Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Another Delicious Taco Tuesday in Oxnard, California

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

In the morning we drove over to Oxnard to ship two more boxes of recently donated American football gear to the Guadalajara Stings located in the suburbs of Madrid.

The boxes contained 16 helmets and 11 pairs of Nike football cleats that were donated to the Stings by four local schools in Ventura County.

Mission accomplished, we remembered that it was: A. Taco Tuesday and that, B. we were in Oxnard which has dozens of great Mexican restaurants for us to choose from for our dining needs.

We wanted to try a new place, so we accessed our Yelp app to find a highly rated spot only a few minutes away.

Specializing in Birria Tacos

Birria is goat meat

A Day of the Dead homage
is always a good sign

I believe that good Mexican restaurants need a good layer of properly grime in order to serve quality tacos, burritos, enchiladas, etc.

This spot was new, freshly painted and squeaky clean.

I was skeptical to say the least.

Laurie under artwork depicting
several Mexican movie icons

Comedian Cantinflas and
artist Frida Kahlo

Laurie's Birria Bowl looked delicious

My Birria Tacos looked good and
tasted even better

If they tasted this good now, think of what they'll be like after four or five more years of built up muck add to the decor and cuisine.

You and me
Eating tacos
I don't know, think about it!

It is a most happy thought with Laurie in the picture.

On to EuroBall . . .

Our old youth club in Sweden, the
Wäsby Warriors are getting ready to play

Based in Upplands-Väsby, a suburb of Stockholm, the Warriors will face seven opponents in 2024.

Games against the Carlstad Crusaders, A.I.K., Kristianstad Predators, H.H. Maniacs, Stockholm Mean Machine, Täby Flyers and Tyresö Royal Crowns will all be challenging to be sure.

Spain's Guadalajara Stings will play on
Sunday against the Tres Cantos Jabatos

Madrid Toros vs. Hamburg Sea Devils
in Šibenik, Croatia

The European League of Football is playing this "International Game" on August 24th.

That "International Game" tag is being used I believe because Croatia does not have an ELF team.

I have a little trouble with that tag given that the ELF already has 17 clubs from the countries of Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary,  Italy, Poland, Spain and Switzerland already playing international games every weekend.

The City Crest of Šibenik, Croatia alone
kind of makes me want to go to the game
Some random photos from the net . . .

The University of Washington Huskies
100+ years before the Transfer Portal

A Seattle iconic dining spot

Was there anything better than one of their 12 egg omelets over a Mt. Rainier sized mound of endless hash browns at 2:00 a.m. on a Saturday?

Tacoma's Stadium H.S. football field

The next time that I head to Seattle for a Huskies' game I'm going to make it a point to see a game here on Friday night.

The next Taco Tuesday is now only a week away.

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

A Wholesome Family Weekend in Sin City

Fri.-Mon., January 26-29, 2024

As is usual on our trips to visit Andrew, Jenn and Kevin, we did not visit the infamous Las Vegas Strip.

Instead we decided that the more desirable options were eating great amounts of takeout Mexican and BBQ food, watching NFL football and playing lots of board and video games together.

On Friday we ventured to the local
Bass Pro Shop to buy some sporty but
durable pants and shorts

This store is always of interest to those of us who are wanna-be outdoorsmen.

Let the games begin . . .

Lots of tears were shed during our
many games of Sorry

Besides Sorry, we also had family battles featuring the games of Uno, Parcheesi and Clue.

By the way, if any of you spot Miss Vivienne Scarlet, she is wanted for questioning regarding her poissible role in the murder of Boden "Boddy" Black Jr., the famous Las Vegas millionaire playboy.

She was originally let go by our group due to a lack of sufficient evidence at the conclusion of our investigation but she is still a person of interest in this ongoing case.

This just in from Camarillo,
Jacob's Orange squad lost to
the Tar Heels by one point

Jacob with a good baseline drive to the basket but he still needs to finish the play.

I did love his tenacity in going after the ensuing loose ball.

More disappointing news from the
depleted 2024 UW Huskies roster

John Mull's Road Kill BBQ

Saturday was a GREAT day for a trip to this Las Vegas fine dining spot.

A ton of diced onions starting
the grilling process

I love BBQ almost as much as I love tacos. In alphabetical order, here are my seven favorite BBQ spots in the USA:

Charlie Vergos Rendezvous, Memphis, Tennessee
Dinosaur BBQ, Syracuse, New York
Dreamland BBQ, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Jocko's Steak House, Nipomo, California
John Mull Road Kill BBQ, Las Vegas, Nevada
Mo's Smokehouse BBQ, Pismo Beach, California
The Hitching Post II, Buellton, California

"Carnivore Delivery," I love it

Of course this spot is indeed
recognized Historic Property

Coyote Bait Seasoning?
Coyote Bait BBQ Sauce?

Why not?

Close to finally placing our
extensive order

Meat on the grill, DAMN GOOD!

