Saturday, September 30, 2023

The Start of the Las Colinas Middle School Flag Football Season

Mon.-Fri., September 25-29, 2023

It was a sleepy week until a flurry of action hit us on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday was the night of the monthly
Candlelight Dinner at my Mom's
skilled nursing home

Each month this dinner has a theme
and this was a good one during the
nationwide Latino Heritage Month
Rue Bee, my sister Marilyn and Claudia

Rue Bee and Claudia are the two awesome ladies who organize a wide variety of activities for the patients including these monthly dinners where family is invited to the dining experience.

It was another solid meal but our Mother's rapidly declining health continues to be a major concern.

Friday is meant for football -- football of all types.

Jacob wearing a new jersey to
school on Friday morning

His Las Colinas Mustangs were
playing their first flag football
game of the Fall

Jacob tried out for his middle school's flag football team a few weeks ago and made the final cut as one of the few 6th graders on a team that includes 7th and 8th grade athletes too.

On Friday, they played against a big, physical Oxnard based Rio Vista Middle School Condors squad. This was a non-league game that would serve as a good test run before next Monday's league opener against the team from the Pleasant Valley School of Engineering and Arts.

Jacob in line for the pre-game
flag pulling drill 

Jacob using his swivel hips
to avoid getting his flags pulled

Jacob's coach giving him some
last second tips on flag pulling

Jacob and Michael talking things over
one last time before the Kickoff

Condors on Offense

As in all types of American football, that ball always attracts a crowd.

This is the Condors . . .

. . . gun slinging QB!

The Mustangs QB was a tad lighter

The Mustangs would have to rely on their speed and quickness to combat the Condors size advantage.

Jacob at Tight End having to
block a large Condor

Blocking is allowed in this form of flag football. Could Jacob do it?

YES . . .

. . . HE COULD!!!

Some of Jacob's Stingers teammates
were at the game taking in the action

At the end of the First Quarter, Las Colinas led comfortably, 14-0.

The Mustangs Defensive Pursuit
was solid all day long

When Jacob went back in on Offense, the Condors had replaced their large Defensive end with an even BIGGER one.

Jacob blocking the Condors
massive #50 on this play

I was extremely proud of Jacob's blocking today.

A better view of the size difference
between our #5 and Rio Vista's #50

Keep battling Jacob!

This Mustang RB's jersey comes
with wings apparently

Jacob hustling

Jacob reviewing the blocking
rules in his head pre-snap

Jacob getting some time at WR

An estimated 15,000 fans packed
Mustangs Field on Friday

Some experts had figured the attendance figure at a little less than this.

At the Half, the score was Las Colinas 22 - Rio Vista 0.

The Mustangs lone female athlete
getting a carry

At the high school level, flag football for girls is in its inaugural season as the game just keeps on growing in a new direction.

Jacob running a pass route

Back to blocking big #50

Lots going on here in
EVERY direction!

The Mustangs have an excellent
running game

Running around is a good thing

Back to WR

Finally, Rio Vista scores a TD

At the end of the Third Quarter, the Mustangs had maintained their 22 point lead, the score was now 30-8 in favor of Las Colinas.

More of the Las Colinas running game

What a BEAUTIFUL day for
American football!

Is he doing a Victory Dance?

If not, he could have as the Mustangs brought home their first W of 2023 by a Final Score of 44-16.

In the evening, I joined Michael and Jacob for another Friday Night Lights experience.

We opted to go to the Camarillo H.S. Scorpions game since they were hosting a youth football night where Stingers were allowed free entrance if they wore their jersey.

Jacob made a quick change from his Mustangs jersey to his Stingers jersey and we were off.

El Toro Chargers (2-4)
Camarillo Scorpions (2-3)

With long time and legendary
Camarillo H.S. multi sport coach
Dennis Riedmiller

Dennis is one of the really good guys in the coaching profession.

Still an active teacher, over the years Dennis has served as Camarillo H.S.'s Head Coach for their football, water polo, unified sports and track and field teams.

A pied piper, he always attracts athletes to join his teams and has experienced league championship level in every sport he has coached.

Camarillo overcame a slow start
before smothering the Chargers
by a Final Score of 31-10

Of special note on this Friday night was the West Valley League opener.

Our friend Jason Sabolic led his El Camino Real Royals to a thrilling 28-27 win over the Chatsworth Chancellors.

The game ended with the Royals stopping a Chancellors TD running attempt from the one yard line on the last play of the game.


Now for news from the net . . .

These are heady times for
Washington Huskies football

If both teams keep winning, will their game at USC on November 4th be the deciding factor?

The Colorado School of Mines, 4-0 and ranked #1 in this week's NCAA DII poll, may just have become my favorite collegiate team.

Here . . .
. . . is . . .

. . . why

It is not too late for you to get on the Colorado School of Mines bandwagon with me.

Read the comment at the top of
this photo, funny if you are not
a Notre Dame fan

I'm one of the few Catholics who is squarely not behind the Fighting Irish.

The reference is to the ND defense only having ten men on the field for their last two plays last week vs. Ohio State resulting in a final play, 17-14 Buckeyes win.

Some good college games again
this weekend

The Rams lost a close one on
Monday Night Football

Los Angeles is 1-2 on the young season but is playing a much better brand of football than anyone expected.

Back at it this coming Sunday

The newest team in the European
League of Football announced their
colors and logo this week

The new Madrid Toros now join the Barcelona Dragons, one of the league's original franchises, as the second Spanish team in the ELF.

Son Michael's Newbury Park H.S.
Unified Sports team will compete
in this Bocce Ball tournament

Tickets are selling briskly on StubHub. Better hurry if you want to see the action.

The Unified Sports program is aimed primarily for special needs students in the local high schools.

Excellent words from a truly
amazing Dodgers player

My personal Mexican food cutoff line
has always been the 45th Parallel


Oh Hell no, ALWAYS and FOREVER!

I truly hope so . . .

Damn, I've always had issues with
word problems like this one

Paul Sabolic and Mike D'Antuono are
two perfect examples to prove my point!