Thursday, June 30, 2016

Last Full Day in Upplands Väsby, Sweden

Thursday, 30 June, 2016:

It is just about over, two months with the Wäsby Warriors and their wonderful families was about to end.

Let me just say that of all my seven seasons coaching American football in EuroBall nobody has welcomed me any more than these people have. I have been so extremely blessed to meet tremendous, positive people in Catania, Hässleholm, Thun, Bron-Villeurbanne, Murcia and now Upplands Wäsby.


I'm definitely back in Sweden

Rune Stone Country

Rich Designs

The Runby Neighborhood
Starts Here . . .

. . . and the Stora Wäsby
Neighborhood Starts Here

What is that?

Why it's an elevated Viking ship

I saw this from a distance on the 562 bus each time that I went to Icelandia III. Today I saw it up close and personal!

I opted to head into Stockholm for one last visit to this marvelous Nordic capital.

Joe Mollica, is that you?

The Royal Palace
in Stockholm's Gamla Stan

 Nice entry way in the
Royal Palace

 St. Andrew is in the Royal Palace!

A simple altar in the
Royal Palace

Royal Pulpit

Nice Royal Palace Organ

Royal Palace Guard Duty

 Another Important Statue
I'm Sure

Not sure what it is but I like it!

Stortorget one more time

 This way back to the train station

Stockholm is so pretty

Grave site at Santa Klara Church

 Santa Klara Church

My view on the train home
to Upplands Wäsby

 Optimus Prime lives here?

 Goodness, the Vikingagården
Gunnes Gård is OPEN!!!

Every other time that I have walked by here it has been closed.

Time to meander . . .

Scary Sentinel

Interesting Building . . .

. . . with a more interesting window
Viking Horse Toy

The Vikings were a no frills
group it would appear

OK, the liked a few frills

I need a horn

Viking Era Textiles

Kill the King (Kubb) Game?

 Another out-building

Viking wood stacking techniques

 Teaching kids Viking cooking skills

Feeding the chickens

 Sleeping Quarters


 Wood Working Shed

Fire Pit

 Lots of cut wood

Viking Tent

Midsummer left overs

 Nice Hat!

Yep, I'm the only
rooster in these parts

Sheep and Cattle at Gunnes Gård

We were scheduled to have a farewell BBQ/ Birthday Party at Aiki and Janne's home at 6:00 p.m.

I do turn 69 years old in just a week.

4:45 p.m. Rain Storm

Uh oh, BBQ called
due to a Swedish Summer rain?


It did rain hard but only for about 20 minutes. The Sun did come up in plenty of time for our BBQ/Birthday Party.

Here Janne, a.k.a., The Grill Master, is seen intimidating young Oliver to eat a mushroom.

Actually, Janne LOVES kids!

Lots of good people in one place

Dan "The Red" Pettersson
 was in the HOUSE!!!

There was lots and LOTS
of meat to be had

Aiki made this AWESOME
Birthday Cake for me

They all serenaded me with the Swedish Happy Birthday song.

How great was that?

As I said, there are GREAT people in Warrior Nation.


Friday morning at 9:55 a.m., my SAS plane will leave from Arlanda Airport non-stop to Los Angeles.

As fun as this has been, it is time to go home to my family.