As good as their various BBQ meats, corn bread and apple or cherry cobbler were, their Mac and Cheese and BBQ Beans may be even better.

On to EuroBall news . . .

It was Week #3 of the Spanish
Serie A season

The Osos should beat the Mariners
by a comfortable margin

They did

The Dracs were a heavy favorite

The Dracs covered

Beating the Black Demons
would be a major upset

No upset here

This one promised to be the only
close game of the weekend

A good win for the Voltors . . .

. . . and their Head Coach Jesus Sanchez

Jesus is one of the best men, foreign or domestic, that I've met through coaching over the past 55 years.

The Spanish Serie A standings
going into next weekend's bye
for all of the teams

In two weeks, there will be two great games as the four remaining 2-0 clubs battle for lone supremacy of the Eastern and Western Conferences.

Serie A  Week #4 Schedule
Saturday, February 10, 2024
Rivas (2-0) at Las Rozas (2-0)
Mallorca (2-0) at Badalona (2-0)
Coslada (1-1) at Alcobendas (0-3)

Sunday, February 11, 2024
Zaragoza (0-2) at Barcelona (0-3)

BYES: L'Hospitalet (2-1) and Gijón (1-2)

They played a pair of noteworthy games in the USA this weekend . . .

NFL Conference Championship
Games to determine who plays
in Super Bowl LVIII

Four former Washington Huskies were
on the Chiefs, 49ers and Lions rosters

It would be hard for the average
fan of these four teams to be in
attendance at either of the games

American Conference Championship Game
#3 seeded Kansas City Chiefs (13-6)
#1 seeded Baltimore Ravens (14-4)

Good game with QB Patrick Mahomes
and the Chiefs Defense being the difference

National Conference Championship Game
#3 seeded Detroit Lions (14-5)
#1 seeded San Francisco 49ers (13-5)

An AWESOME game, Lions should
have kicked the Field Goal

A total of 32 Teams started the
quest for the Super Bowl LVIII
Lombardi Trophy, now there are
only two left standing

There will be a lot of red at
Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas

Now, as for tickets to Super Bowl LVIII . . .

The CHEAPEST ticket on StubHub
today was selling for $6,615 USD

The MOST EXPENSIVE ticket on StubHub
today was selling for $86,625 USD

It looks as though we'll be watching it from the comfort of Casa Contreras again this year.

Interesting stat line for the
oft maligned 49ers QB

If the Los Angeles Rams are going to be in Super Bowl LIX, then we'll need to fortify . . .

. . . our Pass Offense and Pass Defense
as well as our . . .

. . . Rushing Game and Run Defense

A consistent Field Goal Kicker would be a good addition as well.

From a Canadian Football League website

Based on this caricature, I don't think that I'll be attending a Winnipeg Blue Bombers home game anytime soon.

Speaking of changing plans based on safety concerns . . . 

We were scheduled to spend a
week in the Bahamas
at the start of February

It promised to be an interesting
week spent in the Bahamas
capital city of Nassau

Then, on Saturday, the U.S. State Department issued a Level 2 Travel Warning to the Bahamas in general and Nassau in particular.

The reasons were, first, a spike in the crimes of robbery and theft in Nassau and, more importantly to us, the fact that Nassau had a whopping 18 murders reported this month.

After some discussion, we opted to pass on Nassau and just stay home for a bit longer.

Monday we started our drive home from a good weekend in Las Vegas. We decided to stop somewhere new on the this trip.

It is said that everyone should visit a place that they have never been at least once each year.

Thus, we got off Interstate 15 in the booming metropolis of Yermo, California that boasted of an Early Man Site. When we got off the freeway there was no more signage to guide us to this archaeological spot on interest.

We decided to ask one of the locals about directions.

Drinks in the desert but . . .

. . . no locals were found here

Maybe this was the Early Man Site?

Still searching for a Yermo resident

A much desired sight during any
Mojave Desert crossing

We gave up on finding the Early Man Site in favor of a hardy lunch in Yermo.

Yermo's Burger Den was once the
site of the original Del Taco

Who knew?

We opted for Yermo's #1 dining spot which we had passed on the Interstate 15 Freeway on trips to and from Las Vegas for decades.

But we had never stopped to dine
at Peggy Sue's Nifty 50s Diner

Until today.

Laurie led the way . . .

. . . where the vivacious
Betty Boop greeted us

Part of Peggy Sue's Gift Shop

Who doesn't LOVE a Diner Saur Park?

Tranquil but inherently

Man eating turtles abounded

A Brontosaurus, King Kong and
a Tyrannosaurus Rex

We needed to get out of here PRONTO!

But where was Laurie?

Why schmoozing with Betty Boop
of course!

News from the net . . .

More than I would like

Two cups every morning for
everyone's good

Bacon is the Number 1 reason
that I'm not a vegetarian

Word has it that it may be . . .

. . . a bumper crop this year!

Taco Tuesday is now only a day away, YAHOO!