Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Mondays Are Not Always Earth Shaking

Monday, April 29, 2024
Although Mondays tend to be slow days all over the globe, we did have some good news to share from the world of Las Vegas middle school soccer.

Kevin's Canarelli M.S. Colts had
a tough game on Monday

The Colts would be on the road to take on the Lawrence Junior High School Lions.

In their previous meeting three weeks ago at home, the Colts eked out a 4-3 win over the Lions.

Kevin battling a Lion for the ball

At Halftime, the Colts held a precarious 3-1 lead.

Pursuing a loose ball with
maximum effort

We were told that Kevin played well and got a lot of playing time today which was great to hear.

The Colts won again by a final score of 5-2. Their record improved to 10-3 with only one game left on their regular season record.

On Thursday, Canarelli will host the Johnson Junior High School Eagles. In their game at Johnson J.H.S. on April 12th, the Colts won 5-1.

We are not sure about any post-season playoff possibilities at this juncture but we'll keep you posted.

Now, as for American football news . . .

The Spanish DI Serie A title game
will be contested on Saturday

For the third straight year, the Championship Game will feature the Osos Rivas (8-1) vs. the Las Rozas Black Demons (8-1).

The 2022 Spanish Bowl saw the Osos out duel the Las Rozas eleven, 28-12, to win their second Spanish Bowl in club history.

In 2023, the Black Demons won their first ever Spanish Bowl crown by beating the Osos, 22-13.

This season saw these two Iberian powerhouse clubs split their two games with the home team winning each time, the Black Demons 10-6 and the Osos 28-21.

It should be a great game to see if you happen to be in Madrid this weekend.

Spain's Serie B Semi-Finals
were set today

These two games will be played on Saturday and Sunday, May 11th and 12th.

The Terrassa Reds (7-0) will host the Valencia Firebats (5-2) in one Semi-Final contest.

The Pinto Goldbats (6-1) will be at home against the Valencia Giants (6-1) in the other Semi-Final.

The current standings in DI France

The Parisian suburb's La Courneuve Flash are atop the Northern Conference comfortably at 4-1-1.

In the Southern Conference, the Marseille Blue Stars at 6-1 hold a narrow lead over the Toulouse Ours at 5-1-1.

An amazing amount of tie games in the North, don't you agree?

The Amsterdam Crusaders have been
the class of Belgium for years

In Mexico, the playoffs loom in
their professional circuit, the
Liga de Fútbol Americano

The #1 Chihuahua Caudillos (7-0) and the #2 Iztacalco Mexicas (5-2) currently hold the two coveted first round LFA playoff byes.

The LFA is top heavy with only three of the nine teams currently having winning records.

The other teams atop the current standings and thus with playoff spots perhaps in their futures are the #3 Naucalpan Raptors (4-2), the #4 Monterey Fundidoes (3-4), the #5 Querétaro Gallos Negros (3-4) and the #6 Juarez Jefes (2-4).

This week's LFA slate of
regular season games

Still a ways to go before the playoffs, but a big game with lots of playoff implications on Saturday when the current #1 seed Chihuahua Caudillos (7-0) host the #3 seed Naucalpan Raptors (4-2).

The #2 Iztacalco Mexicas (5-2) host the Saltillo Dinos (3-4) on Saturday.

Saturday's final game has the Tijuana Galgos (3-4) on the road against the #4 Monterey Fundidoes (3-4).

I'm not quite sure why the 3-4 Galgos are not listed in the current playoff picture but the 2-4 Juarez Jefes are at #6. Then again, South of the Border Mexico holds many mysteries from all that I've experienced over the many years.

Sunday's #5 Querétaro Gallos Negros (3-4) at #4 Juarez Jefes (2-4) game should be a low level dandy as well.

This week's LFA bye goes to the small market Zapopan Reyes (1-7).

Big Game on Sunday in Italy's DI IFL
Ancona Dolphins (5-0) at
Varese Skorpions (5-0)

Don't fall asleep on the Firenze Guelfi

The Guelfi (4-1) are a traditional IFL power with their only loss this season coming on a wet, muddy, sloppy field in a Week 1 game on the road to the Varese Skorpions, 7-0.

They play the Milano Rhinos (2-4) this week, the Firenze squad will be a tough out come playoff time.

