Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Two BUSY Weeks off the Grid

June 15-29, 2015:

I've been away for awhile, time to catch up . . .

A Los Angeles Icon

Although I can distinctly remember seeing this famous donut shop back in the 1950s when driving to the airport to fly to Cuba, I had never stopped to eat here.

That ended with an amazing maple bar. This place is GOOD!

Why was I even near this fine dining experience you ask?

To meet Iberian Air flight 6171
from Madrid

As had been mentioned before, we are hosting a 15 year old WR/DB from the Murcia Cobras Junior squad, one Alberto Talavera, for the Summer.

He is here to improve both his English language and American football skills. 
Alberto with Laurie at
Cronies Sports Grill in Camarillo

With his first Big daddy Burger

His majors this Summer are English and Football, but eating may make it a triple major Summer.

Alberto lifting weights for the
first time in the Newbury Park
Weight Room

At the Ventura Harbor . . .

. . . and at the beach in Ventura

Dodgers hosting the Texas Rangers

Dodger Dogs that-a-way!!!

Sweet 6 game win over the White Sox

The 1988 World Series title was

Yasiel Puig signing autographs
before the game


A 0-0 game, bottom of the ninth, two outs, 0-2 count on the batter, Dodger runner on third base when the Rangers pitcher balks home the only run of the game.


Thanks to Gary and Linda Neumeier
for inviting us to the game.


Alberto's middle name is Onofre

His Mother, Rosa, just loves that name.

Off to Las Vegas for a wedding.

No, not Alberto's.

Breakfast in Victorville

Near the old Route 66

He is eating again!

The Venetian . . . WOW!!!

Wedding Flowers

We are not in Europe anymore

The wedding was in the Venetian
on a gondola

Here come
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Katie FitzGerald

The FitzGeralds

Rio Mesa H.S. friends at the wedding

Alberto eating yet again in Las Vegas
at Andy, Jenn and Kevin's House

Kevin is getting BIG!

Breakfast before we leave Las Vegas


One pancake please

At the Bellagio with the Paris
Casino across the Las Vegas Strip

Under the Sea at the Bellagio

Baby Shower for Jacob's
soon-to-be-arriving sister

Shower Presents

Mike with Ryan Brucker

Old friends are great friends.

My Mother Chuny, Alberto and
my sisters Linda and Marilyn

Sandy Brucker and Koreen FitzGerald
with Laurie

Vanessa's mother Liduvina,
sister Elizabeth, Vanessa and
sister-in-law Jenny

Vanessa with a present from Alberto's
Mother Rosa, all the way from Spain

My Mother Chuny with
Vanessa's Mother Liduvina

Alberto charming the ladies in Spanish

We still do not have a name for her
with only about a month to go

Alberto and Jacob

Jacob attacking Alberto over some
rules violation

Casa Contreras Sunday Morning
Flying Pancake Tradition

He caught it easily.

One of eight pancakes he devoured

We plan to weigh him in every Wednesday morning. After only one week in the USA, last week he weighed in five pounds heavier than when he got here.

He got off the plane as a WR and may be going back as a DT.

Mustangs at the Camarillo Car Show
on Sunday

Looking good in his new
UNLV football t-shirt

On Monday in Ventura, he entered the
cold Pacific Ocean for the first time

He did not stay in for very long.

As I said at the beginning, it was a BUSY two weeks.

Reading Is FUNdamental

So-So at best

If you are a Holmes fan, you would have been disappointed as well.

Jay Shelton goes to Madrid

Getting to roam the streets of Madrid again probably made the book more interesting for me than it really was.