Thursday, January 29, 2015

Travel Thursday to Alicante

Thursday, 29 January, 2015:

Out of La Hacienda at a decent hour for a Thursday excursion to Spain's Mediterranean coastline and the city of Alicante.

It took about 80 minutes by train

Alicante is located about 50 miles northeast of Murcia but our train was a Cercanía or local that makes several stops along the way. For a mere 6.90 Euros (about $7.80 USD) roundtrip, the pleasant train ride vistas were just fine with me.

A train station WITH a Tourist Info Center

What a novel idea on the Iberian peninsula!

Alicante has about 335,000 inhabitants that definitely caters to the tourist crowd seeking warm weather, cool beaches and great cuisine.

I found a lot to like about this city, like the art shown here in three pieces.

Piece One

Piece Two

Piece Three

A little early for dessert

Did I really just say that?

A ceramics store of interest

"God was the first potter and
man was His first pot"


Alicante's Mercado Central

This looked quite interesting.

Butchers Shops on the Ground Floor

Sausages and Chorizos

Cheeses too

Seafood one floor below

Lots and . . .

. . . lots of seafood

Egg City





A veritable Garden of Eden!

We need posters like this in Murcia

Armed with the detailed Alicante city map that I picked up at the Tourist Information Center, I saw another sight worth visiting just a few blocks from the Mercado Central. 

Alicante's Plaza de Toros

Alicante's first bull ring was erected in 1732. This current Plaza de Toros dates back to 1849 but was rebuilt in 1884 and inaugurated in 1888.

Here they come!

It's a Bull Rush!

Over the Plaza de Toros' main entry doors

They had a museo!

And the entrance was free!!!

I love bull fight posters




Matador Sculpture

Matador's hand on the sword thrust

Women love matadors in España

The pageantry of the corrida

An old Suit-of-Lights

Ceremonial Cape

And another one

I liked the spotted neck

That's a kill

1839 cartel about
"The Bulls of Death"

A model of Alicante's Plaza de Toros

The Arena from ground level

And from the good seats

They even have a bull fighters school

It was nice January day
to take your shoes off

So this man did.

I like blue buildings

While walking in search of a highly recommended place for lunch, I stumbled upon the Museo de Hogueras dedicated to Alicante's Fiesta de Sant Joan held in late June every year with fireworks and satirical effigies be burned all over town.

They have GIANTS at this festival too

Local groups create
the effigies like these . . .

Three Faces

Sea Creatures

Typical Family Life

A Sorceress



Deranged People



The museo was definitely different but enjoyable and once again, free!!!

Now, I need to find the street where this good restaurant is located?

The right street at last!

That's it, the Cervecería Sento

I started slow with a caña and a chorizo tapas sized sandwich while making the acquaintance of my newest best friend/chef/waiter Alexander.

See, Alexander made this for,
and I quote, "My Friend George"

In 2013, the Sento won an award for the best new tapas creation in the city, the Lollipop.

It is a meat dish is delicious sauces . . . WOW!!!

I ordered a glass vino tinto to go with Alex's next tapas, a mini, mouthwatering hamburger.

Alexander hard at work

The Sento serves out the window
to the passing crowd as well

What is the name of that Real Estate Office across the street?

Pedro and Alexander

The two amazing chefs who run the Sento.

With the caña and the vino tinto gone, it was time for a café and a second Lollipop.

Alexander added the digestive on his own to help everything go down smoothly.

What a great, great place and experience!

When you're in Alicante, DEFINITELY go to the Cerveccería Sento located at Career Teniente Coronel Chapuli, 1, in the center of Alicante. Closed on Sundays.

Gelato next door?

Maybe later.

Did I just say that too?

A walk along the Med should help with all of the tapas digestion I would think.

Man Thinking

La Explanada de España

Beachfront Buildings

Man in Med

The Castillo de Santa Bárbara
on the hilltop

Multi faced Numbers

Alicante's sand beach
Playa del Postiguet

It was calm today

Dizzying Playa Sidewalk

Or maybe it was the caña, the vino tinto and the digestive.

Enjoying the Sun and the Sea

Time to head up to the Castle

Model at Work

It was a professional shoot of some kind do I joined in the action.

Old Doors

Not hungry again . . .

Interesting Street Signs

Castillan and Catalun languages,
I believe

Colorful Bishop

Blue again . . .

. . . and again


Cool Vespa

I like Sundials

Blue from a new angle

I think it is pronounced Choyo

It was now officially "Later"
Gelato Time

Thank God for Elevators!

But a long tunnel to get to it

"The Best Land of the World"

Vistas from the Castle

The Castillo de Santa Bárbara is still heavily fortified by . . .


Men with Spears

Men with Crossbows

and more Archers

Mano a Mano

Vista of the Castillo and the Med

Just the Med

More defenses

The Spanish flag flying proudly

Why is He so sad?


Lots of . . .


And a cactus too

Once I was done touring the Castillo, it was back down to the seaside after a thrilling elevator ride back into the bowels of the hilltop and the long tunnel walk back to the Med.


What everyone will be wearing this Spring.

I took my time walking along and enjoying the seacoast as it was time to board the train back to Murcia.

I really loved Alicante and will plan for an overnight stay or two there when Laurie arrives, just not on a Sunday as the Cervecería Sento is not open on the Sabbath.