Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Limhamn Pre-Game Article

Tomas Gustavsson

Tomas Gustavsson, the sportswriter for the local NorreSkåne newspaper that covers the 'Canes, continues to give the us valuable publicity as our season opener against the Limhamn Griffins is now only three days away.

On Tuesday night he was at practice taking pictures and interviewing players.

In Wednesday's edition of NorreSkåne he published a pre-game article which you can see by clicking on

His articles have been a key reason for the growth in numbers on both our Senior and Junior rosters. He has really awakened interest in our sport in the greater Hässleholm megalopolis to the point where next Tuesday and Wednesday we have been asked to put on an American Football Camp for local school children. We will work with them in two 2-hour blocks each day. Hopefully after these eight hours of American Football 101, we will get a few more recruits for our Junior team.

Between the efforts of Tomas Gustavsson and JGFG, the 'Canes will

2010 Hässleholm Hurricanes
photo by Tomas Gustavsson


Eric Slivoskey said...

Hi George,

I am enjoying your blog once again this year. The pictures are great and you have a knack for capturing the humor and irony in so many of your European adventures/misadventures. I just arrived in Finland this past weekend and we held our first practice last night. I am still hoping we can link up somewhere in Scandinavia this summer. Before I close, I wanted to see if you are okay with me doing an article on you for international living magazine. If you want to let me know, my email is

Best regards,

Eric Slivoskey

DPLassen said...

Good to know that Google Translate tells us you're "in front of the law against perpetrators" ...

Experienced coach George Contreras in front of the law against perpetrators seriepremiär Limhamn on Saturday. The Hurricanes will also be the first match ever in division one. Photo: Tomas Gustavsson
Experienced coach George Contreras in front of the law against perpetrators seriepremiär Limhamn on Saturday. The Hurricanes will also be the first match ever in division one.
Photo: Tomas Gustavsson
They are ready to lift
By Tomas Gustavsson May 5 06:00

AMERICAN FOOTBALL. The division is higher, the serial arrangement is fresh and new coach is. There are a number of uncertainties for Hässleholm Hurricanes on Saturday when committing their seriepremiär in the U.S. number one football.
Eight teams and ten rounds of number one

In addition to Goinge Vallen seriepremiär played the number one in the south of the three plans at the weekend. Hurricanes receiving Limhamn Griffin on Saturday and the day, the Norrevång plan in Karlshamn, play Carlshamns Oakleaves towards Ystad Rockets.

Opening round completed on Sunday when the Lions face Lugi C4 in Kristianstad IP and Oskarshamn receive Ekeby on Oscar College Plan. Total played ten rounds of the series and the Hurricanes face Oskarshamn, Carl and Port Lions C4 twice.

- The will is there anyway not at fault, "says Johan Persson, offensive liner in Hässleholm team and one of the players who were with the club since starting in 2006.
- Whatever happens, and how strong we can of course be difficult to say - but will not be taken anyway!

Hurricanes had a successful season in 2009 during his second American coach in a row, Lonnie Hursey.
After a weak start, it was close to winning the series and only one loss in the series finale against the Lund Lugi put an end to that possibility.
A change in the serial system did, however, that the team still moved up a series and now found in one of the expanded Division I teams.

American team's third coach in three seasons were very experienced George Contreras from California and he has already left its mark on the team.
- Absolutely, it's a big difference even in the U.S. coaches and you notice throughout Contreras behavior that almost 40 years as a coach is not joking with, "explains Rasmus Grip, linebacker on the team and although he was with the Hurricanes entire trip so far.

One problem is when teams find the strength to start a series of American football is not often that the law played no or only a few training matches.
- Which makes it hard to say where the other teams or we ourselves are - on Saturday afternoon, we know a bit more about it, "says Luke Grip, offensive guard and one third of the players who came up with in 2006.

A little more recent is Andreas Nilsson, who just began his fourth season with the Hurricanes, and actually became medlurad to the sport after a New Year party.
- I was doing a bit of regular football and some other sports but fell pretty quickly for American football, says Nilsson.
- Must admit that I did not understand much of the sport before I began - but now it's so fun to play with pleasure both yourself and watch a lot of recorded games.
And the series premiere of Limhamn on Saturday?
- One thing is for sure anyway, it will be extremely challenging to get started - it's this that we trained for the whole winter, "says Mr Nilsson.

George said...


Do you think Tomas is saying that I'm standing in front of a bunch of law breakers in the picture?

David said...

I think you're better equipped to judge that than I am.