On Sunday, France's Besançon Bisons
host the Troyes Pygargues

Pygargues is French for Eagles.

Bisons is French for, oh never mind.

Should you be in London on Sunday,
here is your chance for an
American football fix

Back to France,
Quimper Kelted vs. Saint-Brieuc Licornes

Licornes is French for Unicorns while Kelted does not Google translate but is Celtic related from the looks of their helmet logo.

That Unicorn helmet looks dangerous to me . . .

. . . but then, so does Kelted's Ram mascot

Mary LOVES Unicorns

What eight year old girl doesn't, come to think of it.

Her immediate problem is whether to back France's regal looking Licones or . . .

. . . Germany's much fiercer
Schwäbisch Hall version

Why not both, depending on her mood of course!

I may indeed head to the Rose Bowl
for a UCLA game this season

Cool helmet, I want one of these!
While we are at it, where can
I find one of these beauties?

On to another

Sunday, April 28, 2024

A Quiet Working Sunday

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Staying at home today to catch up on some overdue work was the right choice after a busy week.

Thus, I toiled most of the day breaking
down the Varese Skorpions video of
their Legnano Frogs game last weekend

The Skorpions (5-0) have their biggest IFL game yet when they square off at home against the Ancona Dolphins (5-0) next Sunday.

Speaking of Italy's DI Conference, there were two IFL games played today.

The Parma Panthers cruised to an
easy win over the Torino Giaguari

In a mild upset the Lazio Marines
eked out a victory over the Legnano Frogs

Italian Football League Standings
1T. Ancona Dolphins 5-0
Varese Skorpions 5-0
3. Firenze Guelfi 4-1
4. Parma Panthers 3-2

5T. Lazio Marines 2-4
Legnano Frogs 2-4
Milano Rhinos 2-4
Torino Giaguari 2-4
9. Bologna Warriors 0-6

Italian Football League Schdule
Saturday, May 4, 2024
Firenze Guelfi (4-1) at Milano Rhinos (2-4)
Legnano Frogs (2-4) at Parma Panthers (3-2)

Sunday, May 5, 2024
Ancona Dolphins (5-0) at Varese Skorpions (5-0)
Torino Giaguari (2-4) at Lazio Marines (2-4)

BYE: Bologna Warriors (0-6)

It was nice to see the Italian DIII, 9FL
Varese Gorillas win their first game
of the year over the Ciriè Blitz

Spain's Serie B played their four Quarterfinal Playoff games today.

The scores surprised me

Seeing our Guadalajara Stings (5-2) get boat raced 47-0 by the Valencia Giants (6-1) shocked me.

The Valencia Firebats (5-2) edging the previously undefeated Fuengirola Potros (6-1), 29-22 was not too hard to envision.

The Telde Canes (2-5) getting rocked 62-0 by the Terrassa Reds (7-0) was foreseeable.

Finally, I thought that the Pinto Goldbats (6-1) would have a much easier time of it with the Mairena Blue Devils (3-4) than their 24-21 score indicated.

So, the Spanish Serie B Semifinalists are the Terrassa Reds (7-0), the Pinto Goldbats (6-1), the Valencia Giants (6-1) and the Valencia Firebats (5-2).

At this point, I do not know what the exact match-ups will be in the Spanish Serie B Semifinals or when they'll be played.

The current Polish DI standings

The Kings are on top and the Lowlanders are in the cellar. Seems fitting, no?

California Lutheran Kingsmen
2024 NCAA DIII Men's Volleyball Champions

CLU is our only Ventura County university with an athletic program. Today, in Dubuque, Iowa, the Kingsmen (26-5) swept New York's Vassar College Brewers (25-8), 3-0, to win CLU's second NCAA DIII Championship of the 2023-24 academic year.

Last December, the CLU Regals won the Women's 2023 NCAA DIII Soccer crown in Virginia against Washington University of St. Louis, 1-0.

Congratulations CLU!

Mary's VCYTC JV Finals, the NFL Draft's Final Day and More Global Football Graphics

Saturday, April 27, 2024
Today was an absolutely gorgeous day for a track meet, so we attended one at Newbury Park H.S.

