Thursday, February 28, 2019

A Wandering Wednesday Excursion to Brescia

Wednesday, 27 February, 2019

Before we get started on today's adventure, I think that it would be a good idea to go over the genesis of the important Wandering Wednesday concept.

I strongly believe that any import coach or player that opts to come overseas to get involved in the EuroBall experience must take advantage of the incredible opportunity to immerse himself in the culture, cuisine, art and history of their new surroundings.

If not, then that individual has really missed the boat as to what life overseas is all about.

With these thoughts in mind, let's review a typical week in Varese for me now that the season is about to begin.

Sunday: Either our game or scouting an opponent's game

Monday: Video review day of our game and/or breaking down our next opponent's game videos, THANK GOD FOR HUDL!

Tuesday: U16 tackle or U17 flag, Women's flag and Senior team practices, 6:00 p.m. to 10:15 p.m.

Wednesday: WANDER!

Thursday: U13 flag, U15 flag, U17 flag, Women's flag and Senior team practices, 6:00 p.m. to 10:15 p.m.

Friday: High School P.E. Class introduction to American Football assignment, 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Saturday: Either our game or scouting an opponent's game and/or U13 flag, U15 flag, U17 flag and Women's flag practices from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Thus, as you can see, the only day of the week that I have for some in-depth exploration is Wednesday or, as we call it here, Wandering Wednesday!

My goal today was a visit to one of Lombardia's most ancient cities, Brescia.

Did I say ancient? The first settlements in what is now Brescia began in about 1,200 B.C., then there were Celtic settlers here in ca. 700 B.C. and the first Roman settlement occurred in 89 B.C.

By the way, in these ancient, long ago days Brescia was known as Brixia.

The journey began early in the morning with the usual bus, train and Metro rides to Milano's . . .

. . . Central Station

Milano's main train station is fascinating to me and I marvel at its detailed architecture every time I see it.

I wonder if this Pegasus is faster than
Italy's Frecciarossa high-speed train?

Romulus AND Remus

Is that a Griffin?

Lots of ornate additions
even on this side entrance

Hammer Time!

How old is that sign?

As we will see later in this post,
mosaic floors have been a big part
of Italian architecture for centuries

My ride awaits through
this portal

I still had over an hour until my direct train left. There was another "train" to Brescia leaving earlier but I would have to change trains twice along the way and would only arrive in Brescia eight minutes before the direct train.

Thus my choice of leaving on the later train but with much less potential hassles.

I opted to roam the Central Station's neighborhood while awaiting my imminent departure.

Tempting but "No, grazie."

All those electrical wires overhead
means only one thing 

Lots of Milano's quaint yellow trams go in every direction at this intersection.

There goes a tram now

What once was, I wonder

At one time a sign here told passers-by of what business called this address home.

Look Sandy . . .

I entered to find a
delightful pulpit

Padre Pio was in the house!

Who would have ever guessed?

The one hour and five minute ride to Brescia went smoothly.

I was ready to start my exploration of ancient Brixia.

Brescia's train station was clean,
newly remodeled and efficient

A monument near the train station

believe that this is a Carabinieri
giving a lady a helping hand

La Sosta is a ristorante but was
closed for lunch, DARN!

The Duomo Nuovo and Duomo Vecchio
stand side-by-side in the Piazza Paolo VI

The Duomo Nuovo is the larger of the two and was completed in 1825 A.D. while the round Duomo Vecchio dates back to sometime in the 11th-century.

Look at that Medusa-like hair

British dentists in Brescia?

Holy Mother of God!

These last two fellows adorn the façade of the Palazzo del Governo in a part of Brescia's historic center.

felt a lot of love in Brescia

Il Capitolium

This impressive Roman relic was built in 73 A.D. by the Emperor Vespasian.

At the height of the Roman era,
this theater held 15,000 spectators

An amazing gate to
a private residence

After a bit more walking, I arrived at Brescia's top sight, the City Museum comprised of the former Santa Giulia Monastery and the Basilica di San Salvatore.

Riddell's newest helmet design

Lots of Roman coins

Part of an ancient Roman helmet

Old Roman carved pillars

A glass of red wine
does sound good

A more ornate pillar

Who did your hair!

Dive bombing angel

A noble Roman face

Roman floors both old and colorful

A bawdy mosaic floor

So intricate

I wonder if this was more than
just a decorative design?

The original Rorschach inkblot?

What the . . .

Watch that hand mister!

All is fair in love and war

Including biting it appears in the lower left.

Another Griffin sighting

Three wise Roman judges

So talented a sculpture but he
is still unknown today

Mesmerizing eyes!

Is that Charles Laughton in 1944's
movie adaptation of Oscar Wilde's
"The Canterville Ghost"?

Don't you just hate it when
your halo goes awry?

St. Paul and St. Peter

The most amazing room
in the entire museum

Easter Sunday

Off with his head!

St. George at it again

The Burial of Jesus

Simply an amazing room

Ornate carvings in the same
frescoed room

A Sarcophagus

Did women ever wear tops
in Roman times?

Another look at the
Crucifixion scene

The ceiling fit right in too

We all have our cross to bear

Jesus going up on the cross

Bright but fading colors

The Nativity

Pretty as a . . .

Two shocked looking fellows . . .

. . . and two happy ones

Did you know that
Santa Giulia was crucified?

No? Well me neither.

A scene from the Fourth Phalanx's
mixer in ancient Brixia

The bejeweled Cross of Desiderius
from the late 8th-century

The Cross of Desiderius sits in yet
another heavily frescoed room

Looks like a Pope to me

A dark but interesting mural

Starry, starry night

The museum was excellent and a must see the next time that you visit Brescia.

More sight-seeing was still called for on this magnificent afternoon.

Now THERE is a vine with some
seriously strong survival instincts!

I just liked the look of
this old doorway

Back in Piazza Paolo VI, I opted to enter the Duomo Nuovo.

It had an infinity pool!

I also liked this huge memorial

I also entered the round Duomo Vecchio.

The main floor is sunken
below current street levels

St. George rides again!

Two sightings in one day, excellent!

A Synod of Religious leaders

A friendly blessing

The Duomo Vecchio was more than
a little interesting

Gateway to the Piazza della Loggia

Amazing Astronomical Clock
on the Piazza della Loggia

Standing watch over the
Piazza della Loggia


Looks like an Opera House to me

The Piazza della Loggia was pleasant

Carvings on the Piazza della Vittoria

Just a random church

Completely out of place art style
in this ancient city

A last view of the Piazza della Vittoria

Brescia was well worth the trip today, I enjoyed my visit immensely!

Is it Spring already?

The weather this year has been so incredibly mild after last year's severe Winter.

No complaints here mind you.

Did I mention that Wandering Wednesdays
are also peak workout days for me?

Well, they are.