Monday, October 27, 2014

Camino League Opener vs. the Camarillo Scorpions

On Friday night, the Panthers finally opened Camino League action.

Camarillo Scorpions
(4-3, 0-0)
Newbury Park Panthers
(5-2, 0-0)

Opening Night at last!

After several seasons operating in Ventura County's uber-league, the ten team Marmonte League of 2014 called for a new league set up.

The Marmonte Football Association (MFA) was made up of the Marmonte's former teams, i.e., Agoura, Calabasas, Moorpark, Newbury Park, Oaks Christian, Royal, Simi Valley, St. Bonaventure,  Thousand Oaks and Westlake, as well as newcomers and perennial powers from the Pacific View and Tri-Valley Leagues, Camarillo and Oak Park respectively.

The MFA then, after much heated discussion, broke up into three new four-team leagues.

The upper league (Marmonte) is composed of Moorpark, Oaks Christian, St. Bonaventure and Westlake.

The mid-level league (Camino) is made up of Camarillo, Newbury Park, Royal and Thousand Oaks.

The lower league (Canyon) is Agoura, Calabasas, Oak Park and Simi Valley.

Only playing three league games leaves little room for error!

Captains Out

#53 is Vince Carreon
#75 is Spencer Thompson
#50 is Alex Urias
#22 is Kaiden Raduziner

Luke Smith with the BIG HAMMER

Due to a serious set of injuries sustained last year, this was the first game that Luke has been able to suit up. 


Austin Matney's Kickoff Return

Austin Matney returned the opening kickoff to the 50 yard line, a great start! Unfortunately, we wasted our good field position by committing three drive killing penalties and allowing an 11 yard QB sack that took us out of field goal range before turning the ball over on downs.
DRIVE SUMMARY: 11 plays, 45 yards

Kalani Sanchez trucks
a Scorpion defender

The Scorpions went to the air from the start of the game but the the Panthers were in a bend but don't break mode on this fine autumn afternoon. After making a first down, the Panthers pressured the Scorpions into a 23 yard net punt.
DRIVE SUMMARY: 6 plays, 34 yards 

Tyler Hwang in action

With good field position, the Panthers put together a drive reeling off nine plays as the first quarter came to an end.

One of Ryan Matlock  five receptions

Vince Carreon protecting Tyler Hwang

Very Colorful

One on One Tackle

Tyler Hwang on the loose

At the end of the First Quarter
Panthers 0 - Scorpions 0



The Panther drive that ended the First Quarter had one more play in it to start the Second Quarter, a 34 yard field goal by Dario Longhetto, Panthers 3 - Scorpions 0.
DRIVE SUMMARY: 9 plays, 32 yards 

Running low to the ground

Ryan Schmidt #63 and Alex Urias #50
dragging down a hard running Scorpion

Hard fought defense continued to rule the day. Camarillo got off a fine 41 yard punt that pinned the Panthers back to our own three yard line.
DRIVE SUMMARY: 8 plays, 27 yards 

JUMP, it's a punt

Andrew Noble Sweep

The Panthers had minimal success before throwing an interception.
DRIVE SUMMARY: 5 plays, 24 yards 

Joe Willie Namath was IN THE HOUSE!

The Camarillo offense struck quickly with a 21 yard pass on first down but the Panther defense stiffened and forced the Scorpions into a 32 yard field goal attempt. Panther DE Jack Walsh knifed through to block the kick and also recover the ball 25 yards behind the original line of scrimmage after a wild melee for the ball.
DRIVE SUMMARY: 4 plays, 21 yards 

Reviewing the Field Goal Block Scheme

Jack Walsh's FG Block . . .

. . . the Wild Melee . . .

. . . and WE RECOVRED IT!!!

The First Half was drawing to a quick close so we attempted to take advantage of the momentum swing that the field goal block provided. Unfortunately we threw another interception to end the Second Quarter.
DRIVE SUMMARY: 3 plays, 15 yards

Newbury Park 3 - Camarillo 0 

The half time stats reflected the defensive nature of the game.
Camarillo had 18 plays for only 82 yards while Newbury Park had 28 plays for a mere 116 yards.


We need to pick up the pace!

After a Dario Longhetto touchback on the kickoff, the Panthers' defense enjoyed a Three and Out, Punt! Add another poor punt by the Scorpions that only covered 15 yards and things were looking good.
DRIVE SUMMARY: 3 plays, 3 yards 

Good Hitting by Both Teams

NPHS wasted another golden opportunity as we were once again turned away deep in Camarillo territory on downs.
DRIVE SUMMARY: 4 plays, 7 yards

Big Camarillo Pass Play

On their first play, Camarillo hit a big 39 yard pass but on their next play, Ryan Matlock intercepted a Camarillo pass in the end zone.
DRIVE SUMMARY: 2 plays, 39 yards 

Ryan Matlock Interception

Kaiden Raduziner
4 catches, 50 yards on the day

Three and Out, Punt, but Tavis Valenzuela exploded a 52 yard punt down to the Camarillo 21 yard line.
DRIVE SUMMARY: 3 plays, 7 yards

Nathan Zager's Dying Cockroach
block to spring Nicolas Cellona

Tavis Valenzuela's 52 yard Punt

He Could Go All the Way

He did. This Scorpion RB gashed us on a 79 yard TD run. The PAT was good and the Scorpions led 7-3.
DRIVE SUMMARY: 1 play, 79 yards 

 But Not For Long . . .

