Monday, February 26, 2024

Another Good Week of Life Enjoyed in Rainy, Peaceful Camarillo, California

Mon.-Sun., February 19-25, 2024
Another rainy week was the perfect excuse to continue cleaning out our garage.

We would find several treasures buried in boxes for decades like . . .

. . . this Oxnard Press-Courier 1991
High School Football Preview

On the cover, Rio Mesa High School QB Andrew Contreras is handing off to the Spartan's stellar RB, Gordy Abellera.

1991 crosstown rival Seniors from
Rio Mesa H.S. and Camarillo H.S.

Free Safety Andrew Contreras lining
up his sights on legendary Buena H.S. 
RB George Keiaho

Andrew did well in the Camarillo
Academic Olympics too, back in the day

We also found lots of similar artifacts from Michael's youth that we gave to him straight away.

It was time to renew our passports

How the past ten years of travel have flown by us.

It was much easier to renew the passports this year by mail rather than getting in line at the Oxnard Post Office like we did way back in 2014.

It was also much more expensive as well.

For a traditional renewed passport, a new fangled passport card and the expediting fee, it was $255 per person, yes, $510 total for the privilege to travel abroad during the next ten years.


On Friday, Mary joined us in Operation Cleanup.

She was really into her role
with the Demolition Squad

Mary was AWESOME!

Her Demolition Workers Union made
it clear to us that lunch MUST be provided

So we did.
On Saturday, the CYBA post-season began

In the morning, we attended our good
friend Debi Murphy's grandson's game

Dylan Moore, seen here dribbling the ball, plays for the Wildcats in the CYBA Boys High School division.

Dylan launching a three pointer

It would not be nearly enough on this day as the #4 seeded Boilermakers defeated the #3 seeded Wildcats, 44-19.

Jacob's game would take place in the early afternoon.

In the Boys 6th Grade Division
it was Jacob's team, the Orange (4-3)
vs. the Wildcats (4-3)

Saturday's games would aid the CYBA in making their final seedings for the Double Elimination 6th Grade Playoff Tournament that starts next Thursday night.

The regular season meeting between the Orange and Wildcats was a heart breaker for Jacob's team.

The Orange, after leading the entire game, lost on a three point shot by the Wildcats with three seconds left in the game. The Wildcats only lead of the game was good enough for their 26-25 win.


The Orange came out ready to play

As usual, Jacob was a Defensive Whiz

He was not above fouling if it stopped an easy bucket.

He played man-to-man defense
on the Wildcats #3 all game long

Don't get caught watching the paint dry!


Is a choke hold still legal at this level?

One of Jacob's TEN rebounds on the day!

He's taking a shot

It would be a case of
"Close But No Cigar" again

Back to the Defensive end of the court

End of the First Quarter
Wildcats - 6
Orange - 5

Regardless of the score, Jacob is
having lots of fun playing CYBA ball

Jacob did not get this rebound
but the Orange did

The Battle Under the Boards
can be FIERCE at this level!

Resting a bit during a Wildcats free throw

This rebound of an errant free throw
led to an Orange time out

Looking for the outlet pass that
triggers another, much feared,
Orange fast break

Jacob trying to score again

So close . . .

Halftime Score
Orange - 15
Wildcats - 8

Now, THAT'S more like it!

Jacob sat out the Third Quarter

But the Orange definitely did not!

End of the Third Quarter
Orange - 26
Wildcats - 12

Running the floor is good
for the digestion

Ball possession will soon
cause a crowd to form

"So, where are you guys going
to eat after the game?"

Bombs Away!

An attempt to score from the Paint

Still no points in 2024
but playing hard at all times

I, for one, am extremely proud of Jacob's efforts.

Final Score
Orange (5-3) - 34
Wildcats (4-4) - 19

With this win, the Orange now start the double elimination playoffs as the CYBA Boys 6th Grade Playoffs on Thursday night as the #3 seed against the #6 seeded Bruins who they beat 42-30 in the regular season.

Time to celebrate with, what else,

Mary is always fun to be with
at Camarillo's iconic El Tecolote

These three were equally giddy
munching on tacos and burritos

These are busy times for Jacob as the CYBA season winds down, the Camarillo Cosmos track season starts, he continues with his piano lessons, and has to keep on top of his Middle School Honors classes.

Not busy enough, he tried out for the Las Colinas Middle School Soccer team, comprised of 6th, 7th and 8th Grade athletes, after not having played the world's favorite sport for the past two years due to his love for American football.

