Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Camp Day III

The Marathon continues . . .

The 8:30 a.m. Aqua Team

I am extremely fortunate to have two Junior players helping me with the Sports Camp all five days this week, Fredrick Sundgren and Oscar Lindqvist.

I don't know what they are getting paid but they deserve a huge raise! I literally could not do the Camp without them, TACK SÄ MYCKET!!!

The weekly Lokaltidningen newspaper ran a nice article today on our two Hurricane offensive guards, Christian Boesgaard and Linus Linden, who ran a one-day Football Camp in the nearby hamlet of Vinslöv. Unfortunately they do not have the article on the Lokaltidningen website. Good job boys!

Today's groups in Hässleholm were a little older, 10 and 11 year olds so we were able to work on some tackling techniques in addition to our usual routine.

Intersesting Tackling Techniques

Holding the bags are my two aides, Fredrick on the left and Oscar on the right.

The girls form was a bit more conventional

Cherries at the COOP

After a nice picnic lunch in a nearby park during our two hour break, Laurie and I went shopping at the COOP. She was sorely tested but didn't buy any cherries.

Is the afternnon Pink Team having Fun?

Apparantly, yes!

We found ourselves a kicker

Nice shoulder pads.

After three days and six 2 1/2 hour sessions, we have introduced American football to 77 of Hässleholm's children. So far, a total of 42 of them have signed Letters of Intent wanting to get more information about playing on next season's Pee Wee team. If we can just get ten of these kids to follow through, it would be a great day for the Hurricanes.

After the Pink Team went home, Laurie and I headed to the train station to use our brand new Summer Jojo Cards to catch the first train out of town to wherever it was going.

Malmö's Rådhuset

The first train out of Hässleholm was heading to Höör, Eslöv, Lund and Malmö.

A return to Eslöv was very tempting, but we opted for Malmö. It was late afternoon and many stores were closing but it gave Laurie a chance to get a feel for Sweden's third largest city.

World Cup Fever is EVERYWHERE!

We came home to watch Uruguay spank South Africa 3-0 on TV in World Cup play. I'm sure that Gonzo was elated back in Camarillo.

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