Monday, August 29, 2022

A Relatively Quiet Monday

Monday, August 29, 2022 

A calm day, perfect for trying to analyze the European League of Football standings and playoff picture!

The Hamburg Sea Devils (10-1)
are in the four team ELF playoffs 

The Berlin Thunder (7-4) are still in the Wild Card hunt.

The Vienna Vikings (10-1) are also
part of the 2022 ELF playoffs

The Tirol Raiders (7-4) and the Frankfurt Galaxy (7-4) still have convoluted playoff hopes.

The Barcelona Dragons (8-3) are
another playoff club

The Dragons are guaranteed a playoff spot no matter what happens next weekend by virtue of their two wins over the Rhein Fire (7-4). While the top two seeds in the playoffs are still up for grabs between Hamburg and Vienna, the Dragons are locked into the #3 seed.

The Fire are the fourth and final squad vying for that fourth and final 2022 ELF playoff berth during the upcoming final weekend of the regular season.

Conference Champions in Blue
Possible Wild Card Teams in Red

Hamburg Sea Devils (10-1) at
Barcelona Dragons (8-3)

Tirol Raiders (7-4) at
Berlin Thunder (7-4)

Vienna Vikings (10-1) at
Wroclaw Panthers (4-7)

Leipzig Kings (3-8) at
Rhein Fire (7-4)

Stuttgart Surge (0-11) at
Frankfurt Galaxy (7-4)

Cologne Centurions (2-9) at
Istanbul Rams (1-10)

The Seeding and games, for now, are:

#4 Wild Card Tirol Raider (7-4)
#1 Hamburg Sea Devils (10-1)

#3 Barcelona Dragons (8-3)
#2 Vienna Vikings (10-1)

But lots can still happen this weekend . . .

The Hamburg Sea Devils path
to the #1 Seed

I'll translate each club's road to the playoffs based on this coming weekend's possible results.

The Sea Devils easiest path to the #1 seed is to beat the Barcelona Dragons this weekend.

If the Sea Devils lose a second time this season, they could still get the #1 seed if the Vienna Vikings lose to the Wroclaw Panthers.

A Sea Devils' loss and a Vikings' win spells a home game as the #2 seed vs. the Dragons.

The Vikings can still clinch
the #1 seed if . . .

They beat the Wroclaw Panthers and the Barcelona Dragons beat the Hamburg Sea Devils. If either of those two outcomes do not materialize, the the Vikings are the #2 seed playing at home against the Barcelona Dragons.

The Barcelona Dragons are
locked into the #3 seed

The only question is will they open the playoffs at Hamburg or at Vienna, whichever is the #2 seed.

Then there's the Wild Card race for the #4 seed . . .

The Tirol Raiders simply need
to beat the Berlin Thunder

They already own the tie breaker vs. the Rhein Fire. 

The Raiders have outscored all of their opponents this season by a total of +162 points. The Fire have played much closer games outscoring their opponents by only +35 points.

The Raiders have the least convoluted path to the Wild Card spot.

The defending ELF Champion
Frankfurt Galaxy need help

A win over the 0-11 Stuttgart Surge is almost a foregone conclusion and is more than likely, but they also need the Berlin Thunder to beat the Tirol Raiders.

Additionally, the Galaxy (+115) would need to maintain their point differential lead over the Berlin Thunder (+66) and the Rhein Fire (+35) which should be no problem.

They also have a fairly simple, straight forward road to the postseason but need help.

This is getting crazier . . .

The Berlin Thunder have two possible paths to the Wild Card.

Path #1 is to for the Thunder to beat the Tirol Raiders while the Frankfurt Galaxy lose to the Stuttgart Surge and the Rhein Fire lose to the Leipzig Kings.

Path #2 is to beat the Tirol Raiders and then win the tie breaker as the Thunder (+66) would somehow, incredibly nose out the Galaxy (+115) and/or the Fire (+35).

I think that neither path to the playoffs is in the realm of reality for the Thunder. 