See what I mean about the weather

MUCH better than the weather
at this meet in Alaska this week


Mary's Cosmos team was
competing today in . . .

 . . . the VCYTC's Junior Varsity Finals

Mary would be competing in three events at these Finals, the Long Jump and the 100 and 200 Meters Dashes.

It would be a less stressful day for us all as Jacob would not be competing today. He has instead qualified for five events at next Saturday's VCYTC Varsity Finals to be held at Camarillo H.S.

Laurie on her throne at the meet

Jacob was there to fully support both
Mary and all of his Cosmos mates
running and jumping today

Mary just had to have a pink
Meet T-shirt, so I got her one

Paisley, Mary and Savanah

Mary really loves the social aspects of the sport of Track and Field.

Stretching before the Long Jump

While Mary was warming-up, I turned to watch a heat of the Boys 8 and under, 4 x 100 Meters Relay.

To my absolute horror . . .

. . . I was about to witness what
appeared to be a BRUTAL stabbing!

Oh, no, it was just a new, hi-tech
baton passing technique in action

Back to the Long Jump . . .

She's OFF!

Getting her speed up to snuff

Good airtime, GREATER shadow

The hair flying as . . .

. . . she stuck her landing

A slow start in the 100 Meters Dash . . .

. . . but a strong finish

Good looking form at the start
of Mary's 200 Meters Dash

Hugging the curve . . .

. . . and heading into the straightaway

When this race ended, so did Mary's 2024 track season, her second year as a member of the Camarillo Cosmos track program.

As I write this, no results have been posted yet on the VCYTC website but I do know that she had fun today and had a big smile after final race of the season.

Thankfully, she has had a positive experience with the Cosmos thanks to caring coaches and the support of family and friends.

After the meet Mary attended a school
friend's birthday party held at the 
Thousand Oaks Sky Zone Trampoline Park 

She has always been known as a messy cupcake eater.

The Los Angeles Rams still had to
navigate Rounds 4-7 of the NFL Draft today

These were the Rams' picks on the final day of the Draft.

The 154th selection aided the Defense . . .

. . . so did the Rams' first 6th round pick

He kicked a 61 yard Field Goal
for Stanford last season

Kicking was a negative issue in the 2023 Rams season. Good pick at #209.

Another weapon for QB Matthew
Stafford passes at #213

Some protection for Stafford too
with the 217th pick in the Draft

Another big body for the OL
with their final pick at #254

Ten new Rams in all added to the
Rams roster over the three days
and seven Rounds of the NFL Draft

Only time will tell how good these picks really were.

The Rams have a tough home
schedule  in 2024, these new players
need to help quickly

Now, how did the Huskies fare on
Day III of the Draft today?

A Linebacker to the Buffalo Bills
was the first of two 5th Rounders
A Washington Husky becomes
a Washington Commander

Finally, Tampa Bay opted
for this Husky TE 

Culp will feel at home as he is now the sixth ex-Husky of the current Buccaneers roster.

Overall, ten Washington Huskies were selected in this year's 257 player Draft. The ten included three in the First Round, two in the Second, two in the Third, two in the Fifth and one in the Seventh.

The record for most Huskies picked in an NFL Draft is 11. It has happened twice, first in 1983 and again in 1992.

Still, this year's bumper crop of ten picks is an amazing number. It is tied for the third most in Husky history with the ten Dawgs drafted in 1998.

Moving on . . .

Sign of the Apocalypse . . .

Time for some more EuroBall graphics . . .

Belgium experiencing a potentially
explosive Shotguns vs. Nitros game

Austrian game with BIG mascots

Rangers and Vikings in Austria?

This should be a corker in France

A good one in the South of France

Sweden's Griffins' logo and the
AIK crest are both good ones

Also in Sweden, the same applies
to these two logos

The Norway based Vikings compete in
the more rugged Swedish Conference

Colorful Battle in Poland

Mild weather in Italy for this
weekend's two IFL games


This graphic is for the Italian DII game on Sunday between the home team Cernusco Daemons and the Busto Arsizio Blue Storms.


This one fired me up for Sunday's DII 9FL contest that sees the Palermo Eagles United at home against the Crotone Achei.

Finally . . .

I wish that I could have
been there for this

It's a real photo, right?

Another GREAT day to
live in Ventura County!