As a 6th Grader, he was excited to have made the Mustangs practice team to improve his soccer skills and hopefully earn some playing time at some point in the future.

Laurie and I are both happy for him, a busy Spring to be sure.

I must admit to this transgression
at El Tecolote, no surprise to anyone

We ate tacos at Ruby's on Tuesday

This would be AWESOME!

Wonderful idea for a Salad Sunday

Actually, that is a quote from Laurie

As for me, I love warm, fresh
bread from the back a small truck
in any spot in Europe

The Alabama State Supreme Court
will eventually concur, I believe

The Dodgers Shohei Ohtani Years
are about to begin in style

American football news from around the globe . . .

We'll start with the Los Angeles Rams
1951 World Champions

Now, these would be interesting
uniforms next season

This would be a huge improvement
over the Rams current official logo

The 1951 Los Angeles Rams
Bull Elephant Backfield

Hall of Fame QB, #7 Bob Waterfield, could hand off to either #32 "Deacon" Dan Towler (6'2' - 225 lbs,), or to #31 Dick Hoerner (6'4" - 220 lbs.). If not to them, he still had #13 Paul "Tank" Younger (6'3" - 225 lbs.) as a short yardage/goal line option.

In the 1951 NFL Championship season, Towler and Hoerner each had six rushing TDs, Waterfield added three rushing TDs of his own while Younger had one TD on the ground.

Could we please bring back those 1951 uniforms with modern day tailoring of course?

Some good games on the
Rams 2024 home schedule

The Rams last decade in St, Louis
was NOT a good one

The return to Los Angeles in 2016 has seen a resurgence in the Rams winning ways by going 81-61 while winning a Super Bowl and playing in a second one.

The Barcelona Dragons announced their
2024 European League of Football schedule

The ELF's Dragons will play twelve games with venues in Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. Sounds like fun to me.

Our old friends with Mexico's
University of Chapingo Toros Salvajes
announced their 2024 Fall opponents

Anybody want to head down to
Colombia for a game next year?

On Oct. 12th, Mexico's Querétaro Red Wolves
will host the Texas Wesleyan Rams

The Red Wolves are an interesting story. They play in Mexico's top university league and their official school title is Arkansas State University-Querétaro, Mexico campus.

So you have an American DI, Sun Belt Conference university with a second football team playing south of the border.

As I said, interesting.

Spain's DI played their first games
of the second half of their season
over the weekend

Jesus Sanchez's Mallorca Voltors
were publicizing their game with
the Barcelona Pagesos

It was one of four DI games
in Spain this past weekend

Mallorca (3-2) had a tough time
 subduing their Eastern Conference
Barcelona (0-5) opponents

L'Hospitalet's (2-3) narrow win
over Zaragoza (3-2) helped tighten
things up in the East

The Eastern Conference leading Badalona Dracs (4-0) had a bye. 
Rivas (4-1) cruised to a win
over Alcobendas (0-5) in the West

Coslada (3-2) still has playoff
hopes after beating Gijón (1-4) in
another Western Conference contest

The Western Conference leading Las Rozas Black Demons (4-0) had a bye.

The LNFA Serie A standings with
only four more weeks left
in the regular season

Italy's nine team, DI League started
their 2024 season on Sunday

As is the Italian DI custom, the first weekend of league play features but one game, billed as the Kickoff Classic.

Torino Giaguari hosting Milano Rhinos

Why don't more American high school sports teams use Rhinos as their mascot?


It was a typical, overtime IFL defensive struggle.
Our beloved Varese Skorpions
will join the IFL DI fray next Sunday

Varese Skorpions - 2024 Schedule
Sunday, March 3 vs. Firenze Guelfi
Sunday, March 10 at Lazio Marines

Sunday, March 24 at Torino Giaguari
Saturday, April 6 at Parma Panthers

Saturday, April 20 at Legnano Frogs
Sunday, May 5 vs. Ancona Dolphins

Sunday, May 19 vs. Bologna Warriors
Sunday, May 26 vs. Milano Rhinos

2024 IFL Playoffs
Wild Card Games, Sat.-Sun., June 8-9
Semifinal Games, Sat.-Sun., June 15-16
Championship Game, Saturday, June 29

Reading Is FUNdamental!

This was the fifth installment in
Jacqueline Winspear's detective
Maise Dobbs series that I have read

All five were set in post-WWI England and are well crafted detective yarns to be sure.

What will this week bring?