The Rhein Fire's two paths
are also a stretch

The Fire's Playoff Path #1 is to first beat Leipzig, then have Berlin beat Tirol and win the tiebreaker with these current totals: Fire (+35), Thunder (+66) and Galaxy (+115).

Rhein's Path #2 starts again by beating Leipzig but this time the Raiders beat the Thunder. Then amazingly the Fire (+35) going on a Georgia Tech vs. Cumberland scoring spree to win the tie breaker over the Raiders (+162).

Though still mathematically alive, realistically both the Berlin Thunder and the Rhein Fire are done regardless of winning or losing their final games this weekend.

Any Math Majors in the group?

Work continued today evaluating
the possible Kicker/Punter for
our Brazil Onças National Team

The videos that I have breaking down prove that there are some excellent players in Brazil with strong legs. Fortunately for the team, the Brazilian norm is that one player handles both chores.

This lone selection for a single Kicker/Punter will be a tough one.

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Sunday's Action Packed ELF Games


Sunday, August 28, 2022

Before we get into what happened today in the European League of Football (ELF), let's go back to yesterday's results in the Gold Coast Youth Football League Freshmen level's American Division action.

Camarillo Stingers 28 - 805 Warhawks 6
LA City Ducks 22 - Fillmore Raiders 0
Santa Barbara Saints 44 - Oxnard Knights 0

Camarillo Stingers 1-0
LA City Ducks 1-0
Santa Barbara Saints 1-0
805 Warhawks 0-1
Fillmore Raiders 0-1
Oxnard Knights 0-1

Saturday, September 3, 2022
Oxnard Knights (0-1) at Camarillo Stingers (1-0)
Santa Barbara Saints (1-0) at Fillmore Raiders (0-1)
805 Warhawks (0-1) at LA City Ducks (1-0)

After Saturday's two games,
there were only four games today

The Barcelona Dragons (8-2) at Vienna Vikings (9-1) game between two 2022 Conference Champions had playoff seeding implications.

The Tirol Raiders (7-3) at Frankfurt Galaxy (6-4) game had huge implications for the upcoming playoff's one Wild Card berth.

The Galaxy were the ELF Champions in the inaugural 2021 season and absolutely had to win to stay in the playoff hunt.

I woke up early, just in time for
the 6:00 am local time Kickoff
of the Dragons-Vikings contest

The Vikings won again

The Vikings (10-1) won both games against the Dragons by a combined total of 13 points.

The Dragons (8-3) will host the Northern Champion Hamburg Sea Devils (10-1) in next Saturday's regular season finale.

The Wroclaw Panthers (4-7) will travel to Austria to play the Vikings on Sunday.


The defending champion Frankfurt Galaxy (7-4) proved their metal today in outlasting the Tirol Raiders (7-4) to throw the Wild Card discussion into a muddy mess as we enter the final game of the campaign.

Remember that yesterday, the Rhein Fire and the Berlin Thunder both won to also raise their records to 7-4.

Next week's games for these four clubs vying for the Wild Card berth are:

The Tirol Raiders (7-4) at the Berlin Thunder (7-4), the loser of this game is out of the playoffs. The Raiders won the first matchup between these two clubs 28-16. Thus, the Thunder need to beat the Raiders by 13 points or more to earn the tie breaker between these two clubs.

The Rhein Fire (7-4) travel to play the Leipzig Kings (3-8). If they win, the Fire have the tie breaker against the Galaxy should they win by virtue of beating them 29-26 and 23-21 in their two meetings this season.

The Stuttgart Surge (0-11) will try one last time for their first win of the season at the home grounds of the Frankfurt Galaxy (7-4). While the Galaxy have mathematically the easiest road to victory, they need to still hope that the Rhein Fire and the Tirol Raiders both lose to have a chance at the Wild Card as the Raiders beat the Galaxy 23-17 in their only meeting this year. We have already have mentioned that the Galaxy lost twice to the Rhein Fire.

Should make for some interesting season ending games to be sure!

Two teams playing out the string

The Sea Devils with a lackluster win

All of this weekend's ELF Results

As for me, I was deep into video study on HUDL trying to . . .

