Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mary Elizabeth, Football and Food

On Thursday, July 23, 2015
we welcomed a new granddaughter 

Say hello to Vanessa and Mike's daughter, Mary Elizabeth!

Mike before the birth

Mary and Vanessa

Mike and Mary

Laurie and Mary

Proud Grandparents


Jacob, what do you think about
your new sister?

She's FUN!!!

Alberto getting beat up by Jacob

Mary sleeps a lot

Jacob is a Michigan fan

Don't know why though

So did anything else happen since the last blogpost?

Why, yes, some other things did indeed happen.

Jacob joined the
Ventura County Fire Department

That happened just before he joined
the Communist Party in Cuba

 Alberto went to the Reagan Library

Where he met the ex-President

The Reagan Library has a great
collection of his memerobilia on display . . .

. . . We were here for the
American Football Special Exhibit

Alberto and Mike with Movie Posters

Drew Brees is Alberto's favorite
NFL player

Super Bowl trophies

Super Bowl III and Joe Willie Namath

Dandy Don Meredith

Striking a Heisman pose

Mike Garrett and Gary Beban

That's an old ball

Murcia's new state of the art scoreboard

Alberto Talavera
All Spaniard

Mike's favorite NFL player is
Eric Dickerson

My favorite NFL player
is Elroy "Crazylegs" Hirsch

Alberto is into strength training

 Really old helmets

Giulio Romano's helmet in Catania

 Shoulder pads have
changed over the years

Executioner style helmet

The Crosstown rivalry

Either a short legged horse or
Alberto has gained a lot of weight

President Reagan's Air Force One jet

The trip to the Reagan Library inspired us to see more football.

At a Pierce College practice
Alberto with Pierce College
Head Football Coach Jason Sabolic

At a Ventura College practice

All of this football inspired Alberto in two ways . . . 

 To work harder in the weight room

Nice Abs

 And to eat more

A LOT more

 We went to an L.A. Kiss Arena
Football League game

At the Honda Center in Anaheim

It's ALL about the show . . .

. . . fireworks included . . .

. . . and LOTS of Heavy Metal music!

They beat the Las Vegas Outlaws in a low scoring game, by Arena standards, 37-27.

While I thought we went for purely football reasons . . .

. . . I think Alberto may have gone
with other goals in mind

Reading Is FUNdamental
(and MANLY too)

 The "Lost Generation" at their
most self-absorbed

The Spanish Civil War
is always of interest to me