Monday, June 14, 2010

Recruiting Season Continues, Summer Camp Day I

Tomas Gustavsson wrote the following article in NorreSkåne about our Carlshamn game yesterday:

Sunday night's Icelandia sunset


Oscar and Fredrik leading Arm Circles!

Today was the first day of the Hässleholm Kommun's Summer Camp week. For the next five days I will be working with Oscar Lindqvist and Fredrik Sundgren as we introduce the sport of American football to about 180 young kids from the greater Hässleholm Megalopolis.

We meet with groups of color coded teams numbering about 16 boys and girls per team. We only meet with a team once for 2 1/2 hours, one team from 8:30-11:00 and a new second group from 1:00-3:30.

Besides introducing the game to these yougsters, we are blatantly trying to recruit them to play with the Hurricanes planned Pee Wee team next Spring.

The morning Red Team is VERY fashion conscious!

Red Team Photo

The Red Team was made up of nine year olds who were amazingly focused and really got us off to a great start.

Five of these 14 kids, signed up saying they would be interested in the Pee Wee program next year. I'm not sure how binding their signature on our Hurricane's Letter of Intent really is in a court of law but we're trying anyway.

After lunch the Red Team was off to learn about Orienteering.

The afternoon's Yellow Team

This group was made up of eight year olds.

After a morning session of playing Floor Hockey, lunch and a warm afternoon, the Yellow Team was, to be charitable, a bit unfocused.

But still, it WAS a beautiful day
to be practicing American football

Even though the Yellow Team's workout was a bit chaotic, nine of the signed Letters of Intent.

If only seven of the 14 kids who signed up today follow through and actually play next year for the Hurricane Pee Wees, the day would be a great success!

Four more days of Summer Camp and eight teams to go.

To read NorreSkåne's article, complete with a picture of me dusting a nine year old with a blocking dummy, on today's Summer Camp go to:

Dinner at Adrian "Darth" Cordeiro's Home

After a long day in the Sun, a.k.a., the big yellow thing in the sky, Laurie and I were invited over to Darth's home for dinner with his Grandmother Pauline, parents Shawn and Katerina and beloved brother William.

Great food, better camaraderie!

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David said...

This week's Google translation, which we learn you broke seven of the opponent's passes:

Hurricanes were superior
By Tomas Gustavsson June 14 09:34 (UPDATED 11:30)

AMERICAN FOOTBALL. Hässleholm Hurricanes were at least one class better than the opponents when outclassed Carlshamn Oakleaves at Bramall Lane in Mörrum.

- The team makes a really good game and there are many strong individual performances, "said coach George Contreras after the team's second victory in the southernmost number one.

Hurricanes also got a great start to the match when Rasmussen stole a Grip Carlshamn Standby and took 37 yards for the team's first touchdown.
Pär Danielsson also ensured that the ensuing kick and put the team Hässleholm thus led by 7-0.

Two more touchdowns by Philip Jensen after passes from dujktige Donald Nordstrom meant 19-0 after the first quarter of the match.
- Overall we are breaking seven passes in the match, of which Marcus Linderoth fiddling three and Rasmus grab two, which suggests that our defensive was brilliant today, "said Contreras.

Second quarter was Hässleholms worst and this had also Carlshamn get their only touchdown of the game. Hurricanes, however, countered with a 80-meter-standby touchdown by Donald Nordstrom to Pär Danielsson and mid-term outcome was set at 25-8.

In the second half came three more touchdowns through the races by Tim Eriksson, Pär Danielsson and Linus Johnson, and the end result stayed first at 45-8.
- We now look forward to meeting with the Lions on C4 Goinge Vallen - Kristianstad team is perhaps the country's best Division I team and it is inspiring, said George Contreras.