Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Swedish Summer

It happened today.

At presicely 5:47 a.m., Summer arrived in Skåne!

I think.

Blue sky, warm temperatures

The Hässleholm Stortorget was buzzing!

Most of my day was taken up with the purging of Icelandia's bachelor-like ambiance. It was time to really clean and get everything in order as our son Mike and his bride Vanessa will spend the weekend in Hässleholm.

I will take the 6:16 train to Copenhagen tomorrow morning to meet them at their hotel and tour the city a bit with them before returning for our 5:30 p.m. Junior and Senior practices.

Through a local scalper, I was able to score them two 50 yard line seats for Saturday's Hässleholm-Oskarshamn game at Göingevallen Stadium!

Swing Time

Just as I finished toiling, I got a call from Hurricane Christian Boesgaard asking me to join him and the girls for a romp in the park


Christian and Matilda


Warm weather, cool shaded grass, an ice cream and your bike, CAN LIFE GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS???

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