Sunday, July 14, 2024

An Assassination Attempt and Other News Too

Fri.-Sun., July 12-14, 2024
America continued its downward spiral as nation on Saturday, in my opinion. 

Former President Donald Trump was the target of an assassination attempt while giving a speech at a rally in Pennsylvania.

Fortunately, he only suffered a relatively mild wound to his ear. An inch or two farther to one side and he would have been killed I'm quite sure.

A successful assassination could have led to God only knows what in these highly divided, tense and inflammatory political times in the USA.

The sooner that both the Far Right and the Far Left can get under control thBETTER! We need to become more centrist as a country. I think that then we could actually move America along in a much more positive fashion.

Gun violence in America . . .


According to the statistics that I researched, over the past few years, America has suffered a little over 48,000 gun related deaths per year, about 130 per day.

Every day, 24/7.

In Saturday's dark event, one spectator was killed and two more were seriously injured. The would-be assassin was killed by a Secret Service Counter Sniper's bullet.

As American as Mom, Apple Pie and . . .

On a much happier note

Laurie and I joined in on the fun of
Camarillo Old Town Heritage Days
& Midsummer Fiesta


This band was playing a form of
music with which we were not familiar

After touring the Fiesta, we dined on a
burrito and taco from Hector's Taqueria

We just found ourselves another great spot for Mexican food in Camarillo.

Our family's roots are in Soccer crazy Spain

Over the past few week's Team España has been competing in host country Germany in the UEFA Euro Cup 2024 Tournament with great success.

Team España was seeking its fourth
all-time UEFA Euro Cup Championship

UEFA started its Euro Cup tournaments in 1960. These tournaments are held every four years and Spain has previously won them in 1964, 2008 and 2012.

Here are Team España's 2024 Euro Cup results:
Group B Play
In Berlin, Spain 3 - Croatia 0
In Gelsenkirchen, Spain 1 - Italy 0
In Düsseldorf, Spain 1 - Albania 0

Knockout Round of 16
In Cologne, Spain 4 - Georgia 1

In Stuttgart, Spain 2 - Germany 1

With this victory over the host country's team, things were now getting decidedly serious!

Up next was the Semifinal Game
vs. Team France

Played in Munich, it was a blowout
by international Soccer standards
Spain 2 - France 1

The 2024 UEFA Euro Cup Championship
Game was being played in Berlin

Team España (6-0) vs. Team England (4-0-2)
for the Gold Medal

Spain (7-0) 2 - England (4-1-2) 1

Another blowout for Team España!

But wait, this weekend got even greater for España when . . .

Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz won the
Wimbledon Men's Singles Championship

There was also an American football National Championship Game played in Europe over the weekend.

Polish Bowl XIX
Warsaw Eagles vs. Białystok Lowlanders

The Statistics told the Tale

Warsaw's (8-1) Offense had scored 296 points, an average of 32.8 points per game. The Eagles Defense giving up 130 points, an average of 14.4 ppg.

Offensively, Białystok (5-4) had scored 251 points, an average of 27.8 ppg. The Lowlanders Defense has been an issue all year long in giving up 256 points, an average of 28.4 ppg.

While Białystok showed great resolve after starting the season at 0-3, the Eagles had already won the two regular season games between these two Polish Bowl XIX teams, 36-14 and 42-13.

Thus the Warsaw Eagles entered the game as the heavy favorites.

The Eagles (9-1) did indeed win
Polish Bowl XIX but the Lowlanders (5-5)
showed their grit in making a game of it

The ELF's Week #8 had its moments

Ferhérvár Enthroners (1-6)
over the Prague Lions (0-8)

The Lions are the last ELF team still without a win in 2024.

The Frankfurt Galaxy's
pre-game poster was only so-so

But the game was a dandy!

But not for Frankfurt (2-4) who lost to the Cologne Centurions (2-4).

This was a much closer game
than most expected

The Vienna Vikings (8-0) had to battle to the end against the feisty Helvetic Mercenaries (1-6).

Despite all of their turmoil, Barcelona
continues to win the ELF Pre-Game
Poster of the Week Award
Dragons vs. Bravos!
For the second time this season, the
Madrid Bravos (5-1) took the Spanish Derby
over the Barcelona Dragons (2-6)

The Paris Musketeers (5-1) eked out
a win over the Berlin Thunder (4-4)
This one was as good as expected

The Stuttgart Surge (6-0) remain unbeaten after taking the measure of the Tirol Raiders (5-3).

The Rhein Fire (7-1) were, well, on fire
against the Hamburg Sea Devils (2-4)

ELF Week #8 in review

Current ELF Standings
The top of the Western Conference is

ELF Week #9 Schedule
Saturday, July 20, 2024
Milano (3-4) at Ferhérvár (1-6)

Sunday, July 21, 2024
Paris (5-1) at Madrid (5-1)
Vienna (8-0) at Berlin (4-4)
Wroclaw (3-4) at Stuttgart (6-0)
Helvetic (1-6) at Munich (3-3)
Frankfurt (2-4) at Rhein(7-1)
Hamburg (2-4) at Cologne (2-4)

ELF Week #9 Byes
Tirol (5-3), Barcelona (2-6) and Prague (0-8)

Fun from the net . . .

A new sign seen on
Ventura/101 Freeway, Exit 55?

Getting old is definitely
NOT for the weak!

With Jacob, of course!

And tacos, lots of tacos!

Friday, July 12, 2024

Camping, Marine Biology and 7-on-7

Mon.-Thurs., July 8-11, 2024
I have always found this travel axiom to be true, "Be a Tourist in Your Own Town."

Thus we headed to the Malibu Coast
to visit Leo Carrillo State Park

Neither Laurie or I had ever been there although we had driven past it numerous times over the many years.

Since Leo Carrillo State Park
has tidepools . . .

. . . we knew that we would find
Jacob and his family there as they
were camping in the park

Jacob and Mary searching for
marine life in any form

A hermit crab and lots of grunion
were near at hand

So were surfers

The search continues

Happy to have found precious treasures

Careful with the rocky bottom

Nice ride!

Happy Campers, INDEED!

Laurie and Michael back at
Campsite #24

Getting the evening's
camp fire started

Mary having fun as usual
while eating a snack

Michael, Jacob, Vanessa and . . .


On Thursday, I stopped by
Buena H.S. in Ventura

The Buena Bulldogs were hosting the Dos Pueblos Chargers, El Camino Real Conquistadores-Royals-Bears-Kings (long story) and Hueneme Vikings for a three games each on 7-on-7 football. 

El Camino Real defenders in white
covering Buena receivers

It started as a welcomed, cool
afternoon, perfect for running routes

It ended as a cold, foggy evening
that saw me donning a sweatshirt

Lots of positive work by all four schools on this evening. I saw a lot of competitive improvement by all of the teams.

That is the goal after all.

In overseas football news . . .

Helsinki Derby on Thursday
Rooster vs. Wolverines

Coach Michael Wood's Roosters
improve to 6-1 in the Maple League

Polish Bowl XIX on Saturday
Warsaw Eagles vs. Białystok Lowlanders

The European League of Football
Week #8 Schedule has two games
of interest for me

First, the Fehérvár Enthroners (0-6)
at Prague Lions (0-7)

Somebody finally gets a win, right?

The second involves the Spanish Derby,
#5 ranked Madrid Bravos (4-1) at
#17 ranked Barcelona Dragons (2-5)

The reason for my interest is the recent turmoil with the Barcelona squad that last week fired their Head Coach, had several players and assistant coaches boycott last weekend's game that saw the rest of the Dragons squad refuse to take the field for the Second Half of their game with the Munich Ravens after trailing 54-0 at Halftime.

Click on this photo to make it easier
to read. In a nutshell, TURMOIL!

As a result of all of this, the Dragons roster for the game against the Madrid eleven has changed just a bit.

TWELVE roster cuts . . .

. . . no, make the TWENTY-FOUR
players released

These two Release Lists included LB Alex Posito who I know to be one of Spain's greatest players and a member of the Barcelona Dragons since the team's founding in 2021.

What is going on in Catalonia?

With half of the roster gone, the Dragons were in need of new blood STAT!

Ten new Dragons and . . .

. . . ten more

In the course of the ELF's four year history there have been a total of 19 franchises.

Two of them, the Leipzig Kings (2021-'22-'23) and Istanbul Rams (2022), are no longer active ELF teams.

Will Barcelona be the third club to drop out?

The NFL season is fast approaching

Hopefully, the Rams roster will be more stable than the Dragons' this season.

Mirth from the net . . .
The Monster from the Black Lagoon
was scary back in the day

Hmmmmm . . .



It pays to be polite in Europe

Reading Is FUNdamental!

Slow start, solid middle and a
good finish!