Friday, June 14, 2024

A "Wax" Museum and a Camarillo Stingers Practice

Tue.-Thurs., June 11-13, 2024
If you are a Grandparent, and we are, then these last three days were almost heaven.

It all started on Tuesday at Mary's elementary school as her class was participating in a fun Wax Museum exercise.

Each of the 20 or so students in her third grade class had selected a famous figure from history, the arts or sports and then researched them. 

The final project asked them to dress as their character and perform a short speech about them. Each student pretended to be a statue at rest, waiting for people to press an activation button near them to bring their character to life.

I present to you Mary as . . .

Harriet Tubman
19th Century Abolitionist
and Social Activist

Or as we called her, Mariette Hugman.

She gives great hugs.

Of course she had some visual aides
for her AWESOME presentation

Harriet Tubman was always
known for her wondrous smile

Repeating her talk yet again

Note the yellow activation button on the corner of her desk.

Third graders tend to be soft spoken, think indoor voices, during these public speaking moments which made hearing them a bit tough as all were being activated simultaneously.
We activated all of the kids in costume and were duly impressed, what a fun end of the school year activity.

About 20 years ago as a season ending gift from our Rio Mesa H.S. Shot Put and Discus throwers, I received a durable and since much used Coleman camping chair.

Today, Laurie and I headed to the Oxnard Collection's REI store to finally buy me a new chair and thus retire my beloved well used one.

It was time.

Nice paint job on the car parked
near the REI store

After such an emotional purchase, there was only one thing to do.

Eat lunch at The Collection's
Annex food court

While a chicken sandwich would have been a great choice, we opted for a more international choice.

Italian it was and it turned
out to be a good call

Tempting but we settled for Diet Cokes

Thursday night was the latest of Jacob's Camarillo Stingers practices.

Jacob running a route

Run to the next silver truck and turn around.

He did but the ball was
a tad under thrown

Jacob did a good job getting
down and making the catch

As nice as this catch was, it must be remembered that WRs must be able to block if the team is to win.

Jacob manhandling a CB

It bordered on child abuse/unnecessary roughness.

I had a couple of videos that I wanted to add of both Mary and Jacob in action this week but my blog app won't let me add them.

If we had known, we would booked
one of these cruises years ago

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Life as a Video Analyst

Sun. & Mon., June 9-10, 2024
These two days were spent largely on the HUDL app breaking down and analyzing three late arriving game videos from Italy.

After enjoying a Bye during the IFL's
Wild Card Weekend, the Varese Skorpions
would be back in action next Saturday

The #1 seeded Skorpions (8-0) next opponent would be the defending IFL Champion, #4 seeded Parma Panthers (6-3).

The Skorpions beat the Panthers, 38-34, in Parma on April 6th. The rematch in the IFL Semifinals will be played in Varese.

The Varese 11 did not know who their Semifinal opponent would be until after last Saturday's Wild Card win by the Panthers over the #5 seeded Legnano Frogs (4-5), 29-20.

This meant that I would get the last three Parma game videos late Sunday afternoon and early Monday morning. I finally finished tagging the games, making the asked for cut-ups based on the Panthers four most recent games and then sending them to all of the Skorpion players and coaches at midnight Monday night. Thus they had four full days to review the cut-ups before their game on Saturday.

To be sure, I was weary of looking at my computer screen for hours on end.

In case you were wondering about those cut-ups, they broke down as follows:
16 Kicking Game/2 Point Play Cut-Ups
31 Defensive Cut-Ups
32 Offensive Cut-Ups

The Kicking Game/2 Point Play Cut-Ups featured a separate one for Kickoff, Kickoff Return, Punt, etc.

The Offensive and Defensive Cut-Ups were done by Down and Distance (1st & 10, 2nd & 1-2-3, 3rd & 10+, etc.) further broken down by Passes only and the Runs only.

Hopefully it will help get the Skorpions to the IFL Championship game on June 29th in Ravenna against the winner of the other Semifinal game between the #2 seeded Firenze Guelfi (6-2) and the  #3 seeded Ancona Dolphins (7-2).

The Road to the 2024 IFL Title
is almost finished

Saturday's post included a photo of the two Athlon's and Lindy's 2024 college football magazines that recently hit the news stands and now proudly sat in our TV room.

One of our blog readers wanted to know why I didn't buy the iconic Street and Smith's Official College Football Yearbook.

This was my favorite football guide growing up but, unfortunately, it is no longer being published.

It got me to thinking about those great Street and Smith's covers feature a star of the year in full gear sans a face mask. I needed to browse through one of my old ones.

Billy Main, RB, Oregon State

We actually did wear face masks in those long ago days, just not on the cover of Street and Smith's.

I opted to peruse this old, weather beaten tome and found this . . .

. . . interesting predictions
of the West Coast teams

Today the Pacific 8, Pacific Coast AA, California AA and Far Western Conferences no longer exist. Only the DIII Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference remains.

Additionally, the following 19 colleges of the 41 listed above, no longer field football teams:
Azusa Pacific
Cal Tech
California Western
Cal Poly Humboldt
Cal Poly Pomona

Cal State Chico
Cal State Hayward
Cal State Long Beach
Cal State Los Angeles
Cal State San Fernando/Northridge

Cal State San Francisco
San Francisco

Santa Clara
UC Riverside
UC Santa Barbara

Nineteen is simply a staggering and highly disappointing number!

I opted to also look back at Street and Smith's 1968 issue.

His wearing of a face mask on a
Street and Smith's cover should have
been a red flag for all of us

Washington Husky stars of 1968

Al Worley would earn First Team All-America honors that season in large part for his still NCAA record 14 interceptions in the one season.

