Monday, August 30, 2021

A Soccer Weekend With a Side of American Football and a FUN Celebration

Thurs.-Sun., August 26-29, 2021

What a GREAT weekend to be alive!

It was the official start of the college football season meaning that we awakened on Saturday morning to the first ESPN College Game Day Show of the year.


Sad to see only about 10,000 fans at the cavernous Rose Bowl Saturday afternoon to watch UCLA beat Hawaii 44-10.

Are the Bruins back?

We'll find out a lot more next Saturday as UCLA hosts the LSU Tigers.

Of course it was also Week #2 of our grandkids AYSO soccer season.

Mary had an 8:00 a.m. game as
her Rainbow Butterflies took on
the ever dangerous Purple Tigers

Mary, in green, chasing the ball

Kicking it down the pitch

Mary always looks good
in her uniform

Once again, barefooted Michael was the game's referee.

Jacob was their to support
his sister Mary

Post-game team photo

Jacob's club didn't play until 12:30 p.m. but it was no problem for him since his Scorpions team was scheduled for their picture day at 10:30 a.m.

Jacob channeling his inner
Cristiano Ronaldo during his
photo shoot

Jacob has an interesting
shoulder stretch warm-up routine
before his Scorpions took on the Dragons

#8 hustling to defend against
a possible breakaway


On a breakaway of his own

That ball draws a crowd


There was a lot of
running in this game

Exercise is good for you I'm told

In the Second Half
Jacob was in Goal

Literally in this photo.

He liked being the Goalie

Thanks to the solid Scorpions' team defense, the Dragons did not score in the Second Half.

In the evening, we had a
wedding to celebrate

The daughter of our dear friends Paul and Joanne Sabolic married her beloved last March. Because of Covid they did not feel comfortable having lots of people join in on their celebration at that time.

Finally, on Saturday night, we all met at one of their friend's home to have a proper party.

Nicole and Nicholas Gray

A nice looking couple don't you agree?

Wedding celebrations with
taco bars are the BEST!

We had a good time visiting with Mike and Susan D'Antuono most of the evening while enjoying a marvelous setting and celebrating the Gray's new life together.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

A Birthday Party, the End of Summer and the Start of Both Fall Sports and In-Person School


Sun.-Wed., August 15-25, 2021

We start this post with another celebration, my Mother's 97th birthday!

We met at her home with my sisters and the cousins to celebrate the day on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon around the pool.

Our Mother Chuny on the right
with Jacob ready to help blow
out any errant candles

Cousin Leo handled the chores
for the kid's Great-Grandmother

It is hard to believe that there is so much singing talent in the family.

Enjoying the day at the
historic Contreras family pool


Frolicking in San Marino
Always good to see Jacob and Mary
with our niece Lauren's kids
Max and Leo

Mary with her Great-Grandma Chuny

The following week was the start of the kid's soccer season and the start of school for son Michael who teaches in the Social Science Department at Newbury Park H.S.

Two on one, Jacob and Mary
double teaming a defenseless goalie

Laurie and I took Jacob to the
Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

The Library is located in nearby Simi Valley and was hosting a special exhibit that Jacob wanted to see entitled "FBI: From Al Capone to Al-Qaeda."

Jacob with Ron and Nancy

Jacob was allowed to take off his
mask to address the crowd

Air Fore One is always one of
Jacob's favorite things to see
on our trips to the Library

I felt that it was OK for Jacob to
ride this relatively immobile steed
with the President

Jacob liked the shot-up
Bonnie and Clyde car

It was a good visit with Jacob really loving the FBI shooting range where he was allowed to shoot laser pistols.

Michael's first day of school
was followed by . . .

. . . Mary's first day of soccer practice

Having this food truck near Jacob's
soccer practice field was a GREAT idea!

On Thursday, the Camarillo Scorpions
hosted the Buena Bulldogs

It was the Freshmen season opener for both squads.

Camarillo in gray

As the Sun set on the game,
Buena won the day, 18-0

There were lots of mistakes by both clubs but at least they got to play.

The Three Amigos before
Friday night's Buena Bulldogs at
Oak Park Eagles Varsity season opener

Jacob and I speed walking to
the Oak Park game field

A nice setting at OPHS with a
typical late arriving crowd

First Quarter action

Jacob LOVES being on the sideline

The Buena defender in white
broke up this possible TD pass

A big Buena run near halftime

The visiting Bulldogs led 21-6 at the intermission.

After a scoreless Third Quarter, the tide turned in Oak Park's favor.

The winning Two-Point PAT catch
for Oak Park with only 1.9 seconds
left in the game

The final score was Oak park (1-0) 22 - Buena (0-1) 21.

The three of us had fun but the
next day was the Opening Day
for the Camarillo AYSO season

Jacob was pumped for Mary's
first ever game at 10:00 a.m.

It was Mary's Rainbow Butterflies against the Amazing Rainbow Zebras.

Lots of Rainbows in Girls soccer at this age I'm guessing.

Michael was the Referee for Mary's game

He really needs a pair of shoes.

Mary on the left

Mary giving the ref "The Look"
after a questionable call

Mary, green #6, with the flying hair

She had fun I believe

Jacob played at 1:00 p.m.

Jacob is #8 and played in the
field in the First Half

He ran a lot today, something
that not many of these kids had
done during the pandemic


Hands on hips usually means

Running some more

In the Second Half, Jacob donned
his #1 Goalie jersey

Making a stop

Goalie Kick

It was good to see both grandkids running around again after such a long time.

On Sunday we drove up to
the Estates for some cheap seat
viewing of the Camarillo Air show

We did not want to be in close contact just yet with the thousands of spectators at the Camarillo Airport.

WWII bomber starting his
bombing run



That was another fun experience with Jacob and Mike.

I needed a football fix . . .

. . . so I headed to El Camino Real H.S.
to watch a practice and scratch my itch

Today was the first day of in-
person school for Jacob and Mary

Trendi Eats is a Facebook
sensation in our house

The hostess goes all over Ventura County reviewing restaurants and food trucks recommending future dining pleasures to this site's many followers.

Tonight, Laurie and I tried the tri-tip sandwich at Da Hickory House BBQ in Oxnard's Collection Shopping Center.


We were most impressed and will definitely come back here often.