. . . evaluate possible Kickers/Punters
for our Brazilian National Team

There are some good ones with live legs playing in the Brazilian leagues as it turns out. This will be a tough choice, a nice problem for me to have in my roll as the Brazilian Team's Special Teams Coach.

Our team will be playing in the IFAF World Championship Qualifying Tournament in Mexico City next January.

The Onças will be competing with teams from Mexico, Panama and Chile for the right to represent the Americas in the IFADF World Championship Tournament in Germany next Summer.

American football continues to afford me fantastic opportunities!

Jacob's First Ever Pop Warner Football Game


Saturday, August 27, 2002

After having declared his desire to play the game last Spring, today Jacob was playing in his first Pop Warner game at Ventura H.S. 

It was a BEAUTIFUL day
for American football!

One of the most inspirational
sweatshirts that I've ever seen!

One of our Camarillo Stingers supporters was wearing it, a good omen to say the least.

The Camarillo Stingers (0-0) just
before taking the field against . . .

. . . the 805 Warhawks (0-0)


Jacob was one of the Stingers Captains today.

Looking good in his #99 jersey

His favorite player is the Los Angeles Rams #99, Defensive Lineman extraordinaire Aaron Donald.

Captains out

Going over the rules

Warhawks and Stingers Captains
shaking hands just before the kickoff

First game jitters, I'm sure

He entered the game for the first
time at Nose Tackle

On his first play of the game, Jacob
slanted to his right . . .

. . . attacked the QB who was chasing
down a bad snap . . .

. . . continued relentlessly like
Aaron Donald would . . .

. . . closed in on the QB who had
recovered the errant snap . . .

. . . adjusted his pursuit angle . . .

. . . wrapped up the QB with another
Stingers Defensive Lineman . . .

. . . and thus recorded half a
QB sack on his first play!

What a great way to start his American football playing career.

Laurie video taped Jacob's
entire QB Sack play

I loved Jacob's thumbs up after the sack.

Michael got a both tad excited and way proud of Jacob's first play to be sure!

Finding the ball

Coming off the edge

Knock the OL's arm down, Jacob!

Keeping your feet moving
is the key to good pass rushing

The good thing today, for me, was
watching Jacob hustle on every snap

In on another tackle

Running to get a block on a
Stingers Kickoff Return

Staying in his lane on the
Camarillo Kickoff Team

It's all about the PURSUIT!

Jacob slanting to his left against
the Warhawks #17

A proud Father with his
excited Son after the game

Camarillo Stingers (1-0) 28
805 Warhawks (0-1) 6


Up next for the Stingers is their first home game at Camarillo H.S. next Saturday against the Oxnard Knights.

The Knights played an away game at San Marcos H.S. versus the Santa Barbara Saints today. The score of that game was unknown at this blog post's press time.

A good start to Jacob's season

The young Contreras Family
basking in the warm, afterglow of Victory

So was the older Contreras family!

Only one thing left to do now, drive back to Camarillo for a team celebration of the big win at Topper's Pizza Place.

Jacob was having fun with
his teammates

Jacob showing off one of his "guns"

The Stingers were
enjoying their team bonding

So were we

Meanwhile, in the Wonderful World of EuroBall today . . .

A French team, the Besançon Bisons,
letting recruits know about the American
football equipment they'll soon be donning

The Berlin Thunder's win
today over the Istanbul Rams
keep their Wild Card hopes alive

So did the Rhein Fire's playoff hopes with
the win against the Cologne Centurions

Both the Thunder and Fire are now 7-4 on the season, a half game behind the Tirol Raiders (7-3) and a half game ahead of the Frankfurt Galaxy (6-4).

The Raiders and the Galaxy play each other in Frankfurt on Sunday.

A Raiders win would certainly clear the Wild Card waters a bit going into the last week of the regular season.

If the Galaxy win, on the other hand, it would leave the Thunder, Fire, Raiders and Galaxy all with identical 7-4 records.

Now, wouldn't that make the final games of the regular season intriguing with that one elusive Wild Card berth on the line.