Andrew Noble Kickoff Return . . .

. . . TO THE HOUSE!!!

Not a drive but an EXPLOSION!!! Andrew Noble, with the aid of two key blocks by Trevor Martin and Nicolas Cellona, took the kickoff 85 yards to pay dirt. Dario Longhetto kicked the PAT through the uprights and it was now Newbury Park 10 - Camarillo 7.


Daniel McCoy breaking up a key
Third Down pass play

The Panthers recorded their second Three and Out, Punt of the game!! Great pressure again forced a 15 yard Camarillo punt and the Panthers would set up shop at the 50 yard line.
DRIVE SUMMARY: 3 plays, 5 yards 

Breathing Room for Kalani Sanchez

Good Pad Level by Trevor Martens

Clutch Catch by Kaiden Raduziner

A run oriented drive saw the Panthers score again, this time on a one yard Tyler Hwang Wedge play. Dario Longhetto was true again on his PAT and the score was now Newbury Park 17 - Camarillo 7.
DRIVE SUMMARY: 6 plays, 50 yards 


Dario Longhetto's PAT was GOOD!


After Dario Longhetto's second kickoff touchback of the day, Camarillo was driving as the Third Quarter came to a conclusion.

After 36 Minutes of Play
Newbury Park 17 - Camarillo 7


QB Pressure by Alex Urias

Camarillo's Third Quarter ending drive continued for one more play before they were forced to punt.
DRIVE SUMMARY: 5 plays, 27 yards 

We needed all the help
we could get!

Penalties again ruined a Panther drive but a 40 yard Tavis Valenzuela punt aided greatly. A Three and Out, Punt at this point was not what we needed to say the least.
DRIVE SUMMARY: 3 plays, -3 yards 

Camarillo kept battling

The Scorpions were stymied by an interception by Andrew Noble deep in Panther territory.
DRIVE SUMMARY: 5 plays, 15 yards 

Andrew Noble's Interception

We needed a good drive NOW! Instead we got a Three and Out, Punt. And not a very good punt at that.
DRIVE SUMMARY: 3 plays, -1 yard 

Goal Line Collision

Scorps' First and Goal at the One

Big Tackle by Austin Matney

The Pit

The Scorpions started this drive on our 23 yard line, NOT GOOD! The were able to score on a one yard run and their PAT was good. With 2:07 left in the game, it was Newbury Park 17 - Camarillo 14.
DRIVE SUMMARY: 7 plays, 23 yards 

The Camarillo Onside Kick
was near perfect . . .

. . . Wild Scramble . . .

. . . but Andrew Noble recovered
it to SAVE THE DAY!!!

We had to get a First Down and make Camarillo use their timeouts to win the game. On Third Down, RB Kalani Sanchez made an incredibly great, gutsy run breaking several tackles along the way to make the needed First Down. Three Victory Formation kneel down plays ended the contest.
DRIVE SUMMARY: 6 plays, 7 yards 

The Start of Kalani's BIG Run

Kalani Sanchez Doing His Best
Impression of a Whirling Dervish!

It was finally over!
Final Score
Newbury Park (6-2, 1-0 CL) 17
Camarillo (4-4), 0-1 CL) 14

Post-Game Respect


Our poor offensive showing was of great concern but we won and that was the important thing.

Final offensive stats for the two teams make you wonder how we won the game:
Camarillo had 44 plays for 273 yards.
Newbury Park had 53 plays for only 183 yards.

The key was great Special Teams play that included two touchback kickoffs, a field goal, two PATs, two great punts, one good kickoff return, one GREAT kickoff return for a TD, the recovery of Camarillo's onside kick attempt, blocking a Camarillo field goal attempt and forcing several bad Camarillo punts.

Post Game Revelry

With a Happy Grandson Jacob

Jacob in Fumble a Recovery Drill


Because of the hot weather all of this season, this was my first opportunity to break out my new Victory Vest!

Andrew, Jenn and grandson Kevin gave it to me as a birthday present last July.

It highlights my features.

Royal (3-5, 1-0 CL)
Newbury Park (6-2, 1-0 CL)

Next up for the Panthers is the team that we are tied with atop the Camino League standings, the Royal Highlanders.

Although only 3-5 on the season, they have won their last two games convincingly and won their Camino League opener on the road at ThousandOaks H.S. last Friday.

We will play them at home on Thursday, October 30th at 4:00 p.m.

To date the Highlanders haven in order:
Lost to Buena 7-21
Lost to Golden Valley 13-24
Beaten Channel Islands 14-8
Lost to Santa Barbara 18-37
Lost to Moorpark 7-35
Lost to Simi Valley 14-41
Beaten Oak Park 42-13
Beaten Thousand Oaks 31-14

The winner of this game will be 2-0 in league play and in first place in the Camino League with only one game left to play.