Al was a humble teammate and just a simply good man who we were all proud to see earn so many accolades in 1968.

I wonder if Paul Sabolic and blog follower
Paul Sabolić are one and the same person?

Back to the ever popular EuroBall scene . . .

Belgium's Kasteel Nitro's QB, #99,
looked great in this photo against
the Rotterdam Trojans

Watch his incredible agility, quickness and shiftiness on this clip as he runs the Read Option to perfection:

Sunday the ELF played four games

The Paris Musketeers were
primed for their game against
the Frankfurt Galaxy

Paris (2-0) won a close one
over Frankfurt (0-2)

Berlin (2-1) had no trouble with
Hungary's Enthroners (0-3)

The Wroclaw Panthers looked
ready to take on the Vienna Vikings

Close but no cigar,
Vienna (3-0) edged Wroclaw (1-2)

Interesting Prague Lions-
Munich Ravens pregame poster

The Ravens (2-1) though
swamped the Lions (0-3)

All of the ELF Week #3 Results

The separation in the standings
is happening weekly
Only four undefeated ELF teams
out of 17 are left after three weeks
Only the Fehérvár Enthroners (0-3)
have a Bye in Week #4 ELF action

Finland's Maple League is one of
Have's and Have Not's

Bulldogs with an upset win in the
Hungarian Football League

In the German Football League
the Assindia Cardinals took the
measure of the Cologne Crocodiles

Why do the Cardinals bill themselves online as "The Men in Blue?"

Another photo from the Kasteel Nitro's . . .

To make matters worse, our favorite
Belgian QB is about to land on this
poor, leg chopping DB

About right in today's America


Sunday, June 9, 2024

A Good, Nostalgic Football Saturday

Saturday, June 8, 2024

It was a jam packed day of American football as I spent most of it breaking down videos of three Parma Panthers games in advance of their Italian Football League semifinal game next weekend against our Varese Skorpions.

Beyond my role as the Varese team's analyst, I also enjoyed gathering lots of new information, starting with . . .

The purchase of these two pre-season
college football magazines

I now know the new 12 team path
to the college National Championship

I was not initially happy about the Rose Bowl only being a quarterfinal game.

If the Rose Bowl were a semifinal game it would have to be played nine or ten days after its traditional New Year's Day slot.

Then again, tradition no longer has any place in DI college football.

Nostalgia Time too

Eleven years ago today, in Lyon, France, our Bron-Villeurbanne Falcons played in the French DIII National Championship game.

The Falcons (12-0) would defeat
the Tours Pionniers (9-1) on that
damp evening, 20-7

A happy group of Falcons
celebrating our . . .

. . . French DIII National Championship

Of course the Falcons ordered rings!

What a magical season with an amazing group of athletes, coaches and friends.

In Sweden, the Wäsby Warriors
had a nice win today over the
Stockholm Mean Machines

I love the weekly Bisons game
posters from France

An important game in the
Belgium Netherlands League
won by the Amsterdam Crusaders

Also in the Belgium Netherlands League
the Rotterdam Trojans won easily

Regardless, the Nitro QB, #99 in the above poster, instantly made me a huge Kasteel Nitro fan!

I wonder if the Varese Skorpions
will enter any of their high flying
Flag Football teams?

Wild Card Playoff Weekend

A smart looking Lazio Marines
poster for their Wild Card game today

The poster was not enough as the
Ancona Dolphins prevailed in a
closer game than most anticipated

In one of next weekend's semifinal games, the #3 seeded Ancona Dolphins (7-2) will play on the road against the #2 seeded Firenze Guelfi (6-2) who had a Bye this weekend.

In their regular season meeting, the Guelfi prevailed at home over the Dolphins, 38-14.

Another hard fought Wild Card game

The Parma Panthers were able to avenge their 55-50 loss to the Legnano Frogs in their regular season meeting.

The #4 seeded Parma Panthers (6-3) will visit the #1 seeded Varese Skorpions (8-0) in the IFL's other semifinal game next weekend.

When these two clubs met earlier this season in Varese, the Skorpions squeaked by the Panthers, 38-34, thanks in large part to two Kickoff Returns for TDs.

Week #3 of the ELF Season
had three games today

A bold game poster from the
defending ELF Champion
Rhein Fire


This was a huge, unexpected win by the expansion Madrid Bravos (2-0) over the Rhien Fire (2-1).

Barcelona's game poster was
top notch in my opinion

I did not know that Barcelona's famed Sagrada Familia Basilica was part of the Dragons stadium complex. 


Austria's Tirol Raiders (2-1) coasted by the Barcelona Dragons (1-2).

Two struggling clubs in
a low scoring affair

The Milano Seamen (1-2) in a close one over Switzerland's Helvetic Mercenaries (0-2).

In the evening, we had company.

Vanessa took this photo of the
clan sharing stories and toast

Speaking of photos and stories, Michael had one for us.

If you follow this blog then you may recall that Michael really enjoys working with special needs students at Newbury Park H.S. through the Unified Sports Program.

As a result, he has met several of the athlete's families including a Dad whose Unified Sports son proudly wears #32 which the Dad knows is also Michael's favorite jersey number.

This family has another son that is a good baseball player who was recently involved in an all-star tournament in Simi Valley recently. For some random reason the Dad took a photo of a man wearing a #32 t-shirt at that tournament. 

This is that photo

The man wearing that #32 t-shirt and the player on the left wearing the #35 jerseys are, respectively, the son and grandson of blog follower Paul Sabolić.

It is truly a random and small world.



Guilty as charged

A good day, thank you.