to play the part. In all the serials, when they get to the Cast of Characters, it just says Superman. Nice hat

Watching Superman match wits with the Spider Lady was a thing of beauty!

Kirk Alyn

OK, it was really an actor named Kirk Alyn playing the Clark Kent/Superman roles.

I also watched all 15 episodes of the 1950 Superman serial "Atom Man vs. Superman" as well. Same Cast of Characters but now the staff of the Daily Planet would be doing battle with Lex Luthor in the guise of Atom Man!

In a cost saving move, anytime Superman had to fly, he transformed into an animated cartoon figure. As soon as he touched down, he was human again.

For a quick look at all the excitement that these 30 episodes have to offer, click on this website:


I was invited to the home of Shawn and Katarina Cordeiro for a BBQ dinner tonight. Shawn is from New England and is a big Patriots fan, imagine that! He met Katarina, a native of Skåne, when she was an exchange student in high school.

Shawn is a big 'Canes supporter and is trying to get a Pee-Wee program started for players 10-14 years of age.

William Cordeiro, a.k.a, . . .


Adrian Cordeiro, a.k.a., . . .


Three Happy Fellows

I learned more about Transformers tonight than any 62 year old person has a right to know!

I had a great time playing with the kids and sharing good food and wine with Shawn and Katarina.

She made a chocolate tort that was against all the rules of my diet. Only because I felt that I had to be polite to her, I acquiesed and ate a slice.



Dick said...

Isn't dietary rule # 1, there are no rules?

George said...

Damn it, you're right! I should have had bigger slices!!!