Saturday, May 22, 2010


Ekeby Greys (2-0)
Hässleholm Hurricanes (0-2)

Not only was Ekeby 2-0 and tied for first place with the 2-0 Ystad Rockets in the SAFF Division I Södra standings, they had won both of their games by shutouts! A tough game was in store to be sure especially on a very hot and humid Swedish Spring day.

Göingevallen Stadium screamed

JGFG warming up on his own

The Greys suited up two young ladies,
#53 and #69

The World Tournament of Women's American Football will be held in Stockholm in July and I'm guesing these two will be in the mix for Team Sweden.


Ekeby starts the game on offense and our defense shuts them down, Greys punt.

The 'Canes go to the attack with an efficient passing game and finish the drive with a 20 yard TD run by Pär Danielsson. The PAT is blocked, Hurricanes lead 6-0.

Ekeby's QB is hit hard and fumbles the ball, LB Filip Sundgren, he of the crazy friends, recovers the ball for the green and black.

Hässleholm drives but turns the ball over on downs.

Ekeby starts a drive as the quarter ends with Hässleholm ahead 6-0 after one period.

Ekeby continues their drive and turns the ball over on downs.

Hurricanes are forced to punt.

On 3rd and 15, the Greys connect on a 78 yard TD pass and kick the PAT, Ekeby 7-6.

The Hurricanes drive deep into Ekeby's Red Zone but a fourth down pass is dropped in the back of the end zone.

Ekeby kneels on the ball to end the half leading 7-6.

First Half Action, Ekeby on the left

We played a very physical brand of football in the first half and I felt that we were in control except for one minor problem, we were trailing 7-6!

The 'Canes are forced to punt.

Ekeby gets off a great punt that dies at our 1 yard line.

The Hurricanes are three and out with a punt of our own.

Our defense rises to the occasion again and make the Greys turn the ball over on downs.

The 'Canes punt again.

Ekeby is driving to end the third period still leading 7-6.

The Greys drive ends with another punt, our defense is really rolling now!

The 'Canes put on a physical ground oriented 80 yard TD drive. Fullback Pär Jönsson is the workhorse and does the honors with a 3 yard TD run. The two point PAT attempt falls short but the 'Canes lead 12-7.

The defense does a great job again stopping the Greys on downs.

Hässleholm powers their way to a couple of key first downs forcing the Greys to use their last timeouts. Hässleholm goes into their Victory formation and QB Kalle Nordström takes a knee three times as time runs out.

Hässleholm 12 - Ekeby 7

Hässleholm improves to 1-2 and Ekeby falls to 2-1.

#65 OT Linus Nilsson and #31 FB Pär Jönsson

At one point in the game Linus said "Run the ball to my side!" We did and Pär ran wild.

I love it when an offensive lineman has this level of confidence and performance. Pär played "BIG BOY" football today!

Yes, I got a very cold bucket of water poured on me after the game, IT FELT GREAT!!!

After game beverage

One of the best things about Euro Ball over American high school football is a cold adult beverage with the team after the game.



Johan said...

I´m sorry I missed it. Would have loved to see your first win as a coach in Sweden. But the most important things is that you guys won. Go Canes!

Andrew said...

Congrats Pops! Good to see you got your first win. Go Canes!

Laurie said...

My congratulations, also!!! You never have complained about a gatorade/water shower or a dunk in a pool after a good win.


Anonymous said...

Well I just gotta say !!!
I love you Coach!!!!!!

David said...

A little less offensive than the league in Italy, huh? Congratulations.

And has it struck you how much those Hurricane uniforms look like Thousand Oaks High?

Dick said...

The hurricane warning of the previous day was an obvious warning. Let's hope for more "hurricane warnings" throughout the season. Congratulations!!!!

itzbfitz said...

Atta boy! Sounds like the defense is coming around. actually passed for a TD!

George said...

No Fitz, we ALMOST